1918 Necrologist Report

(Transcribed and copyrighted July 14, 2001, by Lawrence B. Peet, Joliet, Illinois. Permission granted to copy for non-commercial use only. All in Italics, block type and upper case surnames are added to or modified from the original by the transcriber.)

(The 1918 Old Settlers’ Association Necrology Report, as prepared by Estelle M. Castle, printed in the Joliet Evening Herald-News, October 5, 1918, transcribed by Lawrence B. Peet.)

Many Old Settlers Have Passed Away In Past Twelve Months By Estelle M. Castle.

With the passing of the last twelve months since the Pioneers of Will county met in annual re-union, come the record of many deaths. Although the ranks of the pioneers of the county have been thinned considerably, the grim reaper has dwelt more kindly during the last year than in several previous years. The count shows 225 deaths. Last year the toll was 303 and two years ago more than 100 more were registered, the total being 433.

To the younger generation these pioneers in their lifetime offered examples of integrity and ability that have been given character to the community life of Will county.

As necrologist I present the following, as complete a list as was available of the old settlers of the county called to their eternal rest:

Oct. 5, 1917 – Nicholas BROOKER, 61, died in Joliet. He had been a Joliet resident 50 years; was prominent in political circles and engineer at Farragut school 15 years.

Oct. 7, 1917 – Mrs. Patrick DWYER, aged 90. Resident of Will county 75 years. Died at the home of her son, near Manhattan. Most of her life, Mrs. Dwyer spent in the old homestead near Braidwood.

Oct. 7, 1917 – Mrs. Engel PIEPENBRINK, aged 77, killed in an automobiile accident. A resident of Beecher for more than 50 years. Prominent in religious and social circles.

Oct. 7, 1917 – William PIEPENBRINK, aged 60, killed in an automobile accident near Beecher. A prominent farmer in Eastern Will county.

(Oct, 7 to 15, 1917 – Unreadable male name), aged 81, pioneer resident of Lockport, died at his home in that city.

Oct. 15, 1917 – Mrs. Mary KANE, aged 71, sister of Mrs. Fred HEUTENMUELLER, many years Joliet resident, died at her home in Chicago.

Oct. 15, 1917 – James Christian JENSEN, at home of his son J. Peter Jensen, southeast of Manhattan.

Oct. 16, 1917 – Benedict WALDVOGEL, aged 80, a resident of Will county 64 years, actively engaged in farming until his removal to Joliet 10 years ago.

Oct. 17, 1917 – C. R. BURGESS, aged 59, resident of Wheatland and vicinity since 1867. Died at St. Charles hospital in Aurora from a broken skull received in a fall from a building upon which he was working.

Oct. 17, 1917 – Mrs. Martha Ellen TILTON, aged 65, died at her home in Joliet.

Oct. 18, 1917 – Mrs. Margaret A. SAMPSON, aged 73. A member of Ottawa Street Methodist church since 15 years of age. Was active in the Woman’s Relief Corps during the civil war.

Oct. 18, 1917 – F. W. BAIRD, at his home on farm near Custer Park where he resided over 50 years. Many years was a mine inspector.

Oct. 19, 1917 – Jacob PFUNDSTEIN, a pioneer resident of Will county, died at the home of his son Arnold PFUNDSTEIN, three miles east of Manhattan.

Oct. 23, 1917 – Mrs. Barbara E. SNIDER, aged 76, at home of her daughter Mrs. William SHEPLEY, Mississippi avenue.

Oct. 26, 1917 – Amos G. SMITH, aged 49, died in St. Joseph’s hospital. Buried in Wilmington, where he was born and resided all his life.

Oct. 28, 1917 – John R. McKAY, aged 76. A Joliet resident more than 40 years. A prominent roofing contractor.

Oct. 28, 1917 – Addison COLLINS, aged 85 years, pioneer resident of New Lenox. Died in his home after a lingering illness.

Oct. 29, 1917 – Miss Mary LYNCH, aged 62, in her home on the Black road.

Nov. 7, 1917 – Mrs. Martha Burdick GEDDES, aged 85, a resident of Lockport 80 years. Died in the home of her daughter, Mrs. George DOWAN, in Lockport.

Nov. 8, 1917 – Mrs. Cecelia DIBBLE, aged 76, at the home of her son, Duane DIBBLE in Troy Township.

Nov. 17, 1917 – Mrs. Margaret WANNEMACHER, aged 91. A resident of Mokena 70 years. Died at her home on a farm northwest of Mokena.

Nov. 15, 1917 – Mrs. Carrie HILLS, aged 66, died at her home in Pontiac. Mrs. Hills was formerly Miss Carrie SCHALER, born in Lockport and resided there many years.

Nov. 16, 1917 – Hugh BOLTON, aged 85. Resident of Will county 45 years. Pioneer mill man and Mason. Committal services at the grave in charge of Masonic fraternity.

Nov. 19, 1917 – William SOLLARS, aged 74, at home of his daughter, Mrs. B. SHANNAHON.

Nov. 21, 1917 – Mathew SHEPLEY, aged __1 (first digit illegible). Resident of Joliet 71 years. Died in St. Joseph’s hospital. Prominent member of Bartleson Post, G. A. R.

Nov. 22, 1917 – George SENGENBERGER, Sr., aged 62. Resident of Joliet 45 years, died at his home in this city. Mr. Sengenberger was born in Hayreauth, Bavaria.

Nov. 23, 1917 – Mrs. Margaret MARTIN, aged 88, at St. Joseph’s hospital.

Nov. 23, 1917 – Mrs. Edna McLEOD, aged 63, Will county pioneer, died in Silver Cross hospital. Mrs. Mcleod for many years was a member of Christ Episcopal church.

Nov. 28, 1917 – Mrs. Frances Downey RUBEN, aged 78, died in her home in Linden avenue.

Nov. 28, 1917 – Mrs. Eliza Warner MONTELTH ( possibly MONTEITH), aged 87, Wilmington pioneer, died at her home in that city.

Nov. 30, 1917 – Fred ROWLEY, aged 65, died in Silver Cross hospital. Resident of Homer township for many years.

Nov. 30, 1917 – Miss Annie DALEY, aged 76. Pioneer resident of Lockport. Died in her home after a short illness.

Nov. 30, 1917 – Miss Annie BOICE, Joliet pioneer, well known as a local poet, died in hospital after a short illness.

Dec. 4, 1917 – Florence SULLIVAN, aged 77, pioneer resident, died in his home in Collins street.

Dec. 4, 1917 – Austin WHITMORE, aged 79, at his home in Channahon.

Dec. 8, 1917 – Daniel McPHEE, aged 68 years, resident of Joliet for 38 years, and most of that time was employed at the Illinois Steel Works.

Dec. 8, 1917 – Henry STASSEN, aged 83, a resident of Green Garden for more than 60 years. Mr. Stassen served as president of the Farmer’s Mutual Insurance Co., for more than a half century. Also served several railroads as land excursion agent and formed several colonies.

Dec. 11, 1917 – Joseph WARREN, aged 63, died suddenly of heart disease at the home of his sister, Mrs. Ben ARMSTRONG in Lockport.

Dec. 12, 1917 – Mrs. Carolina SANDERS, aged 67, at her home in Norton avenue.

Dec. 12, 1917 – J. S. PROUTY, aged 76, in Rockdale. He was a resident of Rockdale 20 years and five years chief of Rockdale fire department.

Dec. 12, 1917 – Leonard J. STRICKLAND, at his home in Oneida street.

Dec. 13, 1917 – John WEIGEL, Sr., aged 47, Joliet resident 35 years, for many years in the grocery business.

Dec. 14, 1917 – Mrs. Mary HANNA, aged 77. Born in Chicago, came to Joliet when six months old.

Dec. 15, 1917 – Mrs. Charles McCANNA, aged 82 years, in Joliet. An old settler.

Dec. 15, 1917 – Hugh McCLOSKEY, 54 years, after an illness of 28 years, died suddenly at his home in Benton street. Was a veteran employee of the Illinois Steel Co.

Dec. 18, 1917 – Mrs. Lydia Carr BARNES, aged 103, at her home in 9th street, Lockport. Mrs. Barnes was born in New York State. 75 years ago, she lived in a log house in Wisconsin and was one of the first public school teachers in the United States. She taught in a log hut in Wisconsin. Her name was in a well worn school register in archives in a Wisconsin county court house.

Dec. 19, 1917 – Patrick DONAHUE, aged 84, a pioneer resident of Lockport. Died in his home in East 12th street.

Dec. 19, 1917 – Michael James ROONEY, aged 56, died in the same house in which he was born at 204 West Marion street. He was a printer by trade and also served as a city employee.

Dec. 20, 1917 – Mrs. Mary BECK, aged 81, a pioneer, at her home in Joliet.

Dec. 20, 1917 – Mrs. Katherine REEDY, aged 70, at her home, Joliet.

Dec. 21, 1917 – William J. POTTER, aged 72, at St. Joseph’s hospital.

Dec. 21, 1917 – Mrs. Elizabeth B. ROBINS, aged 84 years, formerly of Joliet, died in Gary, Indiana. She was a member of the Eastern Avenue Baptist church many years.

Dec. 24, 1917 – James L. O’DONNELL, aged 68. Senior member of the law firm of O’Donnell, Donavan and Bray. Practiced law in Joliet 44 years. President of the library board a number of years.

Dec. 27, 1917 – Julius HOLMES, aged 70, died in Peoria. Born in New Lenox township, where he spent most of his life.

Dec. 28, 1917 – Peter VERDUN, aged 70, at his home in Joliet.

Dec. 29, 1917 – Mrs. Martha HIBNER, aged 69, at her home in Jackson township.

Dec. 30, 1917 – Mrs. Julia Ann STONE, (STONER –L. B. Peet) aged 56, at her home in Joliet. Burial in Brown’s cemetery, Jackson township.


Jan. 4, 1918 – William S. McCRACKEN, aged 56, born and reared in Joliet, For more than 30 years was proprietor of a tea and coffee store, where he resided in Cass street.

Jan. 6, 1918 – Fred H. BEUTENMULLER, aged 57, life long Joliet resident and well known locksmith.

Jan. 6, 1818 – Thomas SLOAN, a pioneer Joliet resident, died in Chicago.

Jan. 7, 1918 – Word was received in Joliet from France of the death of Captain William HARWOOD, who died in the service of his country. Captain Harwood was 59 years old and volunteered his services in the Besley American hospital unit several days after war was declared. He was rejected because of his age, but was later accepted when his ability as an X-ray expert became known. In recognition of his splendid services, Dr. Harwood was promoted from lieutenant to captaincy on his 59th birthday, November 16, 1917. Captain Harwood was the first Joliet man to die abroad in the present war. He achieved national fame as chief surgeon of the United States Steel corporation’s hospital in Minnesota, where vast iron mines are located. While in charge of this hospital, he became one of the most noted X-ray specialists in America.

Jan. 7, 1918 – John KORST, aged 60, at his home in Jackson township.

Jan. 7, 1918 – Susan DODGE, aged 97, at home of her daughter, Mrs. J. E. OWENS. Mrs. Dodge was the sister of the late Rodney HOUSE, Sr.

Jan. 9, 1918 – Simeon SUYCAM, aged 78. Many years a resident of Will county, died while visiting at Atwater, Minnesota. He was a Civil War veteran and member of the 8th Illinois Cavalry. He was a member of Bartleson Post, G. A. R.

Jan. 9, 1918 – Mrs. B. O. COLLINS, aged 57, a pioneer resident of Channahon. Died in Benton Harbor, Michigan.

Jan. 14, 1918 – Frank A. BRAYTON, aged 63. Joliet resident 40 years. Dropped dead on the porch of his home. Mr. Brayton was a well known business man and active in local church and civic affairs.

Jan. 14, 1918 – James STIRLING, aged 79, resident of Will county 44 years. Died suddenly at his home in Chicago.

Jan. 14, 1918 – Mrs. Louise M. JOHNSON, aged 70. Died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. E. H. VAN DUSER, Maple street.

Jan. 15, (possibly 16) 1918 – Gilbert VAN DUSER, aged 63, at his home in Fredonia. Father of Mrs. Edward CORLETT. Mr. Van Duser was born in New Lenox township.

Jan. 15 (possibly 16), 1918 – George LEPPERT, Wheatland pioneer, died at Aurora City hospital.

Jan. 16, 1918 – Hollis Anderson SAMSON, aged 83, former Joliet resident, at his home in Rochester, New York.

Jan. 17, 1918 – Mrs. Mary KAPS, aged 72, at St. Joseph’s hospital.

Jan. 20, 1918 – Samuel GLASGOW, aged 76, Plainfield pioneer.

Jan. 20, 1918 – George ANDREW, aged 90, a resident of Will County for 70 years, died at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. E. J. PHILLIPS, in Harvard, Illinois.

Jan. 21, 1918 – Mrs. Lucy LUTHER, aged 92, died in the home of her son, Fred LUTHER, near Wilmington in the house she resided 38 years.

Jan. 21, 1918 – Louis Andrew SMITH, veteran carriage painter, died at his home in Joliet.

Jan. 22, 1918 – Henry J. EWEN, aged 83, civil war veteran, for many years engaged in the livery business in Joliet.

Jan. 22, 1918 – Mrs. Mary WALSH, formerly Miss Minnie ARNOLD of Lockport, died in Chicago. For many years Mrs. Walsh was an active worker and organist in St. John’s Episcopal church, Lockport.

Jan. 27, 1918 – James FEALEY, aged 57, superintendent of local union station since it was built. Resident of this country 30 years.

Feb. 1, 1918 – Mrs. Mary Ellen CUTSHAW, aged 60, pioneer resident of Will county.

Feb. 6, 1918 – M. L. KELLY, aged 71, died at his home in Wilmington.

Feb. 7, 1918 – Mrs. Anna Lewis HARMER, Will county pioneer, died at her home in Evanston, buried in Channahon.

Feb. 8, 1918 – Harry H. WALSH, pioneer of Lockport, died at his home in Chicago.

(Feb. 8, 1918)Fred C. BIRCH, age 48, resident of Joliet for 30 years, dropped dead of apoplexy.

Feb. 8, 1918 – Henry KLETT, died suddenly of heart failure at his home in Plainfield. He was a former Wheatland school teacher.

Feb. 8, 1918 – James RENINGER, age 58, a pioneer who passed most of his life in Wheatland, died at his home in Downers Grove.

Feb. 10, 1918 – Miss Anna STERMER, a resident of Mokena 30 years ago, died in Chicago.

Feb. 10, 1918 – Javin DOWNEY, Joliet pioneer blacksmith, died in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Feb. 10, 1918 – Charles RUDGE, aged 78, veteran employee of the E. J. & E. railroad. Resident of Joliet 38 years.

Feb. 11, 1918 – Francis MILLER, aged 70. Veteran business man of Wilmington. Engaged in grocery business in that city more than 50 years. Dropped dead from heart failure.

Feb. 14, 1918 – Mrs. L. H. MOTTINGER, aged 66. Plainfield pioneer, died in Joliet.

Feb. 16, 1918 – Mrs. Henrietta KOEHN, aged 78, died in Peotone.

Feb. 17, 1918 – Hogen OSHURNSON, aged 75, a Will county pioneer, died at his home in Lewistown, Montana. Buried in Providence Ridge cemetery, Jackson township.

Feb. 17, 1918 – Wright M. EMERSON, aged 83, an old Will county resident died at his home in Los Angeles.

Feb. 21, 1918 – William D. HALL, aged 56, chief deputy Probate Clerk of Will county. He was prominent in politics, member of Joliet Lodge B. P. O. Elks, Masons, Knights of Pythias and White Cross.

Feb. 23, 1918 – John HEWLETT, age 81, died suddenly from heart failure. Mr. Hewlett came to Joliet a half century ago and was one of the first heaters employed in the Joliet Rolling mills.

Feb. 26, 1918 – Simon T. FARRELL, aged 70, died at his home in Sherman court.

Feb. 26 (possibly 25), 1918 – Mrs. Anna D. ROSS, aged 79, Peotone pioneer died at the home of a daughter in Klemme, Iowa. Burial in Wilton Center cemetery.

Feb. 28, 1918 – Dr. Ralph R. GREEN, aged 68, died as a result of injuries in a laboratory explosion two months before.

March 9, 1918 – Robert Edward LAMPING, aged 74, died at his home in the Black road.

March 9, 1918 – Mrs. Jerome SMITH, at her home in Plainfield.

March 9, 1918 – Mrs. John COOK, formerly of Crete, died at her home in Holland, Michigan.

March 10, 1918 – William H. NEWBERRY, aged 59. Mr. Newberry was a retired farmer. He came to Joliet 26 years ago from Homer where he was born.

March 14, 1918 – George W. PERRY, aged 76, Civil War veteran, member of Bartleson Post, G. A. R.

March 15, 1918 – Casper ZERBES, aged 76, resident of Joliet 26 years.

March 15, 1918 – Mrs. Catherine SHIPLEY, pioneer of Wilmington.

March 17, 1918 – Henry W. KOENIG, aged 66, Joliet contractor.

March 17, 1918 – W. N. OHLENDORF, aged 82. Crete resident 68 years.

March 18, 1918 – Mrs. Amelia ADAMS, aged 74. Channahon pioneer died in St. Joseph’s hospital.

March 19, 1918 – Mrs. Cash MILLS, aged 42. Born in Bryn Mawr, Wales, but lived in Joliet the greater part of her life. For many years she was one of Joliet’s leading soloists and choir directors.

March 19, 1918 – Frank K. DWYER, died at his home in Wilton after a short illness.

March 19, 1918 – Mrs. Timothy BOND, aged 80, died at her home in Wilmington.

March 20, 1918 – Thomas COLLINS, aged 68. An old Joliet resident.

March 20, 1918 – Chris MATSEN, aged 53, Plainfield pioneer died in Joliet.

March 21, 1918 – Mrs. Alan WHITE, aged 86 years, a resident of Joliet for 80 years.

March 24, 1918 – Madame Melinda Wheeler BENNITT, aged 87. Madame Bennitt was born in Urbana, New York, but spent her closing years with her son, Col. Fred Bennitt.

March 25, 1918 – Dr. F. W. SEARLES, aged 66, at St. Lukes hospital, following an operation. Dr. Searles was a practicing physician in New Lenox township. Burial under the auspices of the Masonic fraternity.

March 26, 1918 – Thomas J. WEESE, Ritchie pioneer, died at the home of his son, Walter WEESE, in Ritchie.

March 28, 1918 – Dr. J. Frank SPANGLER, aged 69. Veterinarian, killed in Lockport when his auto was struck by a train. Pioneer of Plainfield and resided there until a few years ago.

March 29, 1918 – Mrs. Ellen Zimmerman McCARTHY, aged 49. Wife of Peter H. McCARTHY of the Morning Star Mission. Died after a five year illness. She was born and raised in Plainfield.

March 29, 1918 – F. F. STOWE, Lockport pioneer died at his home.

March 29, 1918 – Mrs. John VINSON, an old Plainfield resident, died at her home in Lathan, Kansas.

March 31, 1918 – Mrs. Mary Paden STANSBURY, aged 59. At her home in Dauglass, Wyoming. Resident of Joliet many years, active in Central Presbyterian church and the King’s daughters.

March 31, 1918 – William H. PURDY, aged 59, formerly of Homer township, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Frank MILLER, in Lockport.

April 2, 1918 – Mrs. Allen F. COOPER, aged 48, a lifelong resident of Joliet died suddenly of heart failure. Mrs. Cooper was prominent in church and club circles.

April 2, 1918 – Mrs. S. MASON, aged 79, Lockport pioneer, died at the home of her son, George Mason, in Morgan Park.

April 5, 1918 – Mrs. Licina SIBLEY, aged 66. Died in St. Joseph’s hospital.

April 6, 1918 – Mrs. Thomas LANGDON, aged 68, at her home in Hunter avenue.

April 6, 1918 – Henry H. McGUIRE, aged 78, at his home in Henry street.

April 7, 1918 – Mrs. Catherine DELANY, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. James WINTERFELDT, Chicago. A pioneer Joliet resident.

April 7, 1918 – Frank GIGEL, aged 58, an old Joliet resident died in St. Joseph’s hospital.

April 8, 1918 – C. E. FINLEY, one of the county’s most efficient and oldest accountants, died at his home in Willow avenue.

April 8, 1918 – John HALKYARD, aged 85, well known Joliet resident.

April 9, 1918 – John DOUD, aged 80, died at his home in Joliet.

April 9, 1918 – Mrs. Adelia Butts MACK, aged 81, many years librarian at public library and president of Whatsoever Circle of King’s Daughters (possibly Adella – L. B. Peet)

April 11, 1918 – Mrs. Elizabeth LUKES, aged 83, Pioneer Lockport township died in the home of her daughter, Mrs. SCHOMENS in Aurora.

April 13, 1918 – Miss Louisa MINING, aged 62, died at the home of her sister, Mrs. L. STAFFBOLDT in Plainfield. Township. The greater part of her life was spent in Wheatland township.

April 15, 1918 – Mrs. George DAILY, (possibly DALLY), aged 66, an old Plainfield resident, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. R. COOP, Plainfield.

April 15, 1918 – Mrs. Jennie M. WOODS, widow of the late John WOODS, in Washington park hospital, Chicago. Mrs. Woods, for 40 years, resided in the Seventh ward at 202 Union street. She was one of the founders of Marguerite Chapter No. 187, Order of the Eastern Star.

April 16, 1918 – Christian KOEPKE, aged 78, a resident of Green Garden and Monee 65 years, died in his home in Monee.

April 19, 1918 – William LaFALOR (LA FALOR), aged 50, Died in Pittsburg. Joliet Sculptor and artist, who designed the Louis Joliet statue. Mr. La Falor was one of the founders of Willow Avenue Presbyterian church and assisted in the establishing of Silver Cross hospital.

April 21, 1918 – Mrs. Ella Bowman MATTHEW, aged 65, Joliet resident, died in Denver, Colorado.

April 23, 1918 – Mrs. Mary KLEFFMAN, aged 84. Many years a Will county resident, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Leonard SELTZER, Joliet. (Buried North Providence Ridge Cemetary, Jackson Township. -L. B. Peet.)

April 24, 1918 – Mrs. Fannie ADAMS, aged 59 (possibly 69), a Wesley pioneer, died in that place.

April 25, 1918 – Mrs. Henrietta LOUCKS, aged 51, a pioneer of Wilton, died in St. Joseph’s hospital.

April 26, 1918 – John REAGAN, an old Lockport resident. For many years he was a heater in the Illinois Steel Mills.

April 26, 1918 – Mrs. Eva HERZOG, aged 61, at her home in Wilmington.

April 26, 1918 – Michael BECK, Joliet pioneer.

April 27, 1918 – Mrs. Frederick HANSEN, (possibly HANSON), aged 83, at her home in Wilmington.

April 28, 1918 – Joseph KRAKAR, aged 82. Joliet pioneer.

May 2, 1918 – George F. CLARK, aged 64, Joliet resident, buried in Willard cemetery, Channahon.

May 2, 1918 – Martin DAVIS, aged 82, Joliet resident 36 years, cied in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

May 2, 1918 – Capt. William BAILEY, of U. S. Lighthouse service, Manhattan pioneer, died in Milwaukee.

May 3, 1918 – Mrs. Sarah DELANEY, aged 60, at her home south of Manhattan.

May 4, 1918 – Mrs. Sophia TATGE, age 84, at her home in Joliet.

May 5 (possibly 6), 1918 – William MEYER, Sr., aged 83, died at his home near Peotone, where he resided most of his life.

May 7, 1918 – William Irwin WOODS, aged 72. Died at his home in Crete, where he resided all his life.

May 7, 1918 – Mrs. Sophia Ohlendorf BEHRENS, aged 78 years, at her home in Crete.

May 9, 1918 – Mrs. Martha E. DODGE, pioneer Crete resident.

May 11, 1918 – Fred WILKE, Sr., aged 58, died in Peotone.

May 16, 1918 – Mrs. Wilhelmina ZIESEMER, aged 96, Homer pioneer, died at her home in Homer township.

May 16, 1918 – John DODGE, aged 77, in Crete.

May 17, 1918 – Mrs. Elizabeth ENGIMANN, aged 67. Died in the home of her son, Gottlieb ENGIMANN in Joliet.

May 21, 1918 – James HEAP, aged 83. Plainfield pioneer, died in the home of his daughter, Mrs. C. C. BROWN, in Plainfield. Mr. Heap came from England 69 years ago.

May 23, 1918 – Mr. Bert LAMBERT, aged 85, Plainfield resident 60 years.

May 25, 1918 – Mrs. Sarah McCANNAN, aged 67, Joliet.

May 25, 1918 – Mrs. Bridget SHEEHY, aged 72, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Harry KIRKHAM, in Joliet.

May 29, 1918 – Mrs. Eunice WATSON, aged 80, who, it is claimed, was the third white child born in Joliet, died in her home in Michigan City, Indiana. Mrs. WATKINS’ father was Elias HYDE, one of Joliet’s first settlers. (The names Watson and Watkins are both used – L. B. Peet)

May 30, 1918 – George Jerome VAN DUSER, aged 72, a pioneer of Will county, died in Silver Cross hospital. He was born in oldf Van Duser homestead in Maple street in 1846.

May 30, 1918 – Eugene DALY, aged 92. Resident of Joliet since 1850, died in the same house in which he had lived for 68 years. Mr. Daly was a pioneer Joliet undertaker.

May 31, 1918 – Melissa L. WILDER, aged 79, resident of Crete in her girlhood days, and 50 years a teacher in Will and other counties, died in the home in Chicago.

June 6, 1918 – George W. POTTER, aged 79, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John STOCK, Joliet. Mr. Potter came to Joliet when five years old, later he moved away, but returned an resided in Joliet 32 years.

June 6, 1918 – Mrs. Sarah SHIELDS, aged 71, at her home in Wilmington.

June 6, 1918 – Henry H. SAMPSON, aged 80, civil war veteran, a life long citizen of Joliet, died in soldiers’ home in Danville.

June 7, 1918 – George R. McCLESTER, aged 75, suddenly at his home in Plainfield. Civil war veteran and member of Bartleson Post G. A. R.

June 8, 1918 – Alfred LEGG, aged 76, in Lockport.

June 10, 1918 – Miss Helen KEMP, aged 60, former New Lenox resident, died at her home in Elgin.

June 12, 1918 – Ferdinand W. SCHROEDER, pioneer Joliet grocer, at his home in Joliet.

June 15, 1918 – John DOLL, aged 77, Joliet resident 40 years.

June 15, 1918 – Jacob BLAESS, aged 76, at his home in Troy township.

June 15, 1918 – Chauncey WIGHTMAN, aged 89, a former Wheatland resident, died in Sebastapool, California. He was a member of the second family to settle in Wheatland township. His boyhood and school days were spent there.

June 19, 1918 – Mrs. Margaretita MEYER, aged 62, died at her home in Black road, west of Joliet.

June 20, 1918 – John C. DAVIS, aged 72, in Joliet.

June 21, 1918 – Morrill SPRAGUE, aged 68, Joliet resident 28 years. Veteran member of Will County Bar association and referee in bankruptcy for 20 years.

June 21, 1918 – Mrs. Sarah Jane BUELL, age 37, at home of son, George Roland BUELL, in Englewood. The Buell family were early settlers of Channahon.

June 23, 1918 – Amos E. HARTONG, age 77, at his home in Plainfield township.

June 23, 1918 – Harper RODGERS, age 76, in Rockdale. Civil war veteran; member of Bartleson Post G. A. R.

June 24, 1918 – James KEITH, aged 81, Joliet resident 40 years.

June 24, 1918 – John LINTON, died of Heart failure at his home in Wilmington.

June 25, 1918 – The Rev. John Ludwig WILLMANN, aged 91, pioneer minister of Will county, died in Peotone. He was the oldest member of the Evangelical Association of Will county.

June 30, 1918 – Mrs. Mary L. JENKS, aged 63, prominent member of Bartleson Corps No. 140, Woman’s Relief Corps, and many years its secretary.

June 30, 1918 – Mrs. Frederica ALBRECHT, at her home in Monee.

June 30, 1918 – Mrs. Mina SCHOAL, aged 65, born in Wheatland, died at her home in Waterloo, Iowa.

July 6, 1918 – Mrs. Charles HAYWARD, aged 60, in Aurora. Mrs. Hayward was Mary MONROE, daughter of the late George MONROE of Joliet.

July 7, 1918 – Mrs. Hannah STARR, aged 73, in Joliet, many years a resident of this city.

July 9, 1918 – MICHAEL RAUSCH, aged 78, in Plainfield, where he resided 51 years.

July 16, 1918 – Nichols SCHALL, aged 80, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. M. J. IVEC, in Joliet. Mr. Schall came to America from Alsacs-Lorraine 72 years ago. He was engaged in farming at Bird’s Bridge for a number of years and the last 12 years resided in Joliet.

July 18, 1918 – William MALONEY, aged 62 (possibly 63) former Joliet resident, died in Chicago. A former alderman of the first ward.

July 20, 1918 – Mrs. Ellen DOYLE, aged 62, died in her home south of Manhattan.

July 20, 1918 – Martin WESTPHAL, aged 81, died suddenly at his home in Hazel Park. Mr. Westphal had lived in Will county nearly three score years and was engaged in the banking business 44 years.

July 20, 1918 – Osdy PELTON, aged 66, at his home west of Wilmington.

July 22, 1918 – Wilson P. SWEETWOOD, aged 72, Plainfield resident 72 years, died at his home in Lincoln Way.

July 23, 1918 – Mrs. Susan HOSMER, aged 83, resident of Joliet 42 years.

July 23, 1918 – Sarah J. DE LONG, aged 70, Joliet resident 61 years.

July 24, 1918 – A. Z. SPANGLER, aged 88, in Plainfield township, where he resided 62 years.

Aug. 1, 1918 – Mrs. Barbara SEESER, aged 75, many years Joliet resident, died in St. Joseph’s hospital.

Aug. 1, 1918 – Mrs. Priska BECHER, aged 73, in St. Louis. Came to America 58 years ago. Has granddaughter, Red Cross nurse, serving in France.

Aug. 2, 1918 – Matthias COWELL, aged 69, in South Bend, Indiana. Spent most of his life in Will county and Joliet.

Aug. 3, 1918 – Mrs. Catherine Rausch FIDDYMENT, aged 79, resident Plainfield township half a century.

Aug. 3, 1918 – Fred FREY, aged 52, in Lockport.

Aug. 4, 1918 – Mrs. Victoria HAVENHILL, an old Lockport resident, died at her home in Long Island, New York.

Aug. 5, 1918 – Silas B. HODGES, 68, in Joliet. A Frankfort pioneer.

Aug. 5, 1918 – Thomas F. MAHER, in Lockport.

Aug. 6, 1918 – Patrick CONDON, aged 86, in Joliet.

Aug. 11, 1918 – Joseph H. DONNELLY, aged 63, pioneer employee of Steel mills.

Aug. 12. 1918 – Samuel BODEN, aged 75, of heart failure, at his home in Wilmington.

Aug. 12, 1918 – Mrs. Catherine KNAPP, aged 81, in Manhattan.

Aug. 13, 1918 – Edward P. RUSSELL, Lockport resident 36 years, died suddenly.

Aug. 14, 1918 – Michael J. McFADDEN, of heat prostration. For 25 years, Mr. McFadden was proprietor of McFadden Bros. Livery company, one of the pioneer livery establishments in Joliet.

Aug. 15, (possibly 16), 1918 – Mrs. Ottilla STAHL, aged 74, Joliet.

Aug. 16, 1918 – Miss Anna BRAY, aged 59 (possibly 69 or 89). Miss Bray was a Joliet resident more than 50 years. She was the first organist in Joliet taking charge of the organ in St. Patrick’s church shortly after it was built. Miss Bray conducted one of the first millinery stores in Joliet.

Aug. 16, 1918 – Peter HANSON, aged 65, resident of Frankfort, died in Silver Cross hospital.

Aug. 17, 1918 – Daniel Rielton BIRKETT, aged 75, life long resident of Plainfield.

Aug. 20, 1918 – Mrs. Mary BARRINGER, aged 82, in Joliet.

Aug. 22, 1918 – Mrs. Margaret McPARTLIN, aged 69, at her home in Manhattan, where she lived 51 years.

Aug. 22, 1918 – Mrs. Catherine Webster HEUER, aged 91, resident of Joliet 69 years, died at the home of her nephew, Charles STARMANN, in New Lenox.

Aug. 24, 1918 – John P. KING, aged 85, in Joliet. A veteran lumber dealer of the city.

Aug. 28, 1918 – Mrs. Eliabeth LENNON, aged 77. Mrs. Lennon came to Joliet in 1858.

Sept. 2, 1918 – Lemuel NORTHAM, aged 58, after an illness of several weeks following a paralytic stroke. Mr. Northam was one of the best known hotel proprietors in northeastern Illinois and for many years was owner and manager of the Monroe Hotel.

Sept. 2, 1918 – John KLOSE, aged 68, of heart trouble, resident of Mokena for 64 years.

Sept. 6, 1918 – Mrs. Eleanor F. LAWLOR, aged 62, Joliet. Mrs. Lawlor was for many years identified with the King’s Daughters.

Sept. 7, 1918 – Bentley McGOWAN, aged 63, a resident of Joliet 40 years. Death was due to injuries received when struck by a street car.

Sept. 10, 1918 – John A. GARDEN, 72 years, died at the home of his son, George GARDEN, in Romeo (now Romeoville – L. B. Peet), Mr. Garden was born in Homer township and was a Joliet resident for 25 years. For a number of years he resided in Lockport and Romeo to be near the Joliet Flux company in which he was interested.

Sept. 11, 1918 – Washington HEINTZELMAN, aged 72, after a three year illness; veteran engineer of Chicago & Alton railroad; for a number of years, sexton of Christ Episcopal church.

Sept. 12, 1918 – Samuel SPANGLER, aged 76. Civil war veteran and resident of Plainfield for more than 50 years.

Sept. 15, 1918 – Winfield Scott GREEN, aged 51, for 25 years superintendent of the chair department of the Illinois state penitentiary.

Sept. 17, 1918 – Mrs. Kate Wilder AVERY, aged 62, mother of Miss Laura AVERY, instructor of household science in the Joliet public schools.

Sept. 17, 1918 – Mrs. Mary VETTER, aged 64, formerly of Lockport, died at her home in Higgins, Texas.

Sept. 19, 1918 – Joseph M. KAVANAUGH, aged 76, at his home, Buell avenue. A resident of Will county all his life. Mr. Kavanaugh was for many years a guard at the Illinois state penitentiary and for twelve years, day sergeant at the policxe station. He retired four years ago.

Sept. 19, 1918 – Oscar ROBITZ, aged 63, an old Lockport resident.

Sept. 21, 1918 – Thomas MURPHY, aged 86, resident of Joliet 64 years and for many years a city employee.

Sept. 24, 1918 – Mrs. Jane PENDLETON, aged 74 years, a resident more than 50 years and a member of Christ Episcopal church.

Sept. 30, 1918 – Mrs. Jane McDONALD, aged 71, a Joliet resident 38 years. One son, Alexander, is with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in France.