Real Estate Owners in Will County Illinois in 1878

extracted from History of Will County, Illinois Wm. LeBaron, Jr., & Co. 1878

Submitted by Margie Glenn

Wachsmuth – Weyerman

NameOccupationPost OfficeTownship
WACHSMUTH, HenryFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
WADE, DesireMerchantP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WADE, JohnFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
WADSWORTH, A. JHarness-MakerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
WAGNER, PhilipFarmerP. O. New LenoxNew Lenox Twp
WAGNER, A.FarmerP. O. Gooding's GroveHomer Twp
WAGNER, AlexFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
WAGNER, AloisP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WAGNER, AnthonyStone-CutterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WAGNER, ChristianTeamsterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WAGNER, ConradFarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
WAGNER, ElizabethMillinerFrankfortFrankfort Twp
WAGNER, FLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WAGNER, FerdinandFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WAGNER, FredFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
WAGNER, IgnatzLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WAGNER, John BFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
WAGNER, John BFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
WAGNER, John BFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
WAGNER, LFarmerP. O. FrankfortFrankfort Twp
WAGNER, M. WStonecutterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WAGNER, MartinLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WAGNER, MicbaelLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WAGNER, ThomasFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
WAID, Leonard DP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WALCH, MartinBakerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WALCH, RichardFarmerP. O. SpencerManhattan Twp
WALCH, RobertGrocerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WALCH, RobertMerchantP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WALDFOGLE, AFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WALDFOGLE, BenedictFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WALDFOGLE, BenedictFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
WALDFOGLE, FelixWiperP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WALDREN, C. HFarmerWesley Twp
WALEN, JamesFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
WALFEL, JFarmerP. O. Gooding's GroveHomer Twp
WALFOGLE, FrankFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
WALKER, HenryP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WALKER, JohnMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WALKER, JohnSaloonP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WALKER, JonasFarmerP. O. DuPageDuPage Twp
WALKER, WilliamWilton Twp
WALKER, WmFarmerP. O. DuPageDuPage Twp
WALKERLY, MartinFarmerP. O. EndorCrete Twp
WALKYARD, AnnP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WALL, B. WLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WALLACE, B. WP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WALLACE, FLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WALLACE, JohnLaborerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
WALLACE, RobtRetiredCreteCrete Twp
WALLACE, ThomasFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
WALLAER, JohnFarmerP. O. BloomCrete Twp
WALLEN, Helen AP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WALLS, JamesForeman I. S. PP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Walsh MamieP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
WALSH, JamesP. O. LockportLockport Twp
WALSH, RobertMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WALSH, ThomasTeacherP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WALSH, WmSaloonP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
WALTEMATE, SophiaP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
WALTER, HenryFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
WALTER, MFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
WALTER, MichaelMerchantP. O. LockportLockport Twp
WALTHOUSER, ACarpenterWilton CenterWilton Twp
WALTZ, J. JFarmerP. O. SpencerNew Lenox Twp
WALTZ, NathaiaHarnes-MakerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
WALWORTH, Henry RP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WALWORTH, HenryP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WAMICKE, WilliamLaborerPeotone Twp
WAMREMACHER, CFarmerP. O. MokenaNew Lenox Twp
WAMREMACHER, JohnFarmerP. O. MokenaNew Lenox Twp
WANAT, JohnMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WANDLES, RMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WANDT, JohnFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
WARD, Charlotte BP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WARD, DanielFarmerP. O. LockportDuPage Twp
WARD, DanielFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
WARD, EdwardFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
WARD, Geo. HFarmerP. O. LemontHomer Twp
WARD, George HP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WARD, H.FarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
WARD, HughFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WARD, HughLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WARD, J. HCuster Twp
WARD, John HPlastererP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WARD, JohnFarmerP. O. LockportDuPage Twp
WARD, JosephFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
WARD, JosephSaloon-KeeperP. O. LockportLockport Twp
WARD, LouisaP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WARD, PeterFarmerP. O. LockportDuPage Twp
WARD, SFarmerP. O. LemontDuPage Twp
WARDEN, HenryGrain MerchantPeotone Twp
WARNAKE, WmFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
WARNER, A. B. FFarmerP. O. NapervilleDuPage Twp
WARNER, A. HFarmerWesley Twp
WARNER, AFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
WARNER, AWagon-MakerFrankfortFrankfort Twp
WARNER, AlfredFarmerWesley Twp
WARNER, Chas. FFarmerP. O. New LenoxNew Lenox Twp
WARNER, ElishaFarmerWesley Twp
WARNER, HelenP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
WARNER, IsabellaP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
WARNER, JohnFarmerP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
WARNER, JosephMasonP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WARNER, L. LP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WARNER, PhillipFarmerP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
WARNER, SarahP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
WARNER, WilliamFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
WARNICK, HenryLaborerPeotone Twp
WARNICK, ReubenFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
WARREN, CalebRailroad ConductorP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WARREN, HarrietNew LenoxNew Lenox Twp
WARREN, HiramFarmerP. O. NapervilleDuPage Twp
WARREN, HiramFarmerP. O. NapervilleDuPage Twp
WARREN, J. MStone-MasonP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WARREN, NicholasFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
WARREN, WmP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WARRICK, MartinMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WARTZ, AndrewFarmerWesley Twp
WARTZBACHER, PhilipFarmerP. O. PiainfieldLockport Twp
WASCHSMEATH, HenryFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
WASHBURN, ElizabethP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
WASMAN, HFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
WATERMAN, CarlMasonCreteCrete Twp
WATERMAN, D. MP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WATERS, JohnPainterP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
WATERS, MaryP. O. LockportLockport Twp
WATERSON, JohnAgentP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WATKINS, DavidNew Lenox Twp
WATKINS, ElizaP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
WATKINS, JohnFarmerP. O. New LenoxNew Lenox Twp
WATKINS, JonathanFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WATKINS, MorganFarmerP. O. New LenoxNew Lenox Twp
WATKINS, PeterFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
WATKINS, RichardFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
WATKINS, WmClerkP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
WATSON, AlbertCarpenterWallingfordWilton Twp
WATSON, AlexFarmerP. O. TamarackWheatland Twp
WATSON, Charlotte SRestaurantP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
WATSON, IsaacBlacksmithP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WATSON, J. S, MrsP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WATSON, James TMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WATSON, JamesMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WATSON, JesseButcherChannahonChannahon Twp
WATSON, L. HP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
WATSON, MorrillFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
WATSON, WmFarmerP. O. FrankfortGreengarden Twp
WATTERS, MichaelLaborerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
WAUNEMACHER, CFarmerP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
WAUNEMACHER, JohnFarmerP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
WAY, PriceP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WEAR, JamesMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WEAVER, James RP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WEAVER, JosephFarmerP. O. NapervilleDuPage Twp
WEAVER, SamuelFarmerP. O. NapervilleWheatland Twp
WEBB, KWagon-MakerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
WEBB, MaryP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WEBB, RobertWagon-MakerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
WEBBER, C. THarness-MakerWilton CenterWilton Twp
WEBBER, JeremiahFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
WEBER, GeoFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp
WEBER, JamesFarmerP. O. SpencerManhattan Twp
WEBER, MMasonMokenaFrankfort Twp
WEBER, Peter WJustice of the PeaceP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WEBER, SussanaP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WEBSTER, DavidFarmerP. O. E. WheatlandWheatland Twp
WEBSTER, DavidDuPage Twp
WEBSTER, HenryFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
WEBSTER, OlivarCarpenterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WEDEKING, ChrisFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
WEED, NelsonDruggistP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WEEKERT, MichaelButcherP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
WEEKS, C. HFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WEEKS, C. HFarmerP. O. JolietNew Lenox Twp
WEEKS, GeoLumbermanP. O. LockportLockport Twp
WEEKS, HoraceMaster in ChanceryP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WEEKS, JaneP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WEHENHOFFER, WmFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
WEHMAN, FCrete Twp
WEHMHOEFER, HenryBlacksmithP. O. Eagle LakeWashington Twp
WEHMHOFFER, WmFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
WEHRLIE, CharlesCooperP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
WEHRLY, JacobBlacksmithP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
WEHUN, PeterLaborerCreteCrete Twp
WEIBEL, NicholasStone-CutterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WEICHERPFLEMMING, FranzFarmerP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
WEIDINGER, GeorgeP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WEIDLANDS, BenedictLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WEIFERT, W. NFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
WEIKER, HenryFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
WEIMAN, MFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
WEINMAN, G. AFurnitureFrankfortFrankfort Twp
WEIR, PatFarmerPeotone Twp
WEIR, PeterFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
WEIRSHAM, JosephMasonP. O. LockportLockport Twp
WEIRZENBURG, HFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
WEISHAAER, F. PP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
WEISHAAR, JClerkP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WEISS, MorrisDruggistMokenaFrankfort Twp
WEISS, PeterFarmerP. O. Gooding's GroveHomer Twp
WEIST, ChristianFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp
WEIVILL, JohnP. O. LockportLockport Twp
WELCH, JamesFarmerP. O. SpencerNew Lenox Twp
WELCH, MichaelFarmerP. O. SpencerNew Lenox Twp
WELCH, RichardFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
WELCH, WilliamFarmerP. O. JolietTroy Twp
WELCHLIN, AShoemakerMokenaFrankfort Twp
WELCHLIN, MShoemakerMokenaFrankfort Twp
WELCHY, FredFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp
WELKINS, CharlesBlacksmithP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
WELLMANN, FredFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
WELLS, N. CFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
WELLS, William PFarmerPeotone Twp
WELSASCHAL, JosephMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WELSCHLIER, FredFarmerP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
WELSEHALL, FrankMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WELSH, John EEngineerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WELSH, PatrickP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WEMICK, TheoPhysicianP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
WENDELING, GeoFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
WENDLE, John GFarmerP. O. MokenaFrankfort Twp
WENDLE, JohnStone-CutterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WENDLING, BlazeFarmerP. O. Gooding's GroveHomer Twp
WENDLING, LouisFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
WENIHOLD, RichardFarmerP. O. DuPageDuPage Twp
WENTWORTH, D. SChicagoChannahon Twp
WENZEL, AugustFarmerP. O. FrankfortFrankfort Twp
WERBROOK, HenryFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
WERDERHOLT, CBlacksmithBloomCrete Twp
WERGLER, JohnP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WERLEN, PeterLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WERLIN, AnthonyFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WERNER, AdamStone DealerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WERNER, Augustus, MrsfarmeP. O. LockportLockport Twp
WERNER, C. AStone DealerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WERNER, C. FRetiredMokenaFrankfort Twp
WERNER, Charles, JrStone DealerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WERNER, CharlesStone DealerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WERNER, DFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp
WERNER, GeoSaloonMokenaFrankfort Twp
WERNER, GeorgeFarmerP. O. MokenaNew Lenox Twp
WERNER, GottliebFarmerP. O. FrankfortFrankfort Twp
WERNER, J. VSaloon-KeeperP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WERNER, Jacob FMasonP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WERNER, JohnFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp
WERNER, PhilipFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
WERNIGH, TheoPhysicianP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
WERNIGHER, EliLaborerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WERNKE, AugustMerchantP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
WERNMAN, HubertP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WERTMULLER, CharlesLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WERTZENBACH, PhilipFarmerP.O. PlainfieldLockport Twp
WESCOTT, SethFarmerP. O. NapervilleDuPage Twp
WEST, EphriamFarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
WESTENFELDT, HenryFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
WestenfeldtCrete Twp
WESTGATE, C. AFarmerP. O. PeotoneWill Twp
WESTGATE, C. ANurserymanPeotone Twp
WESTHERBEE, MFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WESTMILLER, ChasHarness-MakerFrankfort Twp
WESTMORELAND, ThomasLaborerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
WESTON, A. DFarmerP. O. New LenoxNew Lenox Twp
WESTPHALL, Luella JP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WESTPHALL, MartinBankerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
WESTPHELL, HenryFarmerP. O. E. WheatlandWheatland Twp
WETTER, NFarmerP. O. Gooding's GroveHomer Twp
WETTERBAUSEN, LSaloonP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
WETZLEY, Uri M.FarmerP.O. E. WheatlandWheatland Twp
WEYERMAN, JohnSaloon-KeeperP. O. JolietJoliet Twp