1908 Necrologist Report

(Transcribed and copyrighted May 7, 2001, by Lawrence B. Peet, Joliet, Illinois. Permission granted to copy for non-commercial use only. All in Italics and upper case surnames are added to or modified from the original by the transcriber.)

(The 1908 Old Settlers’ Association Necrology Report, as prepared by W. W. Stevens and printed in the Joliet Daily Republican, September 12, 1908, transcribed by Lawrence B. Peet.)

Vacancies in the Ranks — Old Settlers Who Have Passed Away in Twelve Months.

The following old settlers and members of the association have died since our last annual meeting:


Who died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. S. BROWN, No. 112 Gardner street, on Tuesday morning, September 3rd, last (1907), was an old and highly respected citizen of Jackson township for many years. He was a native of England , having been born in 10848, but came to this country with his parents when but a mere child, they settling in Jackson on a farm that was his home until but a short time before his death. He attended the district school and obtained a very liberal education, which was of use to him in after life. He left a family of seven children, who with five brothers and sisters are left to mourn his early departure from this life.

Elias HYDE,

One of the early pioneers of Joliet, died at his home in Pueblo, Colo., September 21st, 1907, at the age of ninety-four years. He was born June 29th, 1813, in Ogdensburg, N. Y., and at the age of fourteen years went to Jamestown, where he learned the trade of a carriage maker. At the age of seventeen, he came west to Chicago, and in 1831 he came to Joliet, he being one of its earliest pioneers. Here he started in business at his trade on Bluff street, then the only street in the village with a name. This was his home until 1859, when he went to California, but returned east to Pueblo in 1872, and there he made his home until his death. In 1833 he married Miss Sarah Berthia WOODWARD, of Jamestown, N. Y., by whom they had a family of six children, five of whom are now living, one of them being Mrs. Eunice WATSON, of 509 Mississippi avenue, in this city.

Thomas HOBBS,

One of the very early pioneers of Joliet, died at his home in Joliet, October 20th, last (1907), at the age of eighty-three years. He was a native of Ohio, having been born in Circleville, June 30th, 1823. In 1834 he came to Joliet with his parents, the late Richard (HOBBS) and Rachael HOBBS, and this place was thereafter his home. He attended the first school ever taught in Will county, that kept at in old Fort Nonsense, on the bluff on the west side of the river, and taught by Miss Persis CLEVELAND, of Homer. July 7th, 1852, he married Mrs. Mary E. HOBBS, who survives him, as do also his five children, one son and four daughters.


Widow of the late John HEMPHILL of Jackson township, died at her home in that township, October 16th, last (1907), at the age of nearly seventy-seven years. She was one of the early pioneers of the township, having come there with her parents in November 1832, and that place was thereafter her home until her death. She was a woman of lively temperament, neighborly and kind and loved by all who knew her. Mrs. Hemphill was presented with a Morris chair at the September 1907 meeting of the Old Settlers’ association because she was the oldest living resident of Will county at the meeting.

Colonel Henry LOGAN,

One of the old-time and well known residents of Joliet, died at his home in Salt Lake, October 10th, last (1907), at the age of eighty-three years. He came to Will county in the early fifties and some years afterwards studied law and was admitted to the bar in March 1859. He was county clerk for eight years, but removed to the far west some thirty years ago.

Joseph E. PERRY,

Of Joliet, was born in Fairfield, Conn., June 21st, 1846, and came with his family to Crete in this county, when he was eight years old. He secured an excellent education and was for many years one of the most popular teachers in the county. He served one term as superintendent of schools, but for several years prior to his death was secretary of the Joliet Manufacturing company. His death occurred Friday, October 5th, last (1907).

Jacob F. LOTZ,

One of the oldest and most respected citizens of Lockport, died in that town December 13th, last (1907), at the age of eighty-three years. He was born in Blair county, Pennsylvania, May 18th, 1824, and when nine years of age he lost both parents by death, the father dying when he was 18 months old and his mother when he was nine years of age. He was taken to the home of a neighboring farmer, where he lived until 18 years old, when, having been deprived of all chances of obtaining an education, he resolved to obtain one, and for several years thereafter he attended school, working for his board. He learned the trade of a millwright and operated a mill in his native town for several years. He came to Lockport in 1854, and with the exception of three years that he was in Dixon, Ill., that was his future home. His widow and eight children survive him.


Of Crete, was born in Hesse Cassel, Germany, January 2, 1826, and died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Henry SPARIEDER, December 28, last (1907), when nearly eighty-two years of age. Six sons and two daughters survive her, one of her sons being Henry F. (PIEPENBRINK), a well known and highly respected citizen of Joliet. Mrs. Piepenbrink had lived in Crete since 1849.

Mathias L. COOK,

Of Joliet, died at the home of H. L. COPE, on North Bluff street, in this city, December 31st, last (1907), at the age of ninety-five years. He was born in Newark, N. J., in 1812, and came to Joliet in 1838. He spent a greater part of his life since coming to Illinois in Joliet, Ill.


Was born in New Lenox, in this county, March 21, 1834. He was the twin brother of Joseph E. GOUGAR, a member of the executive committee of this association, and his native town was his home for sixty years. A few years ago he removed to Denver, Colo., where he died January last (1908).

Almon A. LEWIS,

Of New Lenox, died at his home Sunday, January 12th, last, (1908), at the age of forty-four years. He was born in that town May 20th, 1863, and had always lived there. His aged parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cyrus A. LEWIS, two brothers and four sisters survive him.


Of Joliet, was born in Lempster, N. H., April 1, 1833, and died at his home on Rowell avenue in Joliet, January 14th, 1908, being seventy-four years of age. He came to the county in 1855 and was for many years a well known and highly respected citizen of Monee, being a man of excellent education, he always took great interest in educational matters as well as in church circles. He removed to Joliet in 1888, having been appointed deputy county clerk. He was elected county clerk in 1894, a position he filled until 1902, when he was elected the first probate clerk of the county. He was a most faithful and efficient official, kind and courteous, honest to a fault, and a most useful and respectable member of the community.

Mrs. Jennie M. BROWNE,

A pioneer of the county of the year 1836, died at the home of her son in LaGrange, January 22nd, 1908, at the age of seventy-four years. She was the widow of the late J. M. BROWNE, a former well known merchant of Joliet and a sister of the late C. C. P. HOLDEN, formerly of Frankfort in this county. She was born in Vermont in 1833, and when but three years of age was brought by her parents, the late Phineas and Mary HOLDEN, to this county, and this was her home for many years. Mr. Browne died February 26th, 1898.

Mrs. Margaret A. MARSHALL,

One of the earliest of the hardy pioneers of the county was born November 28, 1817, in Onondaga county, New York, But at the age of thirteen years came west to Will county, where, on December 10th 1839, she was married to the late George MARSHALL, who died on his return from California, December 17th, 1850, leaving seven children for a widowed mother to care for and rear. That she did her duty truly and well, those children will abundantly bear a worthy example of true manhood and womanhood. Those of her children surviving her are, Judge A. O. MARSHALL, of Joliet; Griffin (MARSHALL), of Marley; Ralph W. (MARSHALL), of California, and George (MARSHALL), of Oregon, and Mrs. Sarah GILLETT, of Homer. Mrs. Marshall also left twenty grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. Her death occurred Wednesday, January 29th, last (1908).

Chauncey BRADFORD,

A native of this county, was born in Plainfield March 29th 1833, and his death occurred at his home on North Broadway in this city January 29th, 1908. He was married to Miss Catherine LEWIS, a daughter of the late Joseph LEWIS, of Channahon, in 1857, and in April 1907, they celebrated their golden wedding. Mr. Bradford was a man of excellent habits of sterling honesty and integrity and one who enjoyed the respect of all who knew him.


An old and much respected citizen of the county, died at his home on Oneida street in this city on January 30th, last (1908), aged seventy-five years. He was born in the Isle of Man August 4th, 1832, and came to this county in 1854. Mr. Corlett was a staunch supporter of the laws and principles of his adopted country and labored earnestly in their support. In 1890 he was elected a representative in the legislature from this district and was one of the most efficient members of that body. His widow, one son and two daughters survive him.

Norton BUEL

Died in Iola, Wis., January 30, 1908, at the age of eighty-three years. He was an old resident of Channahon, having lived there and in Joliet more than fifty years. He left two daughters, Mrs. Oliver WRIGHT and Mrs. E. M. GREEN, both of this city.

Curtis MORSE,

Of Homer, one of the original members of this association, and chairman of the executive committee for several years, died in Sacramento, Cal., January 31st, last (1908), at the age of seventy-eight years. He was born in Warsaw, N. Y., November 18, 1829. He came to the county when but a boy of fifteen years and this was since his home. He was one of the most active and efficient members of the association and labored earnestly in its best welfare and support. In 1859 Mr. Morse married Miss Olive LANFEAR, who died September 22nd, 1903. He left one son surviving him, Francis MORSE, of Hinsdale, Ill.


An old resident of Wilmington, died at his home on Oneida street, in this city on Sunday morning, February 2nd, last (1908), at the age of seventy-two years. He was a native of Ireland, but came to America with his parents, the late James (BASKERVILLE) and Ellen BASKERVILLE, when he was twelve years of age. He was a man of sterling integrity and a most excellent citizen. In 1861 Mr. Baskerville married Mary BYRON, of Wilmington, who survives him.

Benjamin SHAFFNER,

Who died at his home on Sherman street, in this city, on Tuesday, February 4th, last(1908), was born in Cumberland county, Pennsylvania, November 19th, 1825, and came to Will county in 1846, settling first in New Lenox. In 1857 he removed to Joliet and was a resident of this city since that time. He was married January 20th, 1852, to Miss Caroline LARKIN, who with two sons, Ephraim S. (SHAFFNER) and Elden P. (SHAFFNER), survive him.


Of Plainfield, was born in Potters Mill, Pa., November 12th, 1817, and died at Plainfield March 12th last (1908), being ninety years of age. He was united in marriage with Miss Sarah A, TONNER January 8th, 1846, and came to Plainfield with his bride the spring following, where he had ever since resided.


Of Lockport, was born in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England, November 29th, 1833, and came to this country in 1854, arriving in Joliet in August of that year. He was for a few years a resident of Oswego, Ill., but in 1866, came to Lockport, which was thereafter his home until his death, March 14th, last (1908).

Mr. Whitley is survived by two children of a family of seven, his wife having died December 8th, 1903.


Son of Hon. Henry H. STASSEN, of this city, was born in Green Garden, in this county, January 9th, 1869, and died at his home in this city on Sunday March 15th last (1908), at the age of thirty-nine years. May 17th, 1896, he was married to Miss Anna BECKMAN, of Green Garden, she passed away February 1st, 1907, leaving three children.

Mrs. James H. SMILEY,

Of Plainfield, who died on Saturday evening, February 29th, last (1908), at the age of seventy years, was the widow of the late James H. SMILEY, the former vice president of this association, who died April 26th, 1904. She had lived in the town for more than half a century. One son and three daughters survive her.

Mrs. Garrett R. VAN HORNE

Was a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. George MONROE, of this city, and was born in Brownsville, N. Y., in October 1847. She came to Will county with her parents in 1849, and in 1865 she was united in marriage with Rev. Garrett R. VAN HORNE. She died in Rockford, Ill., March 16th, last (1908). Her husband, three children and two brothers, George H. (MONROE) and E. S. MONROE, of this city survive her.

Randall LYNN,

Of Lockport, was born at Port Carbon, Pa., January 15th, 1837, and came to Lockport in 1852, and has spent nearly all the remainder of his in the place of his adoption. His death occurred at his home there Saturday, April 4th, last (1908), and there is left surviving him his widow, Mary (LYNN), and two sons, George W. (LYNN) and Ray F. (LYNN), and one daughter, Grace (LYNN).

Mrs. Charles E. BOYER,

Of Lockport, was born in Eaton, Ohio, February 22nd, 1823, and in 1837, came to North Lockport with her parents. April 14th, 1840, she was married to the late Charles E. BOYER, who died September 21st, 1868., at the age of fifty-five years.

Mahala Carl BALDWIN,

Who died at El Paso, Texas, on Sunday, April 19th, while on her way to California, was a daughter of the late John and Jane CARL and was born at Liverpool, N. Y., October 5th, 1828. In 1847 she, with her parents, came to Will county and this was thereafter her home nearly all her life. She was married to the late Jesse BALDWIN, October 28th, 1857. Mr. Baldwin died September 29th, 1901. Two daughters, Mrs. Henry LEACH and Mrs. Everett SHAW, both of Joliet, and one son, Arthur BALDWIN, of Gilroy, Cal., survive her.

Mrs. Emeline LEWIS,

Of New Lenox, died at her home in that town on Tuesday, May 19th, last (1908), at the age of eighty-two years. She was one of the pioneer residents of the county, having lived here since 1850. She was a native of New York. A husband and six children survive her.

James W. DUCKER,

An old and well known resident of Joliet and Will county, died at Gold Hill, N. C., June 1st, last (1908), aged fifty-three years. He was born in Mokena, in this county, and was a son of the late James DUCKER, of this city. Mr. Ducker is survived by a widow and five children.


Who died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Nettie BROCKWAY, on Gardner street, in this city, June 21st, last (1908), was born December 2, 1826, in Schenectady, N. Y., and came to the county with his parents in 1835, they settling in Channahon. He was married in that town in 1851 to Miss Sarah HAYNES, and eight children survive the deceased.


Was born in Lockport township April 9th, 1833, and was reared to manhood there. He attended the district schools and was a good scholar and early acquired an excellent education. In 1858 he was married to Miss Lucy M. BUTLER, of his native town, and she with two daughters survive him. Some forty years ago he removed with his family to St. Louis, Mo., and that has since been their residence. For many years past he has been the editor and publisher of the Missouri Freemason. He died at St. Louis, June 23rd last (1908), at the age of seventy-five years.

Robert L. GRAVES,

An old resident of Plainfield and one of the early members of the association, died at his home in that town on Tuesday, July 12th, last (1908), at the age of seventy-six years. He was born in Vermont in 1832 and came to Plainfield in 1845, that being thereafter his home. When the war broke out in 1861 he went to the front, doing his whole duty nobly and remaining in the army until the close of the war. He was for many years the assessor of his town, proving himself at all times to be an honest and most faithful official. Mr. Graves left a widow, one daughter Alice (GRAVES), and a son, Robert (GRAVES), to mourn for his demise.


One of the older of the old residents of the county, was born in the state of New York, December 22nd, 1826, and had been a resident of this city since 1865. He received an excellent education in his native state and taught several schools there. He was a thorough going, upright businessman and one highly respected in the community. His death occurred Friday, August 14th, last (1908), at the age of eighty-one years.

Jacob A. HENRY,

Whose death occurred in Kenosha, Wis., where he had gone for a short visit, August 16th, last (1908), was born in Hunterdam, Pa., April 25th, 1825. He came to Joliet in 1859 and since that time it has been his home continuously. He was for many years after coming to Joliet engaged in the management and building of railroads. For several years past he has been connected with the Will County National Bank as its president. He was a good business man and a most reliable and worthy citizen.