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Green Garden Township
Residents in 1873

Transcribed and submitted by Linda Nycum

Township Section Surname Given
Green Garden1KrislerC
Green Garden1VoightH
Green Garden1FetmillerF
Green Garden12KohlI
Green Garden1WischhoverH
Green Garden1Esch Est .
Green Garden1KeiserJ
Green Garden2KeiserJ
Green Garden2KernerM
Green Garden2KarchH
Green Garden2BlockF
Green Garden2SchlottmanC
Green Garden2StockfishC
Green Garden2KepkeC
Green Garden2BuchmeirH
Green Garden2KitzmanC
Green Garden3SchlottmanC
Green Garden3LorenzP
Green Garden3BuckH
Green Garden3BuckL
Green Garden3KepkeC
Green Garden3HosenjagerF
Green Garden3StockfishC
Green Garden4BettenhausenC
Green Garden4MillerJ
Green Garden4SangmisterC
Green Garden4FeltonJ
Green Garden4RustJ
Green Garden4SchmidtF
Green Garden4FeltonJ.R.
Green Garden4Churchill EstC
Green Garden4ChurchillL
Green Garden5MungerA
Green Garden5SandersM.F.
Green Garden5BuchC
Green Garden5Bettenhausen .
Green Garden6SandersM.F.
Green Garden6LauerN
Green Garden6KuhnF
Green Garden6AngelL.I.
Green Garden6AngelJ.I.
Green Garden6AngelS.R.
Green Garden6Green Est .
Green Garden6BobzinJ
Green Garden7BobzinJ
Green Garden7StuffenbergP
Green Garden7FeltonJ.P.
Green Garden8MoherP
Green Garden8FeltonJ.P.
Green Garden8Feil Est .
Green Garden8StuffenbergP
Green Garden8ClayesL.M.
Green Garden8RobinsonS.M.
Green Garden9Feil Est .
Green Garden9DiestJ
Green Garden9BuchholzF
Green Garden9KoernerJ
Green Garden10HasenjagerF
Green Garden10KeopkeJ
Green Garden10RitzmanC
Green Garden10EisenbrandtH
Green Garden10JacobsG
Green Garden10Johnson Est .
Green Garden10LubpeI
Green Garden11HylandW
Green Garden11BuchmeirH
Green Garden11HoppeH
Green Garden11StaplefieldsH
Green Garden11EisenbrandtH
Green Garden12NiehlandJ
Green Garden12VoghtH
Green Garden12VoightH.F.
Green Garden12BohnsachJ
Green Garden12SchechH
Green Garden12KoernerL
Green Garden12VoigtA
Green Garden13LeuhrsF.H.
Green Garden13VoigtA
Green Garden13KoernerF
Green Garden13FippengerP.H.
Green Garden13HarmsH
Green Garden13HarmsJ
Green Garden13StassenD
Green Garden13HarmsM.H.
Green Garden13BockenR.B.
Green Garden14StassenD
Green Garden14LangeJ
Green Garden14StassenJ.H.
Green Garden14DierksJ
Green Garden14JohnsonJ
Green Garden14DierksJ.H.
Green Garden14DierksS
Green Garden14TheilenF
Green Garden14BrookmanH
Green Garden15EisenbrandtH
Green Garden15LempkeL
Green Garden15JacobsC
Green Garden15JacobsG.R.
Green Garden15BrookmanH
Green Garden15LehmanC
Green Garden15LankemanC
Green Garden16KoernerJ
Green Garden16KohmJ
Green Garden16KenelerJ
Green Garden16FolkersW
Green Garden16OrtwineJ
Green Garden16KnappD
Green Garden17StuffenbergH
Green Garden17TwingH
Green Garden17RustH
Green Garden17HansonP
Green Garden18Pra?LA
Green Garden18HansonP
Green Garden18StuffenbergH
Green Garden18Gra?Tolph .
Green Garden18WilkensP
Green Garden18HutsenC?
Green Garden18WoodG
Green Garden19TuckerO.W.
Green Garden19KrappM
Green Garden19TennyS
Green Garden19BowenJ
Green Garden19HaywoodT
Green Garden19FellJ
Green Garden19RuddB
Green Garden20RussellS.C.
Green Garden20ScherrP
Green Garden20StellwagenH
Green Garden20GensC
Green Garden20Ullsch?G
Green Garden20PfaffJ
Green Garden20RubP
Green Garden21StellwagenH
Green Garden21LuehrJ.F.
Green Garden21HardyR
Green Garden21WoltzeF
Green Garden21McdonaldJ
Green Garden21ScheerP
Green Garden22RustH
Green Garden22LohmanC
Green Garden22HenrichsC
Green Garden22WoltzeF
Green Garden22BurdillL.J.
Green Garden22FrenorJ
Green Garden23BrockmanH
Green Garden23DerksS
Green Garden23DierksS
Green Garden23ThelenD
Green Garden23ArensC
Green Garden23PetersH
Green Garden23FredricksJ
Green Garden23PetersJ
Green Garden23JanzenJ
Green Garden23JanzenH.J.
Green Garden24HarmsJ
Green Garden24HarmsH
Green Garden24BockenR.R.
Green Garden24StassenH
Green Garden24WernerJ
Green Garden24MeisterC
Green Garden25SmitJ.A.
Green Garden25ThredeJ
Green Garden25PetersG
Green Garden25SchubbeF
Green Garden25WeiestC
Green Garden25PriesF
Green Garden25SchubertC
Green Garden26KeornerH
Green Garden26AlbrightA
Green Garden26Putis EstJ
Green Garden26KnickeramA
Green Garden26RickerH
Green Garden27BurdettL.J.
Green Garden27BarceF.C.
Green Garden27FrantzA
Green Garden27WhitesellT
Green Garden27KnickeramA
Green Garden27RosenbrookH
Green Garden28WreedeW
Green Garden28Block .
Green Garden28CappellF
Green Garden28WhitesellT
Green Garden28White Est .
Green Garden28WebberG
Green Garden28SheerP
Green Garden29ScheerP
Green Garden29RabP
Green Garden29Sippel .
Green Garden29DierksW
Green Garden29BrummondD
Green Garden29MardieA
Green Garden29Smith .
Green Garden29BrownG.S.
Green Garden29GoodnohF
Green Garden30HarringtonE
Green Garden30HarrisonA
Green Garden30SippelM
Green Garden30SteeleJ
Green Garden30WatsonW
Green Garden31GeutherJ.N.
Green Garden31FellowC
Green Garden31HerbertC
Green Garden31HaywoodN
Green Garden31GoodnohN
Green Garden31HarrisonA
Green Garden31AndrewsG
Green Garden31SmithJ
Green Garden32SampsonS.F.
Green Garden32MardieA
Green Garden32SampsonS
Green Garden32AndrewsW
Green Garden32MccartyB.F.
Green Garden32FosterA
Green Garden32WebberG
Green Garden32SmithJ
Green Garden33BormsE
Green Garden33ThielJ
Green Garden33WhitesellT
Green Garden33WoodB
Green Garden33SeibringH
Green Garden33WilberallC.A.
Green Garden33WoodB
Green Garden34NaglC
Green Garden34HansenH
Green Garden34GreemanJ.S.
Green Garden34CleemanP
Green Garden34MeisterlingJ
Green Garden34SchmidtF
Green Garden34TappeL
Green Garden34KnightU
Green Garden34QuitmeierH
Green Garden34SeibelC
Green Garden35RosenbrookH
Green Garden35JarchowJ
Green Garden35QuitmeierH
Green Garden35KnappC
Green Garden35PetersJ.C.
Green Garden35Iwers?K
Green Garden35StassenJ
Green Garden35SchwiesonA
Green Garden36PetersF
Green Garden36PriesJ
Green Garden36WardR
Green Garden36WardE
Green Garden36StassenH.H.
Green Garden36CarpenterJ
Green Garden36WardM
Green Garden36KoenigG

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