Real Estate Owners

extracted from History of Will County, Illinois Wm. LeBaron, Jr., & Co. 1878

Submitted by Margie Glenn

A Surnames

NameOccupationPost OfficeTownship
ALFRICK, FBlacksmithP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ADLER, JacobButcherP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ADLER, JasperButcherP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ADLER, P. PButcherP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ADAMS, F. JCarpenterCreteCrete Twp
ADAMS, F. JCarpenterCreteCrete Twp
ALDRICH, D. HCarpenterP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
ACHENBACH, HenryCigar ManufacturerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ABRAMS, HenryEngineerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ARNOLD, PhilipFarmaerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
ACKERMAN, FredFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
ACKERMAN, H. LFarmerWesley Twp
ACKERMAN, HannahFarmerWesley Twp
ACKERMAN, SchuylerFarmerWesley Twp
ADAMS, E. HFarmerPeotone Twp
ADAMS, E. VFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
ADAMS, Elias HFarmerP. O. SpencerManhattan Twp
ADAMS, G. WFarmerP. O. PeotoneCrete Twp
ADAMS, GeoFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
ADAMS, HenryFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
ADAMS, HenryFarmerWill Twp
ADAMS, JohnFarmerPeotone Twp
ADAMS, ReubenFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
ADAMS, W. CFarmerP. O.CreteCrete Twp
ADELMAN, MrsFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
ADLER, PeterFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
AHLSCHLAGER, ChrisFarmerP. O. SpencerNew Lenox Twp
AHLSCHLAGER, ChrisFarmerP. O. SpencerNew Lenox Twp
AHRENS, CharlesFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp
ALBERS, LFarmerP. O. MoneeWill Twp
ALBRECHT, JohnFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp
ALDERMAN, AFarmerP. O. LemontDuPage Twp
ALEXANDER, GeorgeFarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
ALEXANDER, GeorgeFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
ALEXANDER, J. LFarmerP. O. LockportDuPage Twp
ALEXANDER, James HFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
ALGER, FredFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
ALLEN, ChesterFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
ALLEN, E. JFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
ALLENS, TFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
ALLERTON, A. MFarmerP. O. HadleyHomer Twp
ALLERTON, A. MFarmerP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
ALLERTON, ArchibaldFarmerP. O. MokenaNew Lenox Twp
ALLERTON, N. MFarmerP. O. HadleyHomer Twp
ALLOTT, HenryFarmerWesley Twp
ALLYREN, JohnFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
ALTHOUSE, Albert GFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
ALTHOUSE, WalterFarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
AMEND, AndrewFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
ANDERSON, AndrewFarmerWesley Twp
ANDERSON, J. HFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
ANDERSON, JohnFarmerPeotone Twp
ANDRAUGH, Pat,FarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
ANDREW, A. WFarmerP. O. WallingfordWilton Twp
ANDREW, F. HFarmerP. O. PlainfieldDuPage Twp
ANDREW, GFarmerP. O. FrankfortGreengarden Twp
ANDREWS, WmFarmerP. O. FrankfortGreengarden Twp
ANGLEMERE, EFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
ANGLEMIRE, EmanuelFarmerP. O. DuPageDuPage Twp
ANTCLIFF, JohnFarmerP. O. PeotoneWilton Twp
ANTCLIFF, JohnFarmerPeotone Twp
ANTHONY, ChesterFarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
APKING, HenryFarmerP. O. GoodenowCrete Twp
ARBITER, CharlesFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
ARCY, John DFarmerP. O. JolietTroy Twp
ARKENBURG, HenryFarmerP. O. GoodenowCrete Twp
ARKENBURG, WmFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
ARMSTRONG, AFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilton Twp
ARMSTRONG, DFarmerP. O. Bird's BridgeTroy Twp
ARMSTRONG, PFarmerP. O. Bird's BridgeTroy Twp
ARTWEIN, JohnFarmerP. O. SpencerNew Lenox Twp
ASHLEY, MorganFarmerP. O. LockportDuPage Twp
ASHLEY, MorganFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
ATTAWAY, EdwFarmerP. O. JolietJackson Twp
ATTAWAY, SamuelFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
AUSTIN, CharlesFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
AUSTIN, F. EFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
AVERY, Gilbert SFarmerP. O. ElwoodWilton Twp
AVERY, JohnFarmerP. O. ElwoodWilton Twp
AXTELL, AcsahFarmerWesley Twp
AXTELL, BetseyFarmerWesley Twp
AYERS, HenryFarmerP. O. NapervilleDuPage Twp
AYERS, M. BFarmerP. O. LemontDuPage Twp
AYERS, MahloneFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
ADAMS, LFarmer and ButcherP. O. CreteCrete Twp
ALEXANDER, MGeneral RoadmasterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ADAMS, Mecagah LGrainP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ADAMS, W. LGrain DealerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ANDERSON, A. SGrain DealerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
ANDERSON, A. SGrain DealerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
ARNOLD, GGrocerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ATKINSON, WmHotel ProprietorP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ABELL, EdwJanitorP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
ABRAMS, HenryLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ALBERS, HermanLaborerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
ALPAUGH, JLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ANDERSON, C. ALaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ANDERSON, OliverLaborerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
ANDERSON, PeterLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ANDREWS, ALaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ASTER, JohnLaborerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
ADAMS, WmLumber DealerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ALLEN, EdwLumber DealerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
AULTMAN, CorneliusManufacturerP. O. Canton, OhioPlainfield Twp
ADELMAN, ChristopherMasonP. O. LockportLockport Twp
ARNSTEIN, FrederickMasonP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ASSENMACHER, HenryMasonP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ADELMAN, PeterMerchantP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ANGUS. WMMerchantPeotone Twp
ARNOLD, John WMerchantP. O. LockportLockport Twp
ARNOLD, LewisMerchantPeotone Twp
ALDEN, Hiram O., JrMine BossP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
ARMAND, JohnMine BossP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
ALCOO, PeterMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
ALLEN, PeterMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
ALLEN, TMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
ALLISON, RobertMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
ALSAHAN, AugustMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
APPLENWHITE, GeorgeMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
APPLENWHITE, JohnMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
ARGYLE, JosephMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
ATKINSON, WmMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
ASHLEY, R. BMinister of GospelP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
ALLISON, APrinterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ADAMS, Henry ERetiredPeotoneCrete Twp
ANDERSON, STannerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ALTHOUSE, WilliamTeamsterP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
ASHLEY, CWire FenceP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
ASHLEY, J. RWire Fence, JolietP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
ADAM, WmWire-Fence ManufacturerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ADAMS, APeotone Twp
ADAMS, Anna EP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ADDERLY, WilliamP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ALBRIGHT, Christ FP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ALLEN, B. FP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ALLEN, EP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
ALLEN, WP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
ALPINE, FannyP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ALTER, James MP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
ALTHOUSE, HenryP. O. WilmingtonChannahon Twp
ALTHOUSE, NaomiP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
ALTHOUSE, SarahP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
AMMERSON, ChristianP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
AMOS, RossPeotone Twp
AMOS, WashingtonP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ANDERSON, ThomasP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ANDREWS, AP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ANDREWS, WmPeotone Twp
ANGALL, A. AP. O. MokenaNew Lenox Twp
ANNIS, MatildaP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
ANNIS, MatildaP. O. PlainfieldWheatland Twp
APGAR, M. LewisP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ARDAUGH, PatrickP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
ARMSTRONG, IsabellaP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
ARNOLD, J. H., MrsP. O. LockportLockport Twp
ARNOLD, MaryP. O. LockportLockport Twp
ARNOLD, Sidney VP. O. JolietLockport Twp
ARNON, LucusP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
ARSENMACHER, HenryP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ASHLEY, J. RP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
ATKINS, A. WP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
AUR, AntonP. O. LockportLockport Twp
AUSTIN, HermanCrete Twp
AUSTIN, HoraceP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
AYERS, NancyP. O. LockportLockport Twp
AYLESWORTH, ElmyraP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
AYRES, H. HP. O. JolietJoliet Twp