1892 Necrologist Report

(Transcribed and copyrighted March 20, 2001, by Lawrence B. Peet, Joliet, Illinois. Permission granted to copy for non-commercial use only. All in Italics and upper case surnames are added to or modified from the original by the transcriber.)

(1892 Old Settlers’ Association of Will County, Necrology Report, as printed in the Joliet Daily Republican, September 8, 1892, transcribed by Lawrence B. Peet.)

Old Timer’s Talk — Memories of the Long Ago Told in the Words of Long Ago. — His Remarkable Powers of Memory and How They Have Been Developed In This Series of Interesting Reminiscences-Reflections. — Growing Old.

It does indeed, to us seem strange, Since in ourselves we feel no change, That in the friends whose love we hold We see a something day by day That daily plainer seems to say The friends we love are growing old.

Wednesday was not a day, as to weather, that was calculated to bring out a great number of Will county’s old settlers. The aches, pains, and rheumatics that are not only precursors, but attendants upon old age, was felt when the wind changed to the northwest and a drizzling rain set in early in the morning. Yet, when President Barber called for order at 11 o’clock, about 100 were present. Mr. Barber called the assemblage to order with few remarks, stating that the first thing in order was to appoint a committee on select on (sic.) of officers for the following year. The committee was Curtis MORSE, of Homer; W. T. NELSON, of Wilmington; Thos. TAIT, of Joliet; George HUNTER, of Frankfort; E. J. SPOOR, of Jackson.

It was brought before the meeting that the time for holding the same was too ate in the season, inasmuch as the weather was uncertain, but later in the day it was decided to hold it Sept. 7, 1893.

In The Afternoon.

The president called the meeting to order and asked for the report on election of officers. The committee reported the following:

(Here the record falls victim to some self-centered collector’s pen knife or razor blade. – L. B. Peet)

When the president announced the speakers of the occasion, there were gathered around him about 300, nearly all of whom showed signs of advancing years. There were a few youngsters, a very few. Age had the lionel’s share of the hall, and none were admitted to the select circle save those were here when the wolves howled and the Indians took scalps. In the face of this small gathering there was a study, an interesting picture that would afford the student of human nature ample scope to pursue his vent. The picture recalled in part Shakespeare’s famous “Seven ages.”

All the world’s a stage *  *  * At first the infant, Mewling and puking in the nurse’s arms, Then the whining schoolboy, with his satchel, And shining morning face, creeping unwillingly to school, And then the lover, Sighing like a furnace, with a woeful ballad Made to his mistress’ eyebrow! *  *  * The sixth age shifts into the lean and slippered pantaloon; With spectacle on nose, and pouch on side; His youthful have well saved, and a world too wide For his shrunk shank. (That’ll get you banned in Boston! – L.B. Peet)

It was a truly cosmopolitan assemblage. There was a dream of the eventful past, so familiar to so many, and a fancy of the shadowy past. There those assembled whose lives are inseparably connected with the best history of a magnificently developed county, and there were those as well, who will in all human probability, take up the work where their seniors left off. It was well to have been there!

The first speaker was Judge BLODGETT, of Chicago, who was well acquainted with such pioneers as R. E. BARBER, H. N. MARSH, Judge Hugh HENDERSON, Holder SISSON, and others. The judge exceeded himself for wandering into the misty past, but he could not help himself; the old wrinkled faces, and gray locks brought to his mind the days of fifty years ago.

The judge was followed by Mr. J. E. FRANKS, of Washington, D. C. Mr. FRANK, feebly tottered to the platform, with aid of a cane. He lived in Crete thirty years ago. Mr. Frank was a colporter in those days, and from his adventure here, fifty-eight years ago, he grew up with the country. Mr. Frank’s feelings were overcome, and his words brought tears to many in the audience.

That portion of the meeting which brought unpleasant rememberances to the audience, was the reading of the necrologist’s report, telling of the death of many who were present a twelve month’s ago.

The Necrological Report.

The increasing number of the “Old Settlers of Will County,” who from year to year pass on to join the great but silent majority, renders any extended notice of individual members out of the question.

It would be with the chronicler a “labor of love” to pay a fitting tribute to the memory of our departed friends and associates, many of whom he has known so long and well, but the time we can spend together on this occasion will not permit.

The most we can hope to do is to present a list of the names of such as have died since our last meeting, with the time of their arrival in this county, and date of their death. Even in regard to these details our record will be found very imperfect.

The newspaper cuttings upon which we have had largely to rely, have been found very imperfect. Sometimes the demise is stated to have occurred “Last Saturday” or some other day of the week without enlightening us as to what week or month, and in many cases we have been unable, from other sources, to get the necessary information.

It is to be hoped that the present experiences may lead to more satisfactory results in future years. Besides those here recorded there may be, and doubtless are, others which have escaped our notice. We are able to record only the following names, when they came to Will county, and the time, and place of death:


Mrs. Eliza CRONIN, came to Will county in 1844; died Oct. 20th, 1891, in Lockport.

Mrs. Dicey Kerchival WATERMAN, 1830; Nov. 7, 1891, in Lockport.

Robt. MILNE, 1846; Nov. 5, 1891, in Lockport.

Mrs. Oliver Comstock DAVIS, 1836; Nov. 12, 1891, Channahon.

Mrs. Julia Codding JONES, 1855; Oct. 12, 1891, Goodings Grove.

Mrs. Anna THOMPSON, 1843; Nov. 28, 1891, Lockport.

Geo. W. HYDE, 1840; Nov. 29, Joliet.

Mrs. F. C. BROWN, 1846; Dec. 2, 1891; Joliet.

Mr. F. C. BROWN, 1846; Dec. 27, 1891, Joliet.

Charles SUTPHEN, came to LaSalle county, 1836; Dec. 9, 1891, Joliet.

Wm. H. SCHOONMAKER, 1857; Dec. 4, 1891, Joliet.

Sherman W. BOWEN, 1835; Dec. 12, 1891, Kimmswick.

Mrs. Belle Martin HAYES (possibly HAVES), 1857; Dec. 11, Joliet.

Mrs. Grove E. GARVIS, 1873 (possibly 1878); Dec. 23, Joliet.

Mrs. Martha HOWARD, mother of Mrs. HYDE and Mrs. S. W. BOWEN, Dupage county, 1833; Dec. 13, 1891.

Mrs. Marian Crosley IRWIN, died Dec. 18, 1891, Wheatland.

Mrs. Romy CALAIS, 1847; Dec. 20, 1891, Channahon.

Mrs. Thomas HARLAND, 1856; Dec. 23, 1891, Joliet.

Hon. Sam’l B. REED, 1844, Dec. 25, 1891; California.

Mrs. Ann COLLINS, 1837; Dec 30, 1891, Joliet.

J. J. VINSON; 1853; Dec. __, 1891, Peotone.

Harvey LOWE, 1836; Dec. 29, 1891, Chicago.


A. B. BROOKS, 1837; Jan 10, 1892. Homer.

Mrs. Jane Weaver BROOKS, 1836; Jan. 10, 1892, Homer.

Mrs. MULLENS, 1851; Jan. 9, 1892, Joliet.

Mrs. McCANNA, 1840; 10, 1892, Joliet.

Edmund ALLEN, 1837; Jan. 10, 1892, Wilmington.

Martin HALEY, 1855; Jan. 10, 1892, Wilmington.

Mrs. Eliza FOLTZ, 1835; Jan. 11, Joliet.

Mrs. McMANUS, 1840; Jan. 10, 1892, Troy.

Stephen GORIVAN, 1838; Jan. 17, 1892, Manhattan.

Roger SANDIFORD, 1853; 23, 1892, Joliet.

Anthony DECKER, died Jan. 23, 1892, Peotone.

Stephen SNYDER, died Jan. 23, 1892, Homer.

S. M. THARP, died Jan. 9, 1892, Joliet.

Mr. Geo. STILLWELL, 1845; Feb. 1, Wilmington.

Mrs. Geo. STILLWELL, 1845; Feb. 1, Wilmington.

Mrs. Clark BAKER, 1850; Fgeb. 2, 1892, Manhattan.

Martin BERGEN, died Feb. 3, 1892, Manhattan.

James McEVOY, 1840; Feb. 1, 1892, Joliet.

Andrew THOMPSON, died Feb. 1, 1892, Joliet.

Isaac T. MILLSPAUGH, 1844; Feb. 1, 1892, Joliet.

Mrs. Catherina OWEN, died Feb. 4, 1892, Joliet.

Miss Mary BROWN, 1853; Feb. 6, 1892, Wheatland.

Walter GRAY, 1849; Feb. 8, 1892, Wheatland.

Mrs. Kitty Fryer VAN ALSTYNE, born here; Feb. 8, 1892, Chaunahon.

Geo. CHAMBERS, 1845, Feb. 10, 1892, Wilmington.

Rev. Samuel PORTER, died Feb. 10, 1892, Crete.

Mrs. Wm. DOWSE, died Feb. 12, 1892, Lockport.

John JONES, 1860; Feb. 11, 1892, Wilton.

Emily M. SHARPE, died Feb. 13, 1892, Joliet.

John ROUNTREE, died Feb. 15, 1892, Bloomington.

Mrs. Hanna HESS, died Feb. 14, 1892, Joliet.

Mrs. Mary LEHNER, 1853; Feb. 14, 1892, Joliet.

O. L. SPENCER, died Feb. 19, 1892, Joliet.

Miss Adaline S. MARSHALL, died Feb. 23, 1892. Mokena.

Mrs. Phoebe Hawley BURDECK, 1836; Feb. 25, 1892, Muskegon, Mich.

Henry KIPP; died Feb. 28, 1872 (sic. 1892); Channahon.

Dennis SCANLAN, 1852; Feb. 29, 1892, Wilmington.

B. F. BUTTERFIELD, 1842; Feb. 29, 1892, Wesley.

Jas. R. SCHOOP, 1856; Feb. 18, 1892, Peotone.

Mrs. Jas. R. SCHOOP, died Feb. 7, 1892, Peotone.

Ira PARKER, died March 3, 1892, Dwight.

Henry S. CARPENTER, 1848; March 5, 1892, Joliet.

Jacob SPAULDING, 1844; March 22, 1892, Wheatland.

D. W. PADDOCK, 1844; March 23, 1892, Blue Island.

Mrs. D. WILDER, 1842; 1892, Boulder, Col.

John GREEN, 1837; April 7, 1892, Joliet.

A. D. PECK, 1835; April 3, 1892, Homer.

Mrs. Catherine GONTU, 1839; April 18, 1892, Jackson.

DeWitt C. NORTON, 1845; April 18, 1892, Lemont.

W. J. DENTON, died April 20, 1892, Lockport.

Sarah Wilson KERCHEVAL, died April 20, 1892, Los Angeles, Cal.

Harriet Scott LEWIS, 1832; April 15, 1892, Chicago.

Mrs. Eliza WELLS, died April 15, 1892, Homer.

Leopold NEAUER, died May 1, 1892, Joliet.

Wm. STAPLETON, died May 3, 1892, Joliet.

Mahlen D. AYRES, died May 5, 1892, Lockport.

James SLOAN, died May 8, 1892, Wilmington.

Robt. J. BOYLAN, 1834; May 11, 1892, Jackson.

Harmon E. FRASER, 1838, May 13, 1892, Homer.

Mrs. Jane LOGAN, 1838; May 15, 1892, Frankfort.

Ed. CONLAN, 1836, May 15, 1892, Troy.

John FEELY, 1859; May 24, 1892, Lockport.

Johanna MARIENS, died May 25, 1892, Joliet.

Mrs. Lizzie Smith WETHERBEE, died May 29, 1892, Joliet.

Hale S. MASON, 1833; June 2, 1892, Lockport.

Frances L. KIRKALDIE, 1850; June 9, 1892, Montana.

Milton TUTTLE, 1850; June 17, 1892, Wilmington.

Andrew SERVER, 1850; June 17, 1892, Dacotah.

Stephen MURPHY, died June 22, 1892, Troy.

Fred SEHRING, 1847; July 2, 1892, Joliet.

Mrs. CORBETT, 1844; July 2, 1892, Wesley.

Mrs. Ann THOMPSON, died July 6, 1892, Joliet.

Mrs. John McPETRIE, died July 15, 1892, Joliet.

Isaac VAN ALSTYNE, died July 16, 1892, Channahon.

Martha BARTHOLME, died July 27, 1892, Joliet.

Sophia Willis HOLMES, 1864; June 29, 1892, New Lenox.

Mrs. Margaret Stephen CLOW, 1845; July 29, 1892, Wheatland.

Thos. BURNETT, died July 29, 1892, Wheatland.

Elizabeth Messule WILES, 1840; June 29, 1892, Joliet. (It said June…L.B. Peet)

Mrs. Mrs. LANGDON, 1840; Aug. 8, 1892, Troy.

John RITCHIE, 1852; Aug. 13, 1892, Wesley.

Joseph H. HANSON, 1870; Aug. 14, 1892, Elgin.

Mrs. Nettie Thompson GOODING, died Aug. 27, 1892, Wilmington.

Bernard BERSCHEIDT, 1852; June 25, 1892, Joliet. It said June…L. B. Peet)

Alvan WILDER, Crete.

John W. COLE, Crete.

B. F. HEWES, Crete.

Mrs. Harriet Demmond WILCOX, died Dec. 1891, California.

The following named persons, though not old residents of Will county, have been so long and intimately identified with its interests that we trust we shall be excused for giving them honorable mention with our own list of departed worthies.

Joseph O. GLOVER, 1835; Dec (possibly 5 or 8), 1891, Chicago.

Hon. H. B. MASON,1851; Jan. 1, 1892, Chicago.


It was taken as a sense of the meeting that next year the old settlers would meet at the same place, when a dinner would be served.

The following persons registered, but did not comprise nearly all of those present:

Mrs. Judge HENDERSON, Mrs. Margaret Henderson KELLY,
Mary L. BAUGHTON, Desire WADE,
Curtiss MORSE, Mrs. John GREEN,
Mrs. J. D. WOODWARD, Thos. TAIT,
Mrs. Thos. TAIT, Mrs. E. D. MOSEY,
H. H. SPOOR, Horace WEEKS,
H. N. MARSH, Mrs. H. N. MARSH,
Carrie L. BEARSE, W. L. GRANT,
Mr. and Mrs. Geo. EIB, Mrs. THORNTON,
Eunice WATSON, Edmund WILCOX,
H. SNOAD and wife, Chauncy BRADFORD,
W. T. NELSON, W. H. ZARLEY and wife,
Ch. WEEKS and wife, Mrs. D. Y. SMITH,
Levi DOTY, Mrs. W. W. STEVENS,
L. N. CLAYES and wife, Miss VAN HORNE,
Mrs. George BUCK, Mrs. Nancy STEVENS,
Thos. HUTCHINS and wife G. S. GREENWOOD and wife,
Joseph HUNTER, George HUNTER,
Mrs. J. E. FRANK, of Washington, S. W. LULL and wife,
Mrs. Henry EWING, George COWING,
Mrs. Horace WEEKS, Mrs. GAYLORD,
Charles BEED, H. S. PRICE,
W. H. LANFEAR and wife.