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Zarley (AKA DesPlaines) Cemetery

Section 21, Joliet Twp
Southwest side of Patterson Road and North of Brandon Road in Joliet

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Note: This listing is provided as a result of the work of Kathy Zavada
who has donated her work to the USGenWeb
© 1998 by Kathy Zavada

Zarley Cemetery is one of the earliest cemeteries in Joliet. The earliest tombstone that can still be read, shows a death of B. KENDRICK died 183(_). The most recent death noted was James MINER in 1957. The cemetery has been vandalized and many tombstones have disappeared, been broken and overturned. There are over 190 tombstones, some of which can not be read. By cross referencing these with the Will County Death Index (1788-1915) done by the Will Grundy Genealogy Society and "The History of Will County", published in 1878, over 100 more burials in Zarley have been noted. Entries with an (*) have information from the Will County Death Index. Entries with a (+) have information from "The History of Will County". This is an alphabetical listing. Relationships have been noted were they could be determined. Uncertain dates, etc. are in parenthesis. Transcription was completed between October and November 1998.

*ALLEN, female age 3hrs; d. Joliet, burial 10 Jun 1902; (will cty death index)
*ANGUS, Margaret age 9m.; d. Joliet, 5 Dec 1901; (will cty death index)
*ANNETT, John age 77 yrs.; d. Joliet, 7 Nov 1906; (will cty death index)
*ARMBRUST, Barabara age 29y.11m.17d.; d. Joliet, 17 Mar 1899; (will cty death index)
*ARMBRUST, Willie age 3y.10m.; d. Joliet, 26 Oct 1903; (will cty death index)
*BADGER, Augustus age 24; d. Joliet 21 Jul 1894; (will cty death index)
*BADGER, Jonie Frances age 10m.; d. Joliet, 20 Sep 1908; (will cty death index)
BALLER, Emilie Mother; wife of Ernest BALLER; 19 Apr 1844-3 Jan 1914
BALLER, Ernest Father; 17 Mar 1853- 6 May 1916
BARNES, Jesse 9 Dec 1853-9 Feb 1864; son of M. & M.J. BARNES
BARNES, Mary J. wife of Matthew; 17 Apr 1828-24 Nov 1897
BARNES, Matthew 14 Mar 1820-1 Sep 1896
BARNES, Robert 5 Jan 1848-10 Mar 1882; son of M. & M.J. BARNES
*BEATTIE, Eliza d. Joliet, 9 Dec 1893 aged 74 yrs.(age from will cty death index)
BEATTIE, Robert d. 9 Nov 1895 age 80yrs.8mos.(will cty death d. Joliet; age 81 yrs.)
*BELSLAND, Olive age 66yrs.; d. Joliet, 8 Jul 1899(will cty death index) see BISLAND
BISLAND, Catherine dau of Wm. & Sarah, d. ___________
BISLAND, Olive 22 Mar 1833 – 6 Jul 1899
BISLAND, Sarah 1794-1871
BISLAND, William 1791-1843
BONIS, Anna 30 Oct 1880-17 Dec 1905
*BONIS, Anna M. age 25y.1m.; d. Joliet, 17 Dec 1905; (will cty death index)
BONIS, Fredericka Mother; 1843-1922
BOSSOM, Hanna 5 Dec 1804-11 Feb 1883
BOSSOM, Joseph 4 Jan___-1 Jan____
BRAZIL front of 4 sided marker illegible but at least 2 or 3 names
BRAZIL, Albert 1 Mar 1858-22 Oct 1940
BRAZIL, Margaret Mother; 1820-1881 (on 4 sided marker)
BRAZIL, Philip 18(19)-1881; Father. (will cty death age 62y.2m.; d. 28Sep1881)
*BRODCOMB, Roy age 1y.11m.1d.; d. Joliet, 7 May 1897; (will cty death index)
*CHALMERS, son of M. & M. stillborn; d. Joliet, 31 Jul 1893; (will cty death index)
CHRISTENSEN, Nancy (nee HEMPHILL); wife of P.; d. 11 Feb 1894; aged 52yrs., 7mos.,23d.
*COLMAN, James age 41yrs.; d. Joliet, 14 Oct 1902; (will cty death index)
CONTER, Henry 4 Dec 1850-21 Mar 1913
COPLANTZ, Esther I. 20 Apr 1812-17 Jun 1877
COPLANTZ, Peter 25 Feb 1815-30 Jul 1877
CORTES, Henry ..can’t read
*COUREL, William L. age 23yrs.; d. Joliet, 12 Apr 1906; (will cty death index)
*COX, John W. age 29yrs.; d. Joliet, 23 Apr 1905; (will cty death index)
COX, John W. d. 23 Apr 1905; aged 29yrs.,1mo.,13 d.
*DAWS, Joseph age 82 yrs.; d. Joliet, 2 Jul 1904; (will cty death index)
DENNISON, Alexander 1838-1923; Natives of Scotland
DENNISON, Maragret wife of Alexander; 1843-1920; Natives of Scotland
DEUTSCHMAN, August 15 Feb 1836-25 May 1915
*DEUTSCHMAN, Forrest Ira d. Jackson, 9 Jul 1894; (will cty has age 4y.4m.3d.)
DEUTSCHMAN, Josephine wife of August; 31 Aug 1848-4 May 1914
DEUTSCHMAN, Willie H. d. 29 Sep 1877; aged 2 yrs
DIETRICK, (N....) can’t read
EIB, Mary E. Mother; 1864-1916
ELLIOTT, Anne S. wife of Richard; 1844-1921
ELLIOTT, Richard J. 1842-1920
*EMERSON, Charlott age 68yrs.; d. Joliet, 16 Dec 1892; (will cty death index)
FEURT, Susanna wife of Col. Peter NOEL; 1786-1882
*FEWRY, J. M. (Mr.) age 75yrs.; d. Rockdale, 21 Jan 1895; (will cty death index)
*FLYNN, Maurice (adult) d. 1 Aug 1893 at Kinsman, Grundy Cty. (will cty death index)
*FLYNN, Maurice (adult) d. 2 Aug 1893 at Kinsman, Grundy Cty. (will cty death index)
*FUNK, Eugene George age 1m.18d.; d. Joliet, 7 Oct 1902; (will cty death index)
GARRETT, Lany wife of M. GARRETT; 12 Jan 1817-17 Jul 1895
GARRETT, Milton 27 Mar 1804-8 Aug 1886
GEBERACH (? first letter) Johann Father; 13 Mar 1816-12 Feb 1895
GEBERACH (? first letter) Juliann (F.) Mutter; 20 Jan 1817-10 Aug 1900
*GEISSLER, Anna Margeretta age 2m.7d.; d. Joliet, 24 Jul 1902; (will cty death index)
*GUSTAFSON, Frank age 7m.; d. Joliet, 15 Apr 1900; (will cty death index)
*GUSTAVESON, Jennie age 7yrs.; d. Joliet, 22 Jun 1903; (will cty death index)
HADSEL, Eunice wife of William HADSEL; d.... (rest of this marker buried in the ground)
HADSELL- on base of large illegible marker
HALDEMANN- on base rest illegible
*HALDEMANN, John G. age 68 yrs.; d. Joliet, 27 dec 1905; (will cty death index)
HANDLON, Michael d. 12 Sep 1901; aged 70yrs
HARMS, Auguste Mother; 1859-1925
HAUSER, Emelie Mother; 1850-1938
HAUSER, George 1876-1925
HAUSER, John 1879-1907
HAUSER, Joseph Father; 1852-1932
*HAUSER, William age 22y.7m.3d.; d. Joliet, 4 Jul 1900; (will cty death index)
HAUSER, William 1877-1900
HEMPHILL, Alonzo d. 4 Sep 1890; aged 22 yrs.
HEMPHILL, Alpha 1858-1896; dau. of James P. & Nancy N. HEMPHILL (on parents marker)
HEMPHILL, Blanche dau. of A.P. & A.R. HEMPHILL; d. 21 Aug 188_; aged 4 yrs.
HEMPHILL, Cora 1860-1864; dau. of James P. & Nancy N. HEMPHILL (on parents marker)
HEMPHILL, James d. 6 Sep 1863; aged 60yrs., 7mos., 12d. (on Christensen marker)
+HEMPHILL, James (b. 24Jan1803; d. 6Sep1863; wife Rachel PORTER-History Of Will cty-1878)
HEMPHILL, James P. 1830-1897 (on marker with Nancy N., Cora & Alpha)
+HEMPHILL, James P. (b. 19Sep1830; marr. Nancy NOTT-History Of Will Cty-1878)
*HEMPHILL, Nancy age 47y.7m.15d.; d. 19 Apr 1879 at Elwood; (will cty death index)
+HEMPHILL, Nancy N (b. 4Sep 1831; w. of James P; (nee NOTT-History Of Will cty-1878)
HEMPHILL, Nancy N. wife of James P.; 1831-1879 (on marker with James P. HEMPHILL)
+HEMPHILL, Rachel (nee PORTER; w. of James; b.18Jun1808; d. 11Oct1872-(History Of Will Cty-1878)
HEMPHILL, Rachel wife of J. HEMPHILL d. 11 Oct 1872; aged 64yrs.3m.23d (on Christensen marker)
HEMPHILL, Rachel A. dau. of J. & R. HEMPHILL; d. 4 Sep 1845; aged 6yrs., 9mos. (Christensen marker)
HEMPHILL, Sarah E. 19 Jun 1833-17 Dec 1910 (on CHRISTENSEN marker)
HON, Flora 1870-1952 (on marker with John HON Sr.)
HON, Hobart Oliver Ill.Pvt.Camp HQ Det. WWII; 3 Aug 1896-26 Jul 1956
HON, John Jr. 1910-1917
HON, John Sr. 1870-1953(on marker with Flora HON)
*HOPKINS, Arthur age 1y. 1 m.; d. Joliet 3 Dec 1899; (will cty death index)
HOUSER, David 1845-1915
HOWARD, Ella R. 1863-1931
*HULL, William age 47 yrs.; d. Joliet, 20 Aug 1899; (will cty death index)
HYLANDS, Jane wife of William MAPPS; d. 29 Dec 1872; age 85y, 8m, 26d. (one of 11 on MAPPS marker)
*JAMES, Ruth age 2 m.; d. Joliet, 8 Sep 1901; (will cty death index)
JAMES, Ruth dau. of J. & A. JAMES 17 Sep 1899-8 Sep 1901
*JENKINS, Lana age 19 yrs.; d. Joliet, 23 Jan 1899; (will cty death index)
JENKINS, Lena wife of Charles 19 Jul 1879-23 Jan 1899
JOHANNSEN, Maria Mutter; 14 Jun 1829-21 May 189(5)
*JOHNSON, Mabel age 10m.; d. Joliet, 8 Jun 1898; (will cty death index)
*JOHNSON, Mary age 70yrs.; d. Joliet, 21 May 1898; (will cty death index)
KAEHLERT- individual markers-mother; grandmother; great grandmother
KAEHLERT, C. On base of marker
KAEHLERT, Charles W. d. _________; age 25yrs., 6mos., 12d.
KAEHLERT, Charles W. Co.A. 30 Mich. Inf; 4 Jun 1849-29 Oct 1919
KAEHLERT, Constance 25 Apr 1851-9 Jan 1926
KAEHLERT, Jessie G. d. 7 Nov 1898; aged 2yrs., 2mos., 5d.
KAEHLERT, Oswald C. d. 4 Feb 1900; aged 30yrs., 4mos., 15d.
KAEHLERT, Russell d. ________; age 3mos., 7d.
*KAHLERT, Maud age 4y.3m.; d. 3 Feb 1882 in Wilmington. (will cty death index)
*KEATT, E. J. (male) age 2yrs.;(?KLATT,Edward; d. 1 Mar 1893 in Joliet. Will cty death index)
*KEMPKE, Alfred age 1m.1d.; d. Joliet, 20 Jan 1902; (will cty death index)
*KEMPKE, Esther age 8m.; d. Joliet, 9 May 1900; (will cty death index)
KEMPKE, Frederick 1843-1913
KEMPKE, Louise 1841-1923
*KEMPKE, Sophia age 8y.4m.19d.; d. Joliet, 25 Mar 1901; (will cty death index)
KENDRICK, ______ can’t read
KENDRICK, B. d. ______183_.
KENDRICK, Fanny b. ______-d. 31 Apr 1863; age 68y.5m.
*KENLEY, Thomas age 41 yrs.; d. Joliet, 13 Jul 1903; (will cty death index)
KIER individual markers; mother; father; grandmother; grandfather
KIER, Alexander 7 Jul 1804-19 Mar 1872
KIER, Catherine wife of Alexander 27 Apr 1803-1 Feb 1858
KIER, George 20 Jun 1876-4 Jul 1876(on marker with James & Helen Kier)
KIER, Helen wife of James 12 mar 1832-21 Jun 1876
*KIER, James age 75y.10m.18d.; d. Joliet, 18 mar 1906; (will cty death index)
KIER, James 27 Apr 1830-13 Mar 1906
KLATT, ________ _____189_ - 9 Oct 1898
KLATT, Carl 24__1846-8 Mar 1881
*KLATT, Charles age 55 yrs.; d. Joliet, 5 Nov 1901; (will cty death index)
KLATT, Charlotte 28__1843-24___18__
KLATT, Edward 26 Feb 189()-12___189_(note see KEATT, E. J.)
*KUESTER, Carrie age 6y.6m.; in Joliet (south). (will cty death index)
LARAWAY -marker illegible
*LARAWAY, Arthur age 21yrs.; d. 26 Aug 1895; res. LEE. (will cty death index-could be Arthur W.)
LARAWAY, Arthur W. 1872-1895 (child of Charles & Nancy).
LARAWAY, Charles 1825-1896
LARAWAY, Charles W. 1854-28 Sep 1856 (child of Charles & Nancy)
LARAWAY, Emma 1864-1864(child of Charles & Nancy)
LARAWAY, George N. d. 22 Sep 1851; age 21y.18d.
LARAWAY, Jonas d. 22 Jan 1856; age 3m.3d.
LARAWAY, Nancy E. 1826--8 Oct. 1874
LARSON, Claus d. 29 Jul 1901; age 58 yrs.
LAUER Family John 1935; Mary 1907; Archie; Wilbur; Frank; John; Minnie
LAUER, Florence dau. of Daniel & Maggie (baby buried next no surname; d. 12 May 1895)
*LAUER, Frank age 1 day; d. Joliet, 19 Apr 1902; (will cty death index)
*LAWER, Wilbur age 0y.0m.6d.; d. 1 Aug 1893 in Joliet. (Will cty death index)
*LAYTON, Martha M. age 75 yrs.; d. Joliet, 17 Mar 1905; (will cty death index)
*LEWIS, Moses age 49yrs.; d. Joliet, 14 Jul 1906; (will cty death index)
*LIPPERT, Anna age 7y.0m.24d.; d. 12 Dec 1888 in Joliet.(will cty death index)
*LONG, dau. of M/M William age 14 d.; d. Joliet, 10 Aug 1899; (will cty death index)
*LUMPP, May age 67 yrs.; d. Joliet, 13 May 1900; (will cty death index)
*MAINWOOD, Ezekiel age 79 yrs.9m.; d. Joliet, 4 Sep 1906; (will cty death index)
MAPPS Susanna; Minnie; Robert H; Mother; Father; Jessie
MAPPS, Albert b. 1 Mar 1849 (one of 11 on one marker)
+MAPPS, Armina (b. 2Oct 1863; dau. of R.H.&Susanna S. MAPPS-Hist. Of Will Cty-1878)- see Minnie MAPPS.
MAPPS, James W. d. 21 May 1851;age 7m.21d (on M.A. & T.A. MAPPS marker)
+MAPPS, Jesse (b.9Sep1856; d.5Nov1857; child of R.H.&Susanna S. MAPPS-History of Will County –1878)
MAPPS, Jessie 9 Sep 1856-5 Nov 1857 (one of 11 on one marker)
MAPPS, John W. b. 16 Mar 1859 (one of 11 on one marker)
+MAPPS, John W. (b.16Mar1859; son of R.H.&Susanna S. MAPPS-History Of Will cty )
+MAPPS, Levi (son of R.H. & Susanna S. MAPPS-History of Will Cty-1878)
MAPPS, Levi b. 18 Jun 1852 (one of 11 on one marker)
MAPPS, Lillie A. b. 11 Feb 1867 (one of 11 on one marker)
+MAPPS, Lillie A. ( b. 11Feb1867; dau. of R.H.&Susanna S. MAPPS-Hist. Of Will cty-1878)
MAPPS, Mary A. wife of T.A.MAPPS; 26 Feb 1827-2 Nov 1887
MAPPS, Minnie A. 2 Oct 1863-28 Nov 1907 (one of 11 on one marker)(see MAPPS, Armina)
+MAPPS, R.H. (b. 12 Jul 1819; wife Susanna SHAFFNER-History of Will Cty-1878)
MAPPS, Robert H. 12 Jul 18_9-27 Sep 1896 (one of 11 on one marker)
MAPPS, Robert H. d. (2) May 1864; age 3m.4d. (on M.A. & T.A. MAPPS marker)
MAPPS, T.A. 27 Apr 1828- 1896 (on same marker with Mary A. his wife)
MAPPS, Thomas Edward d. 7 May 1862; age 8m.7d.(on M.A. & T.A.MAPPS marker)
MAPPS, William Sr. d. 10 Aug 1859; aged 80yrs.,9mos.,24d.(one of 11 on one marker)
MCFADDEN, Johnnie 6 Mar 1855; age 2y,4m,17d. (one of 11 on MAPPS marker)
MCQUEEN, Hannah 1799-1876.
MILLER, John J. IL.MECH (B)2 INF 38 DIV ; d. 8 Feb 1920
MINER, Charles Father; 1899-1968 (on marker with Maudie MINER)
MINER, James Father; 1868-1957 (next to Isaac O. SQUIRES)
MINER, Mabel Mother; 1873-1923(next to Isaac O. SQUIRES)
MINER, Maudie Mother; 1916-1947 (on marker with Charles MINER)
MULLIGAN, George 6 May 1859-8 Sep 1861
*MULLIGAN, James 8 Nov 1851-29 Oct 1889(will cty death index age 37y.11m.)
MULLIGAN, Margaret 9 Apr 1861-10 Aug 1864
MULLIGAN, Margaret wife of William; 24 Jul 1826-23 Aug 1901
MULLIGAN, Mary 10 Aug 1853-4 May 1858
MULLIGAN, William 30 May 1826-22 Jun 1861
NANCE, S. B. Co.__N.(C.) INF.
*NICHOLES, Mary age 78y.1m.; d. 29Aug 1888 in Joliet(will cty death index)
NICHOLES, Peter N. d. 15___1879
NICHOLS, David 1803-1897 (Mary his wife on same marker) erected by son Joseph H.
*NICHOLS, H.B.(Mrs.) age 71 yrs.; d. Joliet, 2 May 1900; (will cty death index)
NICHOLS, Mary wife of David NICHOLS; 1811-1888.
NICOLES, H.B. Sr. 14 Jun 1829-2 May 1900
*NOEL, Abraham G. age 93y.0m.6d.; d. Joliet, 5 Feb 1902; (will cty death index)
NOEL, Abraham O. 29 Jan 1809-5 Feb 1902
NOEL, Col. Peter 1783-1851; First Ohio Reg. War of 1812 (Susanna Feurt his wife)
NOEL, Cor_ dau. of A.O. & E.T. NOEL; _Jan 1848-(14)May 1890
NOEL, Philip d.. 13 Oct 1851; aged 27 yrs.
*NOEL, Sophia L. age 48y.5m.; died 14 May 1890 in Joliet.(will cty death index)
NOEL, Sophia L. dau. of A.O. & E. NOEL; 31 Jan 1842-14 May 1890.
*OLSON, Alvin age 11y.2m.24d.; d. Joliet, 10 Jul 1905; (will cty death index)
*OSBORNE, Maud May age 1yr.; died 2 Jun 1893 in Joliet.(will cty death index)
*PARSON, Ester age 1y.6m.13d.; died 13 Mar 1895 in Joliet.(will cty death index)
PATTERSON 2ND large natural stone marker; next to children of W.H. & M.E. PATTERSON
PATTERSON First large natural stone carved marker, no names.
PATTERSON, ______ _____ of W.H. & M.E. PATTERSON (1 of 6 on marker)
PATTERSON, _lbert b.___– d. ___ ; ____of W.H. & M.E. PATTERSON(1 of 6 on marker)
PATTERSON, E_____ b.__Feb____- d. __Oct____;____of W.H. & M.E. PATTERSON(1 of 6
PATTERSON, Mabel 27 Apr 186(3)-_____;dau. of W.H. & M.E. PATTERSON (1 of 6 )
PATTERSON, Mary _________________; Dau. of W.H. & M.E. PATTERSON(1 of 6 )
*PATTERSON, Phebe Ann age 80y.2m.; died 11 Dec 1887 in Joliet Twp.(will cty death index)
PATTERSON,_______ __May 1864- d. 1873; __ of W.H. & M.E. PATTERSON(1 of 6)
PAULEY - surname on base, rest illegible
*PETER, Katie age 2y.9m.; d. Joliet, 25 Sep 1900; (will cty death index)
PICKEL, Josie dau. of B.H. & M. PICKEL; 16 Feb 1871-23 Aug 1872
*PIERCE, Deborah age 78y.3m.; died 31 Dec 1889 in Joliet.(will cty death index)
*PLAGER, Augusta age 59yrs.; d. Joliet, 21 Jul 1906; (will cty death index)
PORTER, Annie (related to HEMPHILL)
*PORTER, Jennie age 24 yrs.; d. Joliet, 12 Aug 1903; (will cty death index)
PRICE, Ann wife of Thomas PRICE; d. 28 Nov 1863; aged 63 yrs
RIGDON, Margaret A. dau. of J.R. & C.R. RIGDON; d. 25 May 1853; age 1m.10d.
*RITCHARDS, Lila age 3y.3m.; d. Joliet, 27 Apr 1901; (will cty death index)
*ROBINETTA, Lester Laurent age 5y.6m.6d.; d. Joliet, 8 Oct 1904; (will cty death index)
ROSE, Laura __ of William H. ROSE; d. 21 May 1887; aged 42yrs.,8mos.,18d
*RUPPE, Ernstinna(Mrs.) age 50 yrs.; d. Joliet, 14 Nov 1903; (will cty death index)
*SAMPSON, Amanda age 79 y.; d. Joliet, 18 Jun 1890; buried Oakwood ( Will county Death index...See SAMSON, Amanda)
*SAMPSON, Lucinda age 18 y.8 m.; d. Joliet, 29 Sep 1879; (will cty death index)
SAMSON (SAMPSON), Almira dau. of Benj. & Amanda; d. 28 Jun 1887; age 34y.3m.5d.
SAMSON (SAMPSON), Amanda wife of Benjamin SAMSON; d. 18 Jun 1890; age 79y.8m.17d.
SAMSON (SAMPSON), Benjamin B. d. 30 Aug 1858; age 44y.1m.2d .
SCHMIDT, Anna Margaret 23 Oct 1873-31 Dec 1874
SCHMIDT, Caroline 1821-1916 (on marker with Henry)
SCHMIDT, Henry 1817-1889 (on marker with Caroline)
*SCHMIDT, Henry age 78y.11m.; died 16 Dec 1888 in Joliet.(will cty death index)
SCHNIEDER, Jane d. 17 Jan 1901; age 89 yrs.11mos.10d. (on KAEHLERT marker)
SCHREFFLER illegible but same make as Mary SCHREFFLER marker. Probably Samuel’s)
SCHREFFLER, Mary d._______1901; aged 94 yrs.(see SHREFFLER, Mrs Samuel)
*SCHREFFLER, Samuel age 87y.7m.; burial date 3 May 1893; res. Joliet.(will cty death index)
SCHWARTZ, Elizabeth Mother; 1859-1941
*SCHWARTZ, Ida age 5y.0m.23d.; died 15 Aug 1894 in Joliet.(will cty death index)
SCHWARTZ, Julius J. 15 Jan 1846-27 May 1906 (next to STROHMAN, Herman.)
*SCHWARZ, George age 4y.2m.; died 8 Jan 1890 in Joliet.(will cty death index)
SCOTT, Philip d. 6 Feb 1837;age__y.8m._d.( marker is broken and hard to read)
*SEEMANN, Floratinna age 59y.6m.17d.; d. Joliet, 4 Aug 1900; (will cty death index)
SENN, Lydiann Wife of Charles SENN; 30 Mar 1851- 30 Dec 1895; aged 44 yrs.,(9)mo.
SERVER, Francis V. son of A. & S. SERVER; d. 30 Oct 18(88); age 3y.1m.
SERVER, Susan A. Our Mother; 11 Jan 1831-29 Nov 1901
SERVER,_____ __ of A. & S. SERVER; d. 12 Dec 1871; age 5m.18d.
SERVIS, Eunice Mother; 1831-1896 see next entry
*SERVIS,Eunice Matilda age 65y.0mos.7d.; died 16 Nov 1896 in Joliet.(will cty death index)
SHAFFNER, Susana wife of ___MAPPS); 17 Nov 1829-2 Sep 1912 (1 of 11 on marker)
+*SHAFFNER, Susana (wife of R.H.MAPPS-History of Will Cty-1878) Shows burial Joliet Twp. South of city)
*SHREFFLER, Samuel(Mrs.) age 94y.10m.; d. Joliet, 20 Nov 1901; (will cty death index) (See SCHREFFLER, Mary)
*SIMMERMANN, Herman age 0yrs.7m.16d.; died 31 Aug 1888 in Joliet.(will cty death index)
SQUIRES, Benjamin 18 Feb 1846-4 Aug 1886; Co.__ 64th Ill. Inf.
*SQUIRES, Bessie age 13yrs.; died 14 Sep 1892 in Joliet.(will cty death index)
SQUIRES, dau. of I.O. & E.T. SQUIRES d. 16 Nov 1886; aged 1yr.,2mos.
SQUIRES, dau. of I.O. & E.T. SQUIRES d. 28 Aug 189(8); aged _2yrs....,7mos.
SQUIRES, Deborah d. 31 Dec 1888; aged 78yrs__mos.,__d.
SQUIRES, Isaac O. 1848-1920 (next to MINER marker)
SQUIRES, Jerome J. son of Joseph H. SQUIRES; 1907-1909(Joseph P. on same marker)
SQUIRES, Joseph P. son of Joseph H. SQUIRES; 1907-1909(Jerome J. on same marker)
SQUIRES, son of I.O. & E.T. SQUIRES d. 27 Jun 1886; aged 3yrs.,3mos.,23d.
*STEVENS, Benjamin 16 Oct 1826-3 Apr 1891.(matches will cty death index)
+STEVENS, Benjamin (b. 16 Oct 1824; marr. Elizabeth BOSSOM-History of Will Cty-1878
+STEVENS, Elizabeth (wife of Benjamin; nee BOSSOM-History of Will Cty-1878)
STEVENS, Elizabeth wife of Benjamin; 23 Jun 1831-2 Nov 1911
*STEWART, dau. of John & Lillian age 6 days; d. Joliet, 26 Dec 1900; (will cty death index)
STROHMAN, Herman G. 1885-1921 (between Auguste HARMS & Julius SCHWARTZ)
*STROHMAN, John age 35y.9m.1d.; died 25 Aug 1892 in Joliet.(will cty death index)
TAYLOR, Clement d.______...(This marker is in front of Eunice HADSEL’s.)
TEMPLETON, Harold son of H.R. & M. TEMPLETON; d. 26 Jul 1900; 2yrs.,10 mos.
*VOGT, Daniel age 50yrs.; d. Joliet, 22 Jun 1900; (will cty death index)
VOGT, Daniel 7 May 1847 - 23 Jun 19(3)0
VOGT, Elizabeth 1839-1926
VOGT, Emma 1875-1955
VOGT, Jacob 1843-1907
VOGT, John A. 1849-1921
WATTERS, Delilah U. Mother; 22 Jun 1827-4 Feb 1919
WEBER, Elizabeth frau des S.WEBER; 2 Jan 1855-7 Feb 1898; side listings illegible
*WEESE, Henry age 4y.8m.;died 3 Oct 1892 in Joliet.(will cty death index)
*WEESE, Louise age 58y.11m.;died 14 Feb 1894 in Joliet.(will cty death index)
*WEESE, Martha age 9y.0m.27d.; died 28 Sep 1892 in Joliet.(will cty death index)
WILHELM, Regina wife of Christ; d. 31 Jul 1892 aged 44yrs
WILHELM, William d. 27 Apr 1889; aged 57yrs.
WILLIAMS, Eddie 1901-1905 (between WILHELM, Regina and WILHELM, Wm.)
*WILLIAMS, Edward age 4y.5m.23d.; d. Joliet Twp, 23 Jun 1905; (will cty death index)
*WOODARD(sic WOODWARD), Eliza age 73y.7m.;died 20 Feb 1892 in Joliet. (will cty death index)
YONKER, Jacob Father; 28 Aug 1836-9 May 1905
YONKER, Lloyd, son of S.E. & Viola 31 Jul 18(36 or?)-d. 22 Jan 18(87 or 97)
ZARLEY, Gabriel M. 1882-1941
ZARLEY, Ida PATRICK wife of James C.; 1845-1922
ZARLEY, James C. 26 Aug 1832-14 May 1896
ZARLEY, John W. d. (13) Apr 1840; age 22yrs.
ZARLEY, Reason d. 30 Aug 185(9); age__.
+ZARLEY, Reason (d. 30 Aug 1859; age 68y.6m.; married Sarah MUSTARD Info from History of Will County 1878)
ZARLEY, Sarah d. 18(84)__; age 90 yrs.(probable wife of Reason, nee MUSTARD)
ZARLEY, Sarah d.________;aged 3 yrs.__mos.
+ZARLEY, Sarah (MUSTARD) dau. of Rev Wm. MUSTARD; b. Pike Cty, Ohio , marr. Reason ZARLEY


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