1907 Necrologist Report

(Transcribed and copyrighted May 3, 2001, by Lawrence B. Peet, Joliet, Illinois. Permission granted to copy for non-commercial use only. All in Italics and upper case surnames are added to or modified from the original by the transcriber.)

(The 1907 Old Settlers’ Association Necrology Report, as printed in the Joliet Daily News, September 7, 1907, transcribed by Lawrence B. Peet.)

The Necrologist’s Report Submitted today at the Old Settlers’ Gathering.

The following members of the association have passed away during the year just closed:

Jerome DOXTADER, of New Lenox, was born in Montgomery county, N. Y., November 1st, 1829, and came to Will county in 1852, settling in New Lenox, and that was thereafter his home until his death, September 7th last. (1906).

A. J. MATHEWSON, was a native of Wayne county, N. Y., where he was born July 25th, 1816. He received a good education in the schools of his county, and at the age of 12 years entered the office of his father, who was a surveyor, to learn surveying. He mastered the art to almost perfection, and at the age of 21 left home for Illinois, to work at his chosen profession on the Illinois & Michigan canal. He came to Lockport soon afterwards, and that place was thereafter his home. He died September 17th, last (1906).

Lewis G. SWEET, was a native of the state of New York. He came to the county while yet a young man and first settled in Channahon. Some few years later he removed to Joliet and has since resided here. He died in Joliet November 10th, last (1906), at the age of 76 years.

John KEYES, was born in St. Lawrence county, N. Y., November 27th, 1841. He came west in 1869, and in October of that year came to Joliet. He married Beulah T. THORNTON October 21st, 1872, and they had their home on Mound street in this city. His death occurred November 19th, last (1906).

Mrs. Lucy Ware THORNTON, was born in Putnam county, N. Y., July 18th, 1810, and on October 21st, 1832, she married the late Cary THORNTON in Rochester. Two years later they came west, and settled in Troy township in this county. They removed to Joliet in 1866. Mrs. Thornton passed away November 20th, last (1906), at her home in this city, at the good old age of 96 years.

William H. OWEN, was a native of Clark county, Ky., and was born there Jan. 24th, 1826. He removed to this county with his parents in 1834, and they settled in Frankfort township, which was thereafter his home. He died there November 21st, last (1906).

Phillip MERSINGER, came to Joliet in 1878, from Center county, Pa., where he was born August 8th, 1846. He entered the piano and sewing machine trade and carried on a very successful business for many years, and until his death, which occurred November 25th, last (1906).

Fred W. WOODRUFF was a native of the county, having been born in Plainfield September 10th, 1841. He was the son of the late George and Dorothy WOODRUFF, of this city, and was educated to the business of a banker, a business which he conducted with the most eminent success. His death occurred December 25th, last (1906).

Robert L. ALLEN was born in Joliet, December 14th, 1847. He was the son of the late Edward (ALLEN) and Elizabeth (SHOEMAKER) ALLEN, of Wilmington, and that town was his home until of age, when he went into business for himself. He married Miss Adelaide G. McDOUGAL in 1869; was postmaster of Joliet from 1884 to 1888. Warden of the penitentiary from 1892 to 1896, and at the time of his death, which occurred January 12th, last (1907). Was the general manager of the Economy Light & Power company.

Mrs. Mary M. VAN VLECK was born in Washington, Mass., July 27th, 1813. She spent her girlhood days in her native town, and in 1832 married the late J. H. VAN VLECK, of Joliet. In December, 1855, they came to Joliet. Her death occurred February 11th, last (1907).

George H. WADE came to this city with his parents, the late John (WADE), and Desire WADE, when he was but a small child, and here he thereafter lived. His death occurred February 9th, last (1907), at the age of 61 years.

Mrs. Margaret BOYLAN, of Jackson township, was born in Montgomery county, New York, June 18th, 1819, and married the late Robert J. BOYLAN, in Wesley, in this county, June 10th, 1841. Her death occurred February 14th, last (1907).

George EIB, of Jackson, who died in that own February 16th (1907), was born in Clarksburg, W. Va., March 17th, 1815. He came to the county in 1833, settling in Jackson township, and that was thereafter his home. It was truly said of him that he was an honest man, and a worthy and upright citizen.

Mrs. John ROBINSON was born near Montreal, May 22d, 1823, and she came to the county with her parents in 1837. She married the late John ROBINSON in Joliet, in 1844, and they removed to New London, Wis., in 1854. She died there March 6th, last (1907).

Thomas BASKERVILLE, of Wilmington, came there from the state of New York, in 1851, and there henceforth was his home. His death occurred March 29th, last (1907), at the age of 65 years.

Joseph STEPHEN, who died at his home in Joliet, on April 9th, last (1907), was born in Grassendorf, Alsace, France, February 17th, 1837, and came to Joliet with his parents when but a child. He learned the business of harness-maker. In February of 1861, he started in business for himself, and by careful management and strict business principles, achieved eminent success.

Joseph KAIN, for several years the worthy vice president of this association for the town of Reed, came to the town in 1867 and soon became identified with the better class of citizens of the place, where he labored earnestly for its best interests and success. He held several offices of trust and responsibility. He died May 2d, last (1907). His age was 52 years.

Mrs. Clemana BARRETT, was a native of Holly, Orleans county, New York; her birth occurring September 10th, 1823. She was the daughter of the late John (ONDERDONK) and Charity ONDERDONK , of Joliet, and came to the county in 1850, with her husband, the late William F. BARRETT, whom she had married in her native town, October 31st, 1844. She died at her home here May 4th, last (1907). (Mrs. Barrett’s first name was Chelmena. – L. B. Peet)

Hon. Dwight HAVEN, of New Lenox, was a son of the late Samuel HAVEN, and was born in Chautauqua county, N. Y., in 1821. He removed to New Lenox township with his parents in 1834, and there he resided until death called him hence on May 8th, last (1907). He was for many years one of the town’s most influential and worthy citizens, filling many responsible offices, all of which he filled with honesty and ability.

John LENNON, whose death occurred at his home on Herkimer street, in this city, July 9th, last (1907), was a native of Althlone county, Rosecommon, Ireland, where he was born on April 5th, 1837. He received a very liberal education in the common schools of his native town, and at the age od 15, came to America and to Joliet, where he learned the trade of a marble cutter in the shop of the late C. E. MUNGER. At the age of twenty he went into business for himself, and from that time until his last sickness, he was one of our most industrious and prosperous citizens. On June 2, 1862, he was united in Marriage with Theresa FITZGERALD, by the late Father FARRELLY, and unto them have been born 18 children, 11 sons and 7 daughters. Two of the sons and one daughter have died. It is a family of excellent character and habits, industrious and frugal, and a credit and ornament to the community. Mr. Lennon has ever been one of our most sober, public spirited and worthy citizens, and one who labored for the bettering of the community. He left a widow, an excellent family of children, and a host of friends to mourn his decease.