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Crete Township
Residents in 1873

Transcribed and submitted by Susan Zuiker-Lewis

General Notes:

Parentheses in Notes indicate additional information provided by transcriber.
denotes acreage not noted, but calculated assuming standard: 160 acres per Section
or name provided with *spelling corrected , or assumed from owners nearby.

Range 14, Sections 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, 10, 12, 13, and 27 are heavily wooded, small plots, many without names, or only w/initials
Range 15, Section 5, 6, 7, 8, and 18 are heavily wooded, small plots, many without names, or only w/initials
?=Reading problems
Crete141PiepenbrinkJ.O.112.75 acres
Crete141BowderJ.about 57 acres
Crete141ScheidtB.27.88 acres
Crete141SchragerP.115.45 acres
Crete141KlosM.51.08 acres
Crete142PiepenbrinkJ.O.110 + 80 acres
Crete142WilliamsonJ.170 acres
Crete143Smith-39.94 acres woods
Crete143MorrisJ.26.06 acres woods
Crete143J.M.J.M.(J. Morris?), 16 acres woods
Crete143WilsonJ.W. Jr.woods
Crete143CaldwellA.48 acres woods
Crete143W.M.W.M.initials only (W. Miller?) woods
Crete143SmithW.P.30 acres woods
Crete143MillerW.10 acres woods
Crete143ClarkJ.about 40 acres woods
Crete143MillerW.40 acres woods
Crete143RichardsR.W.40 acres woods
Crete143WilliamsonJ.28 acres woods
Crete143J.W.J.W.initials only(J. Williamson?) woods
Crete144BrisbaneJ.W.140 acres (continues in Section 5)
Crete144AdamsW.C.(E 1/2 of E 1/2 = about 160 acres)
Crete144MillerR.121 acres
Crete144WilderAlmon(E1/2 of SE 1/4 = 80 acres (cont. Section 9)
Crete144CinnamonA.(W1/2 of NE1/4 - 80 acres)
Crete144G.H.W.G.H.W.initials only woods
Crete144L.A.L.A.initials only woods
Crete144WoodW.45 acres woods
Crete144Mirick*U.(Ulysses Myrick )45 acres woods (cont. in Section 9)
Crete145BrisbaneJ.W.140 acres (cont. in Section 4)
Crete145CD&VRRCD&VRR(Chicago Danville&Vincennes RailRoad.)
Crete145Peck EstateH.(NE1/2 of NE1/2 = 80 acres +-cont. in Section 6)
Crete145MotlongH136 acres
Crete145BrisbaneJ.W.(continued from Section 4)
Crete145Cole EstateE.(SW1/4 of SW1/2 = 80 acres (continued in Sec 8)
Crete145ColeH.(20+ acres)
Crete145C.D.C.D.initials only, (small plot along Railroad Tracks)
Crete145CD&VRR.CD&VRR(small plot along Railroad Tracks)
Crete145A.C.A.C.initials only (A. Cinnamon?) (plot along RR)
Crete145E.A.E.A.initials only (small plot along Railroad Tracks)
Crete145H&BH&Binitials only 20 acres (along Railroad Tracks)
Crete145B&CB&Cinitials only 10 acres (plot along RR tracks)
Crete146Platner Estate-wooded
Crete146AdamsH.38 acres wooded
Crete146MotlongH.35 acres wooded
Crete146H.S.H.S.initials only 8 acres wooded
Crete146C.S.C.S.initials only 10 acres wooded
Crete146P.Z.P.Z.initials only (10 acres wooded)
Crete146H.L.H.L.initials only wooded
Crete146F.H.F.H.initials only wooded
Crete146Ladoux EstateJ.40 acres wooded
Crete146Cole EstateE.28.47 acres wooded (cont in Section 7)
Crete146Peck EstateH.6.9 acres wooded (continued in Section 5)
Crete147SheraC.199.45 acres, mostly wooded
Crete147DeanH.A.152.72 acres, (w/church)
Crete147Cole EstateE.25 acres wooded (cont in Section 6)
Crete147HarmeningJ.H.(continued in Section 18)
Crete148Cole EstateE.(about 171.50 acres, continued in Section 5)
Crete148HanerH.(about 75 acres, continues in Section 9)
Crete148DodgeE.148.50 acres
Crete148AdamsL.62 acres (w/cemetery)
Crete149HanerH.(continued in Section 8)
Crete149WoodW.L.(about 35 acres)
Crete149WoodW.40 acres
Crete149WilderAlmon(continued in Section 4)
Crete149Mirick*U.(Ulysses Myrick) 45 acres wooded
Crete149PerryJ.20 acres wooded
Crete149PerryJas.45 acres wooded
Crete149ScherH.(about 40 acres)
Crete149SafferdA.B.56 acres
Crete149AdamsP.H.(Phineas Adams?) 30acres wooded, (cont.Sec.10)
Crete149R.A.R.A.(Rheuban Adams?) 15 acres (in town)
Crete149R.A.R.A.(Rheuban Adams?) 15 acres wooded
Crete149WoodW.(about 20 acres)
Crete149Safferd EstateJ.B.(about 50 acres, continued in Section 10)
Crete1410AdamsP.H.(Phineas Adams?), 60 acres (cont Sec.9)
Crete1410WilsonJ.C.(about 40 acres) wooded
Crete1410MichaelN.(about 40 acres ) wooded
Crete1410BrandtH.120 acres (1/2 wooded)
Crete1410ThemerJ.(40 acres) 120 acres (continued in Section 11)
Crete1410SafferdM.(about 50 acres) wooded
Crete1410Safferd EstateJ.B.(continued from Section 9)
Crete1410HarmeningJ.C.(SE1/4 of Section 10 = 160 acres)
Crete1411ThemerJ.NW1/2 of NE1/4 = 80acres (cont from Section 9)
Crete1411SpenceF.(NE1/2 of NE1/4 = 80 acres)
Crete1411PiepenbrinkJ.O.( NE1/4 = 120 acres) Cheese Factory
Crete1411WilliamsonW.(SW1/2 of SW1/4 = 80 acres)
Crete1411SallerC.(SE1/2 of SW1/4 = 80 acres)
Crete1411RinneW.(SW1/4 = 160 acres)
Crete1412BaumerM.152 acres
Crete1412J.O.P.J.O.P.(J.O. Piepenbrink) 48 acres
Crete1412HawkG.70 acres
Crete1412KlosJ.10 acres wooded
Crete1412SallerC.20 acres wooded
Crete1412RinneW.(about 10 acres) wooded
Crete1412H.S.H.S.initials only (about 10 acres) wooded
Crete1412PiepenbrinkJ.O.4 acres wooded
Crete1412H.P.H.P.initials only 4 acres wooded
Crete1413RinneW.(about 20 acres) wooded
Crete1413J.D.J.D.(about 10 acres) wooded
Crete1413TatgeHenry(W1/2 of SW1/4 = 80 acres-cont. Sec.14)
Crete1413KlemmeH.(NE1/4 of NE1/4 = 40 acres) wooded
Crete1413TeskeC.60 acres including cont. Section 24
Crete1413DoescherH.N.(NE1/4 of Section 14 = 160 acres)
Crete1414DiersonJ.M.(E1/2 of E1/2 of Section 14 =160 acres)
Crete1414SallerC.(W1/2 of E1/2 of Section 14 =160 acres)
Crete1414OrrJas. Jr.(NW1/2 of NE1/4 = 80 acres)
Crete1414OrrJas.(E1/2 of SE1/4 = 80 acres)
Crete1414OrrJohn(NE1/2 of NE1/4 = 80 acres)
Crete1414TatgeHenry(E1/2 of SE1/4 = 80 acres-cont.Sec.13)
Crete1415WilhelmW.90 acres
Crete1415DiersonJ.W.(SE1/4 of NE1/4 =40 acres)
Crete1415T.W.T.W.initials only (church & cemetery)
Crete1415C.P.C.P.initials only (two churches)
Crete1415DiersonJ.M.initials only (continued in Sec. 14)
Crete1415WilkeningJ.(SE1/4 of SE1/4 = 80 acres - cont. Sect.22)
Crete1416SenholzF.29.95 acres w/Mill
Crete1416Clinabenone10 acres
Crete1416HoodS.77.93 acres
Crete1416HoodS.70.12 acres
Crete1416BinnellF.70.25 acres
Crete1416AdamsH.74.74 acres (Horace Adams?)
Crete1416CookWm.76.28 acres
Crete1417DodgeA.E.191 acres
Crete1417Homeier*E.(Ernest Hohmeyer?)
Crete1417WenteF.(continues in Section 18)
Crete1418Cooper?57 acres
Crete1418EngelkingP.27 acres
Crete1418HarmeningJ.(continued in 17)
Crete1418HallendorfE.120 acres
Crete1418NakeF.20 acres
Crete1418GrupeF.20 acres
Crete1418WenteF.(continues Section 17)
Crete1419GrupeF.20 acres
Crete1419StoldingF.78.11 acres
Crete1419BehrensJ.C.135.80 acres
Crete1419SegebrookG.30 acres
Crete1419BehrensJ.O.185 acres 2 churches & cemetery
Crete1419BehrensJ.O.95 acres (continued in Section 30)
Crete1419BergmeierG.103 acres (continued Section 30)
Crete1420Homeier*E.(Ernst Hohmeyer?)
Crete1420HewesH.J.160 acres (continued in 21)
Crete1420HewesGeo.160 acres (continued in 21)
Crete1420CossartR.G.145 acres
Crete1420Hewes EstateA.E.240 acres (continued in 21)
Crete1420SeveranceL.135 acres (continued in 21)
Crete1421HewesH.J.160 acres (continued in 20)
Crete1421HewesGeo.160 acres (continued in 20)
Crete1421SeveranceL.135 acres (continued in 20)
Crete1421Hewes EstateA.E.240 acres (continued in 20)
Crete1421WilleJ.P.(80 acres)
Crete1422WilkeningJ.(continued in 15)
Crete1422MeierJ.O.(continued in 15)
Crete1422Wemhoffer*W.(William Wehmhoffer?)
Crete1422BanserC.220 acres
Crete1422WilleJ.P.(NW1/2 of NE1/4 = 80 acres)
Crete1422WilkeningJ.SW1/4 of SW1/4 = 40 acres)
Crete1422HarmeningJ.C.(40 acres wooded)
Crete1423RinneE. 150 acres (brickyard)
Crete1423Millernone10 acres
Crete1423DohmeierJ.25 acres
Crete1423Smithnone15 acres wooded
Crete1423HarmeningJ.C.(SE1/4 of SE1/4 = 40 acres) wooded
Crete1423RinkerJ.J.280 acres (continues in Section 24)
Crete1423OrrJas.(N1/2 of NE1/4 = 80 acres)
Crete1424TeskeC.60 acres (continues in Section 13)
Crete1424BeckerC.50 acres
Crete1424TatgeHenry380 acres (SE1/4+)
Crete1424RinkerJ.J.280 acres (continues in Section 23)
Crete1425JordeningJ.P.20 acres
Crete1425WonhofferC.40 acres (church)
Crete1425HartmanC.180 acres
Crete1425WilkeningJ.(80 acres)
Crete1425ScheiweC.(continues in Section 26)
Crete1425WassmanC.(160 acres)
Crete1425C.H.C.H.initials only (lot w/church)
Crete1426NulleH.(NE1/4 of NE1/4 = 40 acres wooded)
Crete1426StockH.(SE1/4 of NE 1/4 = 40 acres wooded)
Crete1426JordeningH.(3/4 of NE1/4 = 120 acres)
Crete1426Jordening EstateJ.P.(SE1/4 of NE 1/4 = 40 acres)
Crete1426GoodenowG.W.wooded (cont. Sec 27 and Sec 35)
Crete1426ScheiweJ.(W1/2 of NE1/4 = 80 acres)
Crete1426ScheiweC.9continues in Section 25)
Crete1427F.F.F.F.initials only 10 acres
Crete1428HewesSamuel320 acres w/cemetery (cont. Sect. 29)
Crete1428HewesJohn E.510 acres (cont. Sect 27 & 29)
Crete1428RobinsonW.H.200 acres (cont. Sect. 29)
Crete1428PeaseJohn265 acres (cont. Sect 29)
Crete1429HewesSamuel320 acres w/cemetery (cont. Sect. 28)
Crete1429HewesJohn E.510 acres (cont. Sect 27 & 28)
Crete1429RobinsonW.H.200 acres (cont. Sect. 28)
Crete1429PeaseJohn265 acres (cont. Sect 28)
Crete1429ArkenburgW.160 acres
Crete1430BehrensJ.O.95 acres
Crete1430BergmeierG.103 acres (cont. Sect.19)
Crete1430HardekopC.106 acres
Crete1430SmithW.80 acres
Crete1430ArkenburgW.160 acres
Crete1431BeutheH.116 acres
Crete1431SternbergC.(cont. Section 32)
Crete1431UlringH.(SE1/8 of SE1/4 = 40 acres)
Crete1432SternbergC.(cont Section 31)
Crete1432TillotsonF.(80 acres)
Crete1432GoodenowG.W.340 acres
Crete1432KragelH.(80 acres)
Crete1432KragelL.(80 acres)
Crete1432Baker EstateC.280 acres (cont. Section 33)
Crete1433GoodenowG.W.340 acres (cont. Section 32)
Crete1433G.G.initial "G" only10 acres wooded
Crete1433A.D.A.D.initials only10 acres wooded
Crete1433Baker EstateG.280 acres
Crete1433GoodenowG.W.(160 acres)
Crete1434M.M.initial "M" only10 acres
Crete1434GoodenowF.J.(200 acres)
Crete1434DarlingA.(80 acres)
Crete1434OhlendorfH.(80 acres)
Crete1435GoodenowG.W.(80 acres)
Crete1435OhlendorfC.(120 acres)
Crete1435ScheiweJ.(40 acres)
Crete1435OhlendorfH.(80 acres)
Crete1435H.O.H.O.initials only 20 acres (H. Ohlendorf)
Crete1435C.O.C.O.initials only 20 acres (C. Ohlendorf)
Crete1436WendheimJ.C.(400 acres)
Crete1436SmithF.120 acres
Crete1436JergensJ.120 acres (cont. Section 31 R15)
Crete1436C.H.C.H.initials only
Crete155LangE.162 acres
Crete156KlosJ.P.116.06 acres
Crete156HoppP.78.84 acres wooded
Crete156RingebergerF.40 acres wooded
Crete156KlosM.40 acres wooded
Crete156DieboldG.40 acres wooded
Crete157PiepenbrinkJ.O.20 acres wooded
Crete157BremerF.40 acres wooded
Crete158DrankmeisterH.(80+ acres)
Crete158BremerH.113.75 acres
Crete158BremerF.40 acres
Crete1517OberlohC.(200 acres)
Crete1517C.H.C.H.initials only 10 acres
Crete1518WalkerlyM.(160 acres)
Crete1518KlemmeC.(80 acres)
Crete1518Doeschernone(80 acres)
Crete1518HornC.(80 acres)
Crete1518BoeckerC.(80 acres)
Crete1518DoescherH.N.(50 acres w/Saw Mill)
Crete1518WalkerlyM.(160 acres)
Crete1518KlemmeC.(80 acres)
Crete1519Doeschernone(80 acres)
Crete1519W.B.W.B.(20 acres)
Crete1519SmalleyA.100 acres
Crete1519KlemmeH.(60 acres)
Crete1519ThunemanH.(60 acres)
Crete1519KlemmeH.20 acres
Crete1519OhlendorfA.(160 acres)
Crete1519Batteman*C.(C. Batterman ), (180 acres)
Crete1520ThunemanH.(80 acres)
Crete1520WilleF.122 acres
Crete1520GladeG.119.07 acres
Crete1529OhlendorfC.114.42 acres
Crete1529WassmanC.(25 acres)
Crete1529WassmanH.(25 acres)
Crete1530BehrensH.(240 acres)
Crete1530KlausH.(80 acres)
Crete1530KlausH.(30 acres)
Crete1530Batteman*H.(30 acres)
Crete1530RustC.(160 acres)
Crete1530Batteman*H.(H. Batterman) (80 acres)
Crete1531OhlendorfC.(80 acres) 155.79 (cont. Section 32)
Crete1531BehrensH.(80 acres)
Crete1531RustC.(160 acres)
Crete1531JergensJ.120 acres w/church (continues in R14-36)
Crete1531OhlendorfC.(SE1/2 of SE1/4 = 80 acres)
Crete1531OhlendorfC.40 acres wooded
Crete1531MarvinC.40 acres wooded
Crete1531HCKHCK.initials only20 acres
Crete1532MeyerJ.D.182. acres
Crete1532BrunsW.(80 acres)
Crete1532OhlendorfC.(80 acres)

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