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Biography of George Abbott, Sr.

1878 History of Will County, Illinois George ABBOTT, proprietor of the New England Restaurant, Joliet was born in Keene, N.H., Dec. 1, 1829; there he resided until 1853, when he went to Missouri, and remained two years, returning to Keene. He shortly afterward came to Illinois, and after spending one year in Rockford, settled in Joliet, in October, 1857; in 1858, he engaged in the restaurant business, keeping the Rock Island Railroad Restaurant for eight years. He is the oldest restaurant man in the city; in March, 1866, he started the New England Restaurant. He was married in February, 1855, to Miss Eunice A. FOSTER, of Keene, N. H., who died in June, 1861. He was married again on the 12th of December, 1866, to Miss Abbie A. CUTTING, of Joliet; they have six children—Isabel, John M., Lawrence D., George, Lulu M. and Lydia Belle. Source: History of Will County, Illinois; Chicago: Wm LeBaron Jr & Co, 186 Dearborn Street, 1878. 1907 History of Will County, Illinois George Abbott, Sr., is now practically living retired in Joliet, although to some extent he engages in gardening. He was born in Keene, New Hampshire, in 1828 and though he has almost reached the eightieth milestone on life’s journey he has never been confined to his home by illness. This is certainly a remarkable record and is largely due to the fact that...

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Earliest History of Will County, Illinois

The reader has perhaps observed on the maps of this State two lines running parallel to each other and diagonally across the townships, and called the Indian Boundary. The land included between these lines – a strip twenty miles wide – was surveyed in 1821-22 (the Indian title having been extinguished to this in 1818) for canal purposes, as hereafter explained. The land lying outside of this was surveyed in 1837-38. Consequently the portion lying between these lines was brought into market earlier than the other. At the time of the first survey, the parties who did the work...

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Topography of Will County, Illinois

The county is largely prairie, although it exhibits a great variety of soil and surface. There are several townships in which there is not a stick of timber (except as introduced by cultivation), yet considerable bodies of timber are found along the streams, and in isolated groves which were early called “islands.” In the early settlement of the county, and of the Northwest generally, the settlers were very careful to select locations adjacent to some grove, and to secure a timber lot was deemed indispensable to settlement. It was then supposed that the prairie land two or three miles...

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Family of Grover Ayers Earls and Eva Salina Lumbard Earls

(7) (Vol. 1, #1131) Family of Grover Ayers Earls and Eva Salina Lumbard Earls taken in 1912 in Joliet, Illinois. Back row, left to right, Angelica Gladys 1901-1973, Jeanie Ella 1898-1969, Mable Emma 1896-1947, Alice Flora 1891-1980, Gracie Gloria 1889-1966, Elsie Mary 1894-1984, Esther Parnel 1892-1964, Ada Ruth 1899-1990; front row, left to right: Clarence Henry 1888-1975, Eva Salina 1867-1930, Dorothy Loretta (baby) born 1911, Edna Pearl born 1908, Grover Ayers 1862-1941, Eva Marguerette 1903-1978, and Mildred Hattie 1905-1984. The Earl family lived on Roosevelt Ave., Joliet, Illinois at the time of this picture. Their daughter, Edna, remembers going...

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Real Estate Owners J Surnames

Real Estate Owners extracted from History of Will County, Illinois Wm. LeBaron, Jr., & Co. 1878 Submitted by Margie Glenn J Surnames NameOccupationPost OfficeTownship JACK, WilliamMerchantP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp JACK, William, JrMerchantP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp JACKSON, CFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp JACKSON, DFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp JACKSON, D. GFarmerP. O. Gooding's GroveHomer Twp JACKSON, DelancyFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp JACKSON, Fred. AClerkP. O. JolietJoliet Twp JACKSON, I. LFarmerP. O. Gooding's GroveHomer Twp JACKSON, J. APainterP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp JACKSON, JosephPlastererP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp JACKSON, Julia AP. O. JolietJoliet Twp JACKSON, R. JP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp JACKSON, ThomasFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp JACKSON, WmFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp JACOBS, AntonFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp JACOBS, CFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp JACOBS, CharlesLaborerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp JACOBS, George BFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp JACOBS, L. CPainterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp JACOBS, Mary JP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp JACOBS, WilliamSaloonMokenaFrankfort Twp JACQUENLT, AliceP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp JACQUER, MichaelLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp JAHN, GeorgeStone-CutterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp JAHN, JosephLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp JAKOBUS, HermanButcherLockportFrankfort Twp JAMES, JohnClerkP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp JAMES, JohnClerkP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp JAMES, WillisLaborerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp JAMES, WmLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp JAMESON, A. HFarmerP. O. PlainfieldWheatland Twp JAMESON, ChristopherFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp JANSEN, GBlacksmithP. O. Wilton centerWilton Twp JAQUES, E. EFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp JARCHO, JoachimFarmerPeotone Twp JARIHO, ALaborerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp JARVIS, FredFarmerPeotone Twp JAUR, ClausMerchantFrankfortFrankfort Twp JEFFREY, JosephMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp JENKINS, H. LP. O. JolietJoliet...

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Will County Queries

I invite you to enter a query for your Will County ancestors. A few basic rules for posting your query: Your query must have an Will county connection or it will not be posted. Please put the date, your name and email address on the first line. Please do not post queries for tracing living individuals. Please do not post information on living individuals. Please be specific, do not just list a surname in your query. Please be sure to include at least one date in your query, even if its approximate.(See example) Please use capitalization on surname only.(See example) Example of a good query: Looking for information on John DOE, b: abt 1842 in GA, d: unk. Family tradition has it that John came to Will County abt 1885 with friends he fought with in the Civil War. Queries Will County Mailing List 1997 Queries 1998 Queries 1999 Queries 2000 Queries 2001 Queries 2002 Queries 2003 Queries 2004 Queries 2005 Queries 2006...

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Miscellaneous Will County Marriages

Johnson & Christensen Elwood Married-At the Presbyterian church Saturday, Feb. 11, 1899, Edward JOHNSON and Anna S. CHRISTENSEN, Rev. C.S.ADAMS officiating. There was between thirty and forty of the most intimate friends of the contracting parties present. After the ceremony a splendid banquet was served at the home of the bride’s parents. The young couple left on the Sunday evening train for an extended wedding trip. They will be at home to friends at the residents on the CHRISTENSEN farm, east of Elwood, in the course of three or four weeks. We all join in wishing them long, happy and useful lives. posted by Lynn Barnes Rudberg on Jul 17, 2000 Kavanaugh & Brown From an undated newspaper clipping: Miss Julia KAVANAUGH and Irving BROWN Married Miss Julia KAVANAUGH and Irving William BROWN, both of Elwood, were united in marriage this morning at 10:30 o’clock at Sacred Heart church by Rev. Father FOSTER. The bride wore a pretty white point d’esprite gown over white silk and the bridesmaid, Miss Margaret NOLAN, was gowned in a cream silk crepe de chine. The groom was attended by Charles O’TOOLE. After the ceremony the bridal party went to the home of the bride near Elwood, where a reception was held from 12 to 4 o’clock. They will leave on an evening train for a wedding trip and on their return will make...

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Will County Illinois Marriages

A variety of Will County Illinois marriage records provided by Kathy Zavada. GroomBrideDateOther ABBOTT, BenjaminLYONS, Maria21 Jun 1859St. Patrick, Joliet WT: Thos. ABBOTT & Alice SHEAHON ARCHIBALD, JamesCUFF, Annie13 Jul 1839St. Patrick, Joliet WT: Charles DOWNEY & Esther ROURKE ASHTON, Frank_____, Jessie18 Feb 1900Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: James FITZPATRICK & Kittie THORNTON BANNON, Patrick R. Born: Ireland Father: Edward Mother: Catherine LENNONO’REILLY, Margaret Born: New York Father: James Mother: Mary HEALY30 Nov 1880ages: 32 next/32 next BARDON, JamesDELANEY, Anastasia22 Feb 1900Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Thos. SULLIVAN & Nellie DELANEY BASKERVILLE, BenjaminMCLAUGHLIN, Mary20 Jan 1895recorded: Sacred Heart, Joliet, married: Manhattan, IL WT: Harry BASKERVILLE & Mary KINNEY BATTESTA, GiovaniDOCCIA, Anna Maria16 Feb 1883St. Mary Carmelite, Joliet WT: ???? Giovanni & Annie FAULKNER BEAN, EdwardSPENCER, Teresa4 Jan 1870St. Mary Carmelite, Joliet WT: Bernard IVERS & Josephine BEAN BEAN, Edward 2nd marriageDONAHUE, Ellen.. BEAN, Edward GeorgeLARKIN, Julia Theresa27 Nov 1899St. Mary Carmelite, Joliet source: father’s probate record BEAN, William Age: 23 next Res: Braidwood Born: Yorkshire, Eng Father: Robert Mother: Isabella WILSONKEEHNEE, Anne German extraction16 Jan 1888 BEGLER, Joseph age 26 nextCAIRNS, Jennie age 22 next13 Feb 1895St. Rose, Wilmington WT: Frank CUMMINS & Katie CUMMINS source: marriage license BERGAN, MartinCUNNINGHAM, Kate27 Sep 1892recorded: Sacred Heart, Joliet married: Manhattan, IL WT: Daniel BERGAN & Maggie BOYLAN BERO, GeorgeMURPHY, Ellen29 Mar 1880St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Luke LAFONTAINE & Ann DELANEY BOYLAN, John TMAHER,...

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