Real Estate Owners in Will County Illinois in 1878

extracted from History of Will County, Illinois Wm. LeBaron, Jr., & Co. 1878

Submitted by Margie Glenn

Whalen – Zummells

NameOccupationPost OfficeTownship
Whalen, AnnP. O. Bird's BridgeTroy Twp
Whalen, MosesTeamsterP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Whalen, PatLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Whalon, MosesFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Whalon, MosesTeamsterP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Whealen, JamesMerchantP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
Whealon, MichaelFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
Wheeler, BenjaminMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
Wheeler, DavidFarmerP. O. FrankfortFrankfort Twp
Wheeler, EphinelasTeamsterP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
Wheeler, Geo. W. AFarmerP. O. TamarackWheatland Twp
Wheeler, JennieP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wheeler, Lorinda CP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wheeler, MargaretJolietNew Lenox Twp
Wherman, FredFarmerP. O. Eagle LakeWashington Twp
Whettle, JacobP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
Whiffen, GeorgeFarmerPeotone Twp
White, Adam JFlorence Twp
White, AnnP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
White, B. KP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
White, C. MrsP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
White, H. JosGreengarden Twp
White, J. M.FarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
White, James SCarpenterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
White, JasFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
White, JeremiahP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
White, Jesse OP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
White, John DPoultrymanP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
White, John MFarmerWesley Twp
White, John SFarmerP. O. NapervilleDupage Twp
White, JohnFarmerP. O. WallingfordWilton Twp
White, JohnFarmerWesley Twp
White, L. KClerkP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
White, RFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
White, RobertFarmerP. O. Gooding's GroveHomer Twp
White, S. LP. O. NapervilleDupage Twp
White, S. SFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
White, Samuel HPainterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
White, William PP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
White, WilliamBlacksmithP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
White, WmLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Whiten, JohnMillerFlorence Twp
Whitfield, CharlesFarmerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
Whitmore, AFarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
Whitson, BenjLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Whitson, DavidFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
Whitson, JohnFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
Whitson, M RevPastor Ger. M. ChurchP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Whitten, AndrewFarmerWesley Twp
Whitten, AndrewRetiredFlorence Twp
Whitten, JamesBankerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
Whittier, GeorgeLimekilnP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Whittier, NancyP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wicharr, JClerkP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wicks, Charles DButcherP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
Wicks, Geo. CScale AgentP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
Wierman, JohnSaloon-KeeperP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wiggart, FredrichGardenerMokenaFrankfort Twp
Wiggins, A. JLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wightman, CFarmerP. O. PlainfieldWheatland Twp
Wightman, GeorveFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Wightman, J. BFarmerP. O. DupageDupage Twp
Wigle, GeorgeLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wikey, T. JClerkP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
Wilard, E. RPhysicianP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
Wilcox, ChasFarmerP. O. PeotoneWilton Twp
Wilcox, G. WLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wilcox, J. FClerkP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wilcox, T. BP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
Wilcox, WalterFarmerPeotone Twp
Wilder, AFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
Wilder, CFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
Wilder, G. HFarmerP. O. BloomCrete Twp
Wilder, J. HFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
Wilds, MichLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wilhaun, HeinrickFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
Wilick, GeoFarmerP. O. FrankfortGreengarden Twp
Wilis, PhilipWashington Twp
Wilke, FredFarmerP. O. Eagle LakeWashington Twp
Wilke, FredFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp
Wilkening, CFarmerP. O. Eagle LakeCrete Twp
Wilkening, ChrisFarmerP. O. BeecherCrete Twp
Wilkening, JohnFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
Wilkenning, CFarmerP. O. Eagle LakeWashington Twp
Wilkenning, CFarmerP. O. Eagle LakeWashington Twp
Wilkins, AbramLiverymanP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
Wilkins, C. WBlacksmithP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
Wilkins, PeterFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp
Willard, C. SFarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
Willard, DavidFarmerWesley Twp
Willard, JohnFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
Willard, JohnFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
Willard, R. GFarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
Wille, ChristFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
Wille, JohnFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
Willey, GeorgeMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
William, JosephFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
Williams, APainterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Williams, AlsonP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Williams, Charles ADoctorP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Williams, ClaraTeacherMokenaFrankfort Twp
Williams, DavidWeigh BossP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
Williams, DavidP. O. ChicagoWill Twp
Williams, E. GP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Williams, H. GWagon-MakerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
Williams, H. HLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Williams, J. AFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Williams, J. CAgentP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Williams, JamesLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Williams, JamesP. O. ChicagoWill Twp
Williams, JaneP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Williams, John BMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
Williams, JohnFarmerP. O. JolietJackson Twp
Williams, JohnFarmerWesley Twp
Williams, MichaelFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Williams, MichaelFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Williams, NicholasFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Williams, O. JFarmer And P. MP. O. GreengardenManhattan Twp
Williams, OwenMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
Williams, RobertP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Williams, S. JFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Williams, S, MrsP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
Williams, Sarah LP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Williams, SolomonEngineerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Williams, StephenFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Williams, ThomasFarmerP. O. LockportDupage Twp
Williams, W. TP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Williamson, JohnMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
Williamson, JohnRetiredCreteCrete Twp
Williamson, JohnFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
Williamson, L. MLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Williamson, TFarmerP. O. WilmingtonCuster Twp
Williamson, WmFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
Williard, E. WDruggistP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
Williarns, S. LFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Willie, PhilipFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
Willis, ChristianFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
Willis, I. BFarmerP. O. New LenoxNew Lenox Twp
Willis, WinrightFarmerP. O. DupageDupage Twp
Willming, BernhartFarmerP. O. Gooding's GroveHomer Twp
Wills, ChrisLaborerP. O. Eagle LakeWashington Twp
Wills, ElizaFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
Wills, HCooperP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Wills, I. CCarpenterP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
Wilm, LCrete Twp
Wilmere, BernardFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
Wilmott, WilliamMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
Wilson, Charles LHorse-TrainerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wilson, D. FLumber MerchantP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
Wilson, DavidFarmerPeotone Twp
Wilson, DavidLaborerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
Wilson, DavidMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
Wilson, EdLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wilson, JanetteP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wilson, John FP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wilson, M. JP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wilson, PFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
Wilson, SamuelFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
Wilson, SamuelFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Wilson, SamuelFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Wilson, SarahFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Wilson, W. CFarmerP. O. SpencerNew Lenox Twp
Wilson, WmFarmerP. O. FrankfortFrankfort Twp
Wilson, WmFarmerP. O. FrankfortFrankfort Twp
Wilson, WmFarmerP. O. TamarackWheatland Twp
Wilt, AnthonyP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wiltenkeller, AFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
Winberry, JohnLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Windham, J. CFarmerP. O. ChicagoCrete Twp
Winke, ChristianFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Winke, ChristopherLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Winkie, FrankStone-CutterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Winkler, FredMasonP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Winkler, FredMasonP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Winkler, WmPainterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Winslow, CFarmerP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
Winslow, CFarmerP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
Winte, MaryCrete Twp
Winter, C. ACarpenterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Winter, FredFarmerP. O. CreteCrete Twp
Winters, C. SMerchantP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
Winters, DCarpenterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Winters, Eben MFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Winzenburg, HenryCrete Twp
Wiper, JamesMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
Wirtzbacher, P. WFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
Wise, AdamFarmerP. O. NapervilleWheatland Twp
Wise, Hiram AMerchantP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
Wise, JamesP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wise, JohnFarmerP. O. LemontDupage Twp
Wiser, ElizabethP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wishaar, JohnFarmerP. O. BloomCrete Twp
Wishover, HenryFarmer And Insurance AgentP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp
Wishover, HenryFarmerP. O. FrankfortFrankfort Twp
Wishover, HenryFarmerP. O. MoneeFrankfort Twp
Witcshe, NFarmerP. O. WilmmgtonFlorence Twp
Witenkeller, JFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
Witherel, CharlesFarmerP. O. FrankfortGreengarden Twp
Witt, CarlLaborerCreteCrete Twp
Witt, CharlesP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
Wixome, MrsP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Woeltge, FredFarmerP. O. MoneeGreengarden Twp
Woennick, AugustFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
Wohlgematz, MatthiasFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Wolf, AmosFarmerP. O. NapervilleWheatland Twp
Wolf, JamesCrete Twp
Wolf, JohnFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
Wolf, JohnFarmerP. O. TamarackWheatland Twp
Wolter, HeinrichFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
Wolter, WilhelmFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
Wolters, HeinrichFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
Woock, AdamSaloon-KeeperP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Wood, BronsonFarmerP.O. FrankfortGreengarden Twp
Wood, E. JFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
Wood, F. WFarmerP. O. New LenoxFrankfort Twp
Wood, F. WFarmerP. O. New LenoxNew Lenox Twp
Wood, H. RFrankfort Twp
Wood, H. WFarmerP. O. New LenoxFrankfort Twp
Wood, JLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wood, JohnFarmerP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
WoodRailroad AgentP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
Wood, W. WFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
Wood, Wm. CInsurance AgentP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Woodard, WmFarmerP. O. MoneeWill Twp
Woodcock, GeddenFarmerP. O. SpencerManhattan Twp
Woodhouse, Charles WM. DP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
Woodruff, F. WCash. First Nat. BankP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Woodruff, G. CCarpenterChannahonChannahon Twp
Woodruff, GeorgeBankerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Woodruff, LutherFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Woodstock, EllenP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
Woodworth, ThomasMolderP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wooley, ElizurFarmerWesley Twp
Worden, H. G. SFarmerWesley Twp
Worrell, CharlesMerchantP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Worrell, LorindaP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Worst, JacobShoemakerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Worthen, I. P. HFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Worthing, W. AP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Worthington, M., MrsP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Worthington, S. A, MrsP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Worthy, WmChicagoChannahon Twp
Wraith, JamesWagon-MakerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
Wright, AFarmerP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
Wright, AbnerFarmerP. O. BraidwoodCuster Twp
Wright, AbnerPlastererP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
Wright, E. AP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wright, E., MrsP. O. WilmingtonCuster Twp
Wright, J. BFarmerP. O. Wilton CenterWilton Twp
Wright, Jas. BMerchantWilton CenterWilton Twp
Wright, R. BFarmerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
Wright, WP. O. GreeleyColoPlainfield Twp
Wringer, JosephFarmerP. O. LemontDupage Twp
WritthmanCrete Twp
Wunderlich, ArnstStone-CutterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wunderlick, Ann MP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wurtz, DanielMarble-CutterP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
Wyatt, Wm. SP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wyne, Thomas BP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wyneman, PSaloon-KeeperP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Wytt, JohnLaborerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Yack, SBarberP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Yake, ThomasFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
Yates, A.FarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
Yates, R. AFarmerP. O. ChannahonChannahon Twp
Yates, SarahCuster Twp
Yoker, AdolphusAgricultural DealerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Youker, JacobFarmerPeotone Twp
Youker, NFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
Young, Asa BFarmerP. O. JolietManhattan Twp
Young, EdwardPainterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Young, GeorgeLaborerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
Young, HenryConfectionerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Young, HenryP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
Young, I. FMasonWilton CenterWilton Twp
Young, JacobFarmerP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
Young, James LJusticeP. O. WilmingtonWilmington Twp
Young, JamesPainterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Young, JohnSupervisorP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
Young, MansfieldMerchantP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Young, Mary ECrete Twp
Young, MichaelFarmerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Young, MichaelCrete Twp
Young, SheldonFarmerP. O. ElwoodJackson Twp
Young, ThomasP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
Young, W. CGardenerP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Young, WilliamArtistPeotone Twp
Young, WilliamFarmerP. O. BraidwoodCuster Twp
Younger, NWatchmakerMokenaFrankfort Twp
Youngler, BernardFarmerP. O. LockportHomer Twp
Zahudt, LewisMasonP. O. MoneeMonee Twp
Zander, JohnFarmerPeotone Twp
Zarley, CalnehPrinterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Zarley, William HCounty ClerkP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Zarn, ChrisFarmerP. O. Eagle LakeWashington Twp
Zaumstein, LouisLaborerMokenaFrankfort Twp
Zephill, MartinFrankfort Twp
Zibson, FredCrete Twp
Zima, FrankMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
Zimmerman, CFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
Zimmerman, DLaborerP. O. PlainfieldPlainfield Twp
Zimmerman, HenryMinerP. O. BraidwoodReed Twp
Zimmerman, JFarmerP. O. WilmingtonFlorence Twp
Zimmerman, RobertP. O. LockportLockport Twp
Zimmers, MFarmerP. O. Gooding's GroveHomer Twp
Zipf, AndrewFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Zipf, FrankFarmerP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Zipf, TheobaldP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Zirkel, FerdinandMarble-CutterP. O. JolietJoliet Twp
Zirzow, FredFarmerP. O. MoneeWill Twp
Zirzow, JohnFarmerP. O. BeecherWashington Twp
Zohn, JohnSaloonMokenaFrankfort Twp
Zummells, PhilipCrete Twp