A variety of Will County Illinois marriage records provided by Kathy Zavada.

ABBOTT, BenjaminLYONS, Maria21 Jun 1859St. Patrick, Joliet WT: Thos. ABBOTT & Alice SHEAHON
ARCHIBALD, JamesCUFF, Annie13 Jul 1839St. Patrick, Joliet WT: Charles DOWNEY & Esther ROURKE
ASHTON, Frank_____, Jessie18 Feb 1900Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: James FITZPATRICK & Kittie THORNTON
BANNON, Patrick R. Born: Ireland Father: Edward Mother: Catherine LENNONO’REILLY, Margaret Born: New York Father: James Mother: Mary HEALY30 Nov 1880ages: 32 next/32 next
BARDON, JamesDELANEY, Anastasia22 Feb 1900Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Thos. SULLIVAN & Nellie DELANEY
BASKERVILLE, BenjaminMCLAUGHLIN, Mary20 Jan 1895recorded: Sacred Heart, Joliet, married: Manhattan, IL WT: Harry BASKERVILLE & Mary KINNEY
BATTESTA, GiovaniDOCCIA, Anna Maria16 Feb 1883St. Mary Carmelite, Joliet WT: ???? Giovanni & Annie FAULKNER
BEAN, EdwardSPENCER, Teresa4 Jan 1870St. Mary Carmelite, Joliet WT: Bernard IVERS & Josephine BEAN
BEAN, Edward 2nd marriageDONAHUE, Ellen..
BEAN, Edward GeorgeLARKIN, Julia Theresa27 Nov 1899St. Mary Carmelite, Joliet source: father’s probate record
BEAN, William Age: 23 next Res: Braidwood Born: Yorkshire, Eng Father: Robert Mother: Isabella WILSONKEEHNEE, Anne German extraction16 Jan 1888
BEGLER, Joseph age 26 nextCAIRNS, Jennie age 22 next13 Feb 1895St. Rose, Wilmington WT: Frank CUMMINS & Katie CUMMINS source: marriage license
BERGAN, MartinCUNNINGHAM, Kate27 Sep 1892recorded: Sacred Heart, Joliet married: Manhattan, IL WT: Daniel BERGAN & Maggie BOYLAN
BERO, GeorgeMURPHY, Ellen29 Mar 1880St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Luke LAFONTAINE & Ann DELANEY
BOYLAN, John TMAHER, Julia28 Aug 1895Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: M.J. ROACH & Miss E. MAHER
BOYLAN, JosephRING, Maggie25 Feb 1892recorded: Sacred Heart, Joliet married: Manhattan IL WT: Matthew BOYLAN & M. RING
BOYLAN, MatthewWALSH, Annie4 Apr 1894Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Alexander McGOWAN & Nellie WALSH
BOYLAN, Michael Father: Matthew Mother: Anne WALSHSCHOOP, Myrtle E. Bapt: Sacred Heart, Joliet 1897 Father: Herman Mother: Agnes CHRISTIAN18 Oct 1924Sacred Heart, Joliet at Manhattan IL WT: Thomas MURPHY & Evelyn CURRAN
BRADLEY, William A. Bapt: Cathedral, Chicago, 23 Mar 1871 Residence: 401 Briggs St, Joliet Father: Alonzo Mother: Helen WHELANMORIARTY, Margaret Bapt: Aug 1874 Father: Miles Mother: Ellen RYAN30 May 1922Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: No witnesses listed
BREEN, John E.DELANEY, Loretta17 Jan 1948St. Joseph, Manhattan, IL source: noted with his Bapt. at Sacred Heart, Joliet
BRENNAN, MichaelTHORNTON, Mary13 Sep 1886St. Rose, Wilmington WT: Jno HUGHES & Maggie T. THORNTON
BRIDEL, William H. Res: Braceville Born: Grundy, IL Father: William Mother: Caroline TOWNECLARK, Mary Jane Res: Braceville Born: Ireland Father: Robert Mother: Elizabeth DIXON23 Jul 1888ages: 24 next/19 next marriage by JP WT: David Gilmore
BROPHY, JohnO’SHEA, Nora11 Aug 1875St. Rose, Wilmington WT: William NOLAN & Bridget DORSEY
BRUNNER, IsaacMAHER, Mary12 Nov 1907St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Joseph WALTZ & Fannie MULVIN
BURKE, BernardWALSH, Mary Ann28 Mar 1861WT: Thos. BURKE & John DUNN
BURKE, MichaelBRADY, Ellen (Eleanor)6 Feb 1846St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Patrick QUINN & Mary WALSH
BURKE, Patrick Born: Galway Father: Joseph Mother: Catherine DEVINELAWLER1887.
BURKE, ThomasHENNESSY, Mary13 Jul 1856Priest FARRELLY
BURKE, Thomas 2nd marriageHENESY (aka HENNESSEY), Mrs. Anna31 Jan 1876St. Mary Carmelite, Joliet 1st marriage to PATTEN WT: Thomas BURKE & Kate SEXTON
BURKE, Thomas Res: Joliet Born: Mayo Co. Ire Father: Patrick Mother: Catherine GALLAGHERSHAUGHNESSY, Mary Born: Keokuk, IA Father: Thomas Mother: Ellen SHEAHANE14 Feb 1888ages: 31 next/
BURKE, Thomas MorrisCARROLL, Ellen29 Nov 1883St. Mary Carmelite, Joliet WT: Patrick DOUGHERTY & Mary BERRY
BURNS, JohnMOONEY, Margaret17 Jun 1866St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Charles DUNN & Mrs. DUNN
BURNS, JohnMEANY, Rose Ann11 Jun 1858St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: John HOGAN & Mary KEEGAN
BURNS, John C. or L.______26 Oct 1872St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: James BURNS & Ellen McGRATH
BURNS, ThomasMALONEY, Ellen1 Feb 1866St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Patrick BURNS & Anne KINNY
BURR, James D.DOOLEY, Bridget2 Jul 1847St. Patrick’s, Joliet
CAIN, Thomas 4th marriage Res: Manhattan Born: Isle of Man Father: William Mother: Frances RADCLIFFECERUS, Janette 1st marriage Res: Manhattan Born: Shetland Isles Father: John Mother: STOUT15 Mar 1887ages: 59 next/44 next
CALLAGHN, PeterMcKENNA, Ellen27 Apr 1858St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: John McKENNA & Mrs. McKENNA
CALLAHAN, BarneyCARRAGAN, Mary22 Feb 1841St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Richard BURK & Catherine ROWAN
CAMERON, Frank J. Res. Wesley Born: Green Co. WI Father: George Mother: Elizabeth JONESGILSON, Nellie M. Res: Rockville Born: Kankakee Father: Daniel Mother: Harriet SPEARS27 Jan 1881ages: 25 next/19 next
CANNON, John S. Born: Tazewell Co. Father: Peter Mother: Elizabeth SHOOPROBINSON, Eva Born: Plainfield, IL Father: Steven Mother: Sarah GRUNDY10 Nov 1880ages: 26 next/20 next non catholic marriage
CARROLL, AlbertREADY, Mary27 Oct 1897St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: George MAHONEY & Cora RICHARDSON
CARROLL, Albert Leo Bapt: 4 Apr 1904 Sacred Heart, Joliet Father: William Mother: Nellie Sponsors: S.J. BREEN & Mary L. CARROLLRANDOLPH, Mrs. Cora6 Nov 1945source: bapt record
CARROLL, Andrese (latin for Andrew?)POWERS, Lizzie27 Jul 1879St. Patrick’s, Joliet Priest: Walter H. POWER WT: none listed NOTE: see marriage of Thomas CARROLL SAME DATE listed below
CARROLL, James Res: Madison, NE Born: Wilmington, IL Father: Patrick Mother: Ann BURNSTULLY, Mary Born: Wilton, IL Father: Patrick Mother: Catherine HAYDEN30 Jan 1888ages: 26 next both
CARROLL, James Born: Hugginstown, Kilkenny, Ire. Age: 53 next Residence: Frankfort, IL Railroad section foreman Father: Anthony Mother: Mary SPENCER His 2nd marriageWALSH, Annie Age 32 next Father: James Mother: Margaret DELANEY Residence and birth: Spencer, IL (no longer exists but was near New Lenox and Manhattan) Her 1st marriage7 Nov 1888WT: Edward BEAN & Mary DUNNE source: marriage license
CARROLL, MartinBANNON, Bridget27 Feb 1854St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: James KILBAN & Lucy KEEGAN
CARROLL, ThomasDOLAN, Mary Anne27 Jul 1879St. Patrick’s, Joliet Priest: Walter H. POWER WT: none listed NOTE: see marriage of Andrese (Andrew) CARROLL listed above. Both have same date.
CASSIDY, JohnMcGUIRE, Mary Note: Spelling of name McGUIRE in record3 Feb 1856St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: James MORRISEY & Margaret CASSIDY
CENINE, William H. (a junior) Residence: 1022 2nd Avenue, Joliet Father: William Mother: Catherine MALONEY Bapt: St. Mary’s, 24 Aug 1907WALSH, Catherine Residence: Ingals Road Father: Raymond Mother: Margaret ELWOOD Bapt: at SS. Cerdis (Chicago) 17 Oct 1929 (??Same date as marriage)17 Oct 1929Recorded: Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: William EMERSON
CHAMBERLAIN, AlbertCARROLL, Kate4 Jul 1899St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Hugh HARVEY & Katie EFFLING
CHAPMAN, William H. Born: Keepham, Eng Father: William Mother: Sarah HENRYALLEN, Sarah J. Born: nr. Lincoln, Eng Father: Charles Mother: Mary THOMPSON23 Jul 1888ages: 27 next both
CLARK, EdwardGOWAN, Annie22 Jul 1896Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: James COWAN & Mary BUCKLEY
CLARK, James Born: Brooklyn NY, 29 Jul 1856 Died: 29 Jan 1935, St. Joseph’s Hospital, JolietCAREY, Mary Jane4 Apr 1883St. Patrick’s, Wilton Had 4 children - a catholic nun, etc. Surnames: BOHN, LONG, ROBINSON, LUEHRS Source: Will County Probate Record
CLARK, JohnTRAINOR, Catherine27 Nov 1883St. Mary Carmelite, Joliet WT: Michael TRAINOR & Maggie GRACE Note: See John A. Clark’s Will County probate record
CLARK, ThomasSHAUNESSY, Mary Ann Born: 3 May 1836, Ire. Died: 11 Mar 1923, Wilmington Parents: Cornelius & Mary SHAUNESSY, late of Florence Twp1872 WilmingtonSource: Will County Probate
CLARK, Owen Born: Cavan Co, Ire. Father: James Mother: Mary TRAINORMcPARTLIN, Rose Father: Hugh Mother: Mary KILBRIDE24 Nov 1887St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet
CLARK, Robert A., Sr. Born: 1835, Dromore, Ire.DIXON, Elizabeth Father: John N. DIXON, late of Dromore, Ire.1 Nov 1860Source: Will Co probate
CLARK, William Born: Ireland Father: John Mother: Jane MONTGOMERYALLEN, Lizzie Born: England Father: Charles Mother: Marg. or Mary THOMPSON15 Nov 1888ages: 26 next/19 next
CLARKE, William W. Born: Ire. Age: 26 next Father: John Mother: Jane MONTGOMERYALLEN, Lizzie Born: Eng. Age: 19 next Father: Charles Mother: Mary THOMPSON9 May 1888.
CLEARY, PatrickMARA, Kate8 Aug 1861affadavit only
CLEARY, Patrick Born: Sligo, Ire Father: Peter Mother: Annie FLYNNFARGET, Mary Born: Joliet Father: Philip Mother: Mary DOOLEY9 May 1888ages: 31 next/ 26 next
CLEARY, Peter Born: Sligo, Ire. Age: 31 next Father: Peter Mother: Annie FLYNNFARGET, Mary Born: Joliet Age: 26 next Father: Phillip Mother: Mary DOOLEY9 May 1888Source: marriage license
CLENNON, MartinBEAN, Josephine25 Feb 1884St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet WT: Mary CLENNON & William MORAN
COLLINS, JamesGIBBONS, Anne22 Oct 1876St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet WT: James GIBBONS, Anne SCAHILL
COMISKEY, JohnMcGOWAN, Mary25 Nov 1891Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Michael COMISKEY & Lizzie McGowan
CONNER, Paul Father: Matthew Mother: Ellen GRAYDELANEY, Mary Father: William Mother: Margaret Walsh26 Apr 1922Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: James CONNER & Theresa DELANEY
CONNOLLY, John Age: 25FITZPATRICK, Nellie F. Age: 23 Parents: Wm. & Sarah DWYER FITZPATRICK20 Feb 1911St. Rose, Wilmington WT: Peter CONNELLY & Agnes McFARLAND
CONNORS, EdwardMAHER, Margaret17 Jul 1895Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: John SEXTON & Mary RYAN
CORRIGAN, PatrickMAHONEY, Ella19 Aug 1886Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: William BOK & Mary RILEY
CROMLEY, CharlesO’NEILL, Eleanor (Ellen on license).St. Patrick’s, Joliet Patrick & Roseanna McKENNA
CROWE, Patrick J.McPARTLIN, Kate3 Nov 1882Source: Will County Marr. Lic index, name written HOWE in St. Mary’s Carmelite records, Joliet WT: Michael PHELAN & Mary McPARTLAND
CULL, CorneliusNOONAN, Ellen Father: Dennis1869.
CUNNINGHAM, MichaelBOYLAN, Margaret5 Apr 1893Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Thomas CUNNINGHAM & Anne WELSH
D’ARCY, John Res: Joliet Attorney Born: Joliet Father: John Mother: Margaret WALSHSHIELDS, Caroline Res: Wilmington Born: Wilmington Father: Thomas Mother: Elizabeth MAHER21 Nov 1888ages: 29 next/20 next
DANIHER, David Age: 30HENNEBERRY, Jennie Age: 3021 May 1895St. Rose, Wilmington WT: William KAVENY& Lizzie WAGNER
Des LAUNAIS, Luman (church has DeLONE)BEAN, Aurelia (church has Ariel BEANS)1 Jun 1846St. Patrick’s, Joliet
BROCK, John J.DELANEY, Ann (Name written widow Ann VOGEL) Born: 31 Mar 1894, Manhattan Bapt: 8 Apr 1894, Sacred Heart, Joliet Father: Thomas Mother: Bridget FAHEY Sponsors: Bernard FAHEY & Ann DELANEY1 Jun 1940Chicago Our Lady of Angels
DELANEY, CharlesBOWLES, Laura22 Nov 1892Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Felix ROWAN & Miss COWAN
DELANEY, Edward J.CUDDY, Anastatia19 Jan 1904Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Frank QUINLAN & Vangie MORRISEY
DELANEY, JamesKAVANAUGH, Margaret15 Jun 1862St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Patrick KAVANAUGH & Bridget McAVILLY
DELANEY, JohnFAGIN, Marcella15 Aug 1876St. Patrick’s Joliet P. MALLOY & Lizzie INGOLDSBY
DELANEY, JohnTYRELL, Norah1 Jan 1880St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: John TYRRELL & Ann DELANEY
DELANEY, PatrickSHIELDS, Anne12 Jul 1865St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: John McGRATH & Mary MURPHY
DELANEY, Stephen Raymond Born: 3 May 1901, Manhattan Bapt: 18 May 1901 Sacred Heart, Joliet Father: Michael Mother: Alice SHERAN Sponsors: Wm. & Elizabeth DELANEYCORP, Myrtle17 Apr 1937St. Joseph, Manhattan
DELANEY, WilliamWALSH, Mary25 Feb 1892St. Joseph’s, Manhattan (record @ Sacred Heart, Joliet) WT: Richard DELANEY & Mary WALSH
DEMPSEY, ThomasTYRRELL, Catherine7 Jun 1857St. Patrick’s Joliet WT: Michael HEALY & Jane DEMPSEY
DEMPSEY, WilliamTYRRELL, Margaret9 Feb 1861St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: John McCARTY & Eliza McCARTY
DENNY, DennisDONOHUE, Mary10 May 1839St. Patrick’s Joliet WT: Patrick WALLICE & Mrs. Bridget WALLICE
DENNY, PatrickBERRY, Mary1 Mar 1843 license dateSt. Patrick’s, Joliet Church has 12 Aug 1842?? WT: Patrick ROWAN & Anna MURPHY
DOLAN, Michael Born: 17 Nov 1859, Mazon, Grundy Father: Peter Mother: Ellen BERRYMORAN, Catherine Born: 3 Oct 1864, Ottawa, LaSalle Father: John Mother: Ellen CLARK24 Dec 1883Source: Will Co marriage license
DONOHUE, John A. Age: 32KELLY, Agnes Age: 2325 Jun 1895St. Rose, Wilmington WT: Agnes DUNNE & J.J. SHAY
DONOHUE, OwenCARROLL, Helen4 May 1856St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: John KEVIN & Mary TURNEY
DONOVAN, DennisSHEA, Mary1 May 1839St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Patrick SHEA & Mrs. BYRNES
DONOVAN, JeremiahKENNEDY, Mary4 Feb 1839St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: William O’Brien & Mrs. WALSH
DOUGHERTY, Charles age: 27FORAN, Mary E age: 2216 Mar 1875certificate
DOWNEY, John W.KAVANAUGH, Frankie10 Sep 1890Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Enisha MEERS & Mamie KAVANAUGH
DOWNEY, Richard P.MURPHY, Mamie26 Nov 1896Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: John LLOYD & Maggie MURPHY
DUNN, JamesDELANEY, Ellen12 Jan 1852St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Thomas DELANEY & Bridget COMFORDY
DUNNE, JamesHAYS, Mary15 Aug 1849St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Andrew ZATES? & Elizabeth HAYS
DURNAM, James B.McCOWAN, Sarah5 Oct 1858St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Bernard McKENNA & Eliza LAMPING
DWYER, PatrickCLARKE, Bridget29 Nov 1851St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: James DWYER & Catherine RAWLEIGH
FARMER, H.B.CARROLL, Rose20 May 1901Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Hana DALY & W. DONAHUE
FELKNER, WilliamMORAN, Winnifred28 Nov 1883St. Dennis, Lockport Note: See Falker
FINNEY, Michael J.MURPHY, Catherine1881St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet WT: John RYAN & Anne FAULKNER
FITZPATRICK, JosephSMITH, Bridget6 jug 1865St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Samuel MAKAM & Mrs. McFARLIN
FITZPATRICK, PatrickO’MARA, Mary16 Feb 1858St. Patrick’s, Joliet (church has Serah Maher) Source: Will Co Marriage License
FORD, PatrickO’MALLEY, Bridget21 Apr 188127 next/23 next
FRANKLIN, Jason Age: 23BROWN, Mary Age: 1824 Apr 1895St. Rose, Wilmington WT: Pat MURPHY & Stasia DESMOND
FREEMAN, DennisMAHER, Serah16 Jan 1866St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Martin MAHER & Mrs. MAHER
FREEMAN, JohnO’KEEFE, Julia30 Jan 1882St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Henry FREEMAN & Annie WALSH
FREEMAN, PatrickSLOWERY, Mary24 Sep 1858St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Patrick MAHER & Mary FREEMAN
FURLONG, RichardRYAN, Anastatia10 Jan 1856St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: John CONNELL & Teresa RAFFERTY
GALLAGHER, Patrick Father: Patrick Mother: Bridget MULLENKEENAN, Elizabeth Father: Patrick Mother: Bridget McGINN10 Jun 1855St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Patrick CALLAGHAN & Mrs.?
GANNON, MartinWELCH, Catherine19 Aug 1858St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: James MURPHY & Ann DOHERTY
GIBBENS, John Res: Joliet Born: Ireland Father: Thomas Mother: May CINLEYGIBBENS, Annie Born: Joliet Father: Miles Mother: Margaret CLARK5 May 1880ages: 28 next/ 24 next
GIBBONS, EdwardMURPHY, Mary30 Mar 1901Sacred Heart, Joliet
GIBBONS, JohnGIBBONS, Anne5 May 1880St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: George GANLEY & Mary GIBBONS
GIBBONS, John Henry 2nd marriage Father: Thomas Mother: CONNELLYCAMPBELL, Helen (Nellie) Irene Father: Daniel Mother: Bridget GALLAGHER6 Sep 1881St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet WT: Timothy FOLEY & Belle McCANN
GIBBONS, Patrick Born: Mayo County, Ire Died: 18 Jan 1888, Florence TwpMORAN, Mary1850 NY StateSource: Will Co Probate
GIBBONS, PatrickSAMPSON, Catherine (church has SAMMONS)19 Sep 1858St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Martin WELCH & Mrs. WELCH
GOLDING, John E.HARTSBURGH, Sophia18 Sept 1861JP: George SHOOK
GOODWIN, John Bapt: Chicago-St. Charles 5 Jan 1890 Father: John Mother: Nellie HARTCAREY, Alice T. Bapt: Wilton Center, 6 May 1890 Father: Edward Mother: Mary Ann CLARKE11 Jan 1913Our Lady of Sorrows, Chicago
GRAY, MitchellGANNON, Mary10 May 1857St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Michael ROACHE & Mrs. ROACHE
HAGERTY, Charles S. Born: Ireland Residence: Morris Merchant Age: 31 next Father: James Mother: Mary GALLAGHERKEEFE, Lizzie Born: Ire Residence: Peoria Age: 26 next Father: Cornelius Mother: Mary GALICAN28 Aug 1881St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet WT: William & Catherine KINNEY
HAGGERTY, GeorgeRYAN, Margaret4 Dec 1895St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Barney & Hannah RILEY
HAGGERTY, Thos.CULLEN, Mary2 Jan 1861Priest: FARRELL
HALEY, FrankMURPHY, Kate31 Oct 1894Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: William WALSH & Mary MURPHY
HALEY, JohnMAHER, Hanora18 Aug 1855St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: none listed
HALEY, MichaelMURPHY, Margaret16 Oct 1864St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Patrick HALEY & Elizabeth WHELAN
HALPIN, WilliamHOGAN, Theresa J.8 May 1888Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Michael HEFFERAN & Mattie CARROLL
HATCH, John (church has HATAH)McGLASHAN, Jane6 Sep 1839St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: John FITZGIBBONS & Rosanna DELANEY
HENNESSEY, DavidDOLAN, Ann7 Dec 1887St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: William HENNESSEY & Teresa DOLAN
HORD, Eugene F. (either of Chicago or married Chicago)MULVIHILL, Catherine28 May 1904St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: priest & Angela READY
HUGHES, James age: 24FORAN, Katie M age: 308 May 1884certificate
HURLEY, Daniel WilmingtonMURPHY, Margaret widow of Wilmington11 Feb 1854St. Patrick’s Joliet WT: John MAHONEY & Catherine McDERMOTT
HURLEY, John M.SHELLEY, Mary C.3 Nov 1891Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: James CLARE & Celia LENNON
HURLEY, MichaelWIGGIN, Agnes20 Jun 1894Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Jno MORRISEY & Mrs. MOORE
HUTH, John F.MAHER, Margaret25 Sep 1907Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Charles ROAS & Mary MAHER
INGOLDSBY, Bernard Age: 35Hayes, Maggie Age: 285 Nov 1895St. Rose, Wilmington
JOHNSTON, JamesDELANEY, Ann26 Apr 1894Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: James DUTTY & Ellen DELANEY
JOYCE, JessieCURRAN, Minnie8 Apr 1891Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Patrick DALY & Mary COYNE
KANE, Thomas Born: Isle of Man Age: 59 next Residence: Manhattan, farmer 4th marriage Father: William Mother: Frances RADCLIFFECERUS, Janette Residence: Manhattan Born: Shetland Is. Age: 44 next Father: John Mother: Jane STOUT15 Mar 1887Source: Will Co Marriage License Married by a Minister WT: Aaron & HARRIET GREENWOOD
KEELEY, James A.FITZPATRICK, Mary5 Sep 1881St. Rose, Wilmington WT: James & Catherine WHELAN
KEELY, JamesTYRRELL, Mary Anne31 Dec 1872St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Richard HOGAN & Lettie TYRRELL
KELLEY, Joseph WilliamFITZPATRICK, Mary A.3 Apr 1907St. Rose, Wilmington WT: Thomas KELLEY & Nellie FITZPATRICK
KELLY, Daniel C. Died: Joliet 6 Oct 1893McHugh, Bridget Died: 24 Oct 1930 Joliet16 May 1877Source: Will Co Probate
KELLY, JeremiahFITZPATRICK, Catherine25 Jan 1905St. Rose, Wilmington WT: Joseph KELLY & Alice FITZPATRICK
KELLY, JohnGIBBONS, Bridget25 Apr 1894St. Patrick’s Joliet WT: Thomas BASKERVILLE & Mattie CARROLL
KELLY, John F. Born: Maine, 1 Nov 1851 Died: Joliet 28 Mar 1933COLGAN, Ellen1 Apr 1880Source: Will Co Probate
KELLY, TerranceHICKEY, Mary27 Jan 1856St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: John KELLY & Catherine HICKEY
KELLY, Thomas C.BERGAN, Anne3 Sep 1881St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet WT: Owen CLARKE & Kate BERGAN
KELLY, William Age: 31DUNNE, Theresa25 Jun 1895St. Rose, Wilmington WT: Alphonso KELLY & Alice GEALAN
KENNEDY, JohnTYRRELL, Anna E30 Jan 1874St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: James TYRRELL & Bell KENNY
KIEP, Julien A.DELANEY, Winifred Born: 29 Jul 1905, Manhattan Bapt: 6 Aug 1905, Sacred Heart, Joliet Father: William Mother: Mary WALSH Sponsors: James DELANEY & Mary GILLESPIE29 Sep 1934Sacred Heart, Joliet
KNOX, WilliamDELANEY, Josephine22 May 1907Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Frank MURPHY & Edna DELANEY
CALLAGHAN, DenisLAWLOR, Ann Born: 23 Apr 1897 Bapt: Sacred Heart, Joliet Father: Matthew LAWLOR Mother: Theresa KENNA7 Dec 1936Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago
LONG, Edward Age: 41MURPHY, Catherine Age: 461900St. Rose, Wilmington WT: Jeremiah MURPHY & Julia HAYES
LONG, EdwardMcGRATH, Nellie6 Oct 1886Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: William LONG & Annie McGRATH
LOOMIS, Frank Res: Monee Born: Rochester, NY Father: H. M. Mother: Sarah BROWNBRUNS, Lydia G. Born: Monee Father: George H. Mother: Laura ELWELL1880ages: 32 next/20 next Frank’s 2nd marriage Lydia’s 1st marriage
LYNCH, JamesBURKE, Johanna30 Nov 1882St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet WT: James FAULKNER & Bridget BURKE
LYONS, JamesMary ROGAN11 Aug 1886St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Bernard BURKE & Louise RAPPLE
LYONS, JohnWEDERSTROM, Amanda her 2nd marriage8 Dec 1886St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Priest P.H.DUNNE & Catherine DUNNE
MAHAR, (?Maher), JosephRYAN, Maria4 Feb. 1843St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Mark MURPHY & Marguerite RYAN
MAHAR (?Maher), ThomasPOWER, Margaret30 Sep 1862St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Denis SHEHAN & Mary SHEBRY
MAHER, JohnBRODERICK, Julia9 May 1856St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: William MARSHALL & Margaret CASSIDY
MAHER, JohnRYAN, Anne1 Jun 1863St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Robert WALSH & Sara MAHER
MAHER, JohnRYAN, Sally Note: Marriage license says O’MARA, church has her name as Sara29 Jul 1839St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: John O’BRIEN & Bridget MAHER
MAHER, MartinRYAN, Mary14 Apr 1863St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Robert WALSH & Ann RYAN
MAHONEY, CorneliusDELANEY, Mary21 Oct 1875St. Rose, Wilmington WT: John MAHONEY & Maria McGRATH
MAHONEY, John Patrick Born: 14 Mar 1888 Bapt: 17 Mar 1888, Sacred Heart, Joliet (TWIN TO James Joseph) Father: John Mother: Mary Agnes CONNER Sponsors: John DRISCOL & Mary CONNERCLARKE, Mary30 Jul 1912Ecc St. George’s, Chicago
MALLON/MALLEN, John P.WALSH, Margaret22 Sep 1884St. Rose, Wilmington WT: E.J. CARROLL & Ellen KEHOE
MALLON, ThomasDELANEY, Margaret13 Mar 1869St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet WT: John & Catherine GLEASON
MALONE, PatrickBridget MAHER, Bridget3 Nov 1868St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Patrick HAMILTON & Teresa HORAN
MALONEY, JohnGRIFFIN, Catherine22 Feb 1852St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Edward GORMAN & Catherine LYONS
MARKHAM, JohnMary BOLMAN, Mary15 Nov 1862St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Thomas MAHER & Catherine JOHNSON
MARTIN, Edward Born: Brooklyn, NY Age: 31 next Father: Edward Mother: Sarah COSGROVEDELANEY, Kate12 Apr 1887Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Phillip MURPHY & Julia DELANEY
MAXWELL, Mike Bapt: 18 Sep 1882 Youngstown, OH Father: William Mother: Margaret READYBERO, Minnie Bap: St. Patrick’s, Joliet Father: George Mother: Ellen MURPHY23 Jun 1909Our Lady of Sorrows, Chicago WT: Rose BERO & Harry WHITE
McCABE, PatrickMcPARTLIN, Anna2 Sep 1903Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: James CLARK & Rose McPARTLIN
McCARTHY, TimothyDOLAN, Anastatia12 Jan 1897St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Thomas KELLY & Katie DOLAN
McCARTY, FlorenceDOWNING, Ellen6 Sep 1856St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: James & Catherine SULLIVAN
McCAY, John FrancisBERRY, Maggie E16 Oct 1888Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: John BRODERICK & Anna McCAY
McFARLAND, Thos. Res: Manhattan Born: Joliet Father: Charles Mother: Catherine MORRISMcCARTHY, Mary Res: New Lenox Born: Joliet Father: Michael Mother: Elizabeth MURPHY1 Feb 1881ages: 26 next/20 next WT: James MCPARTLAND & Annie SULLIVAN
McGLOUGHLIN, JohnTYRRELL, Mary10 Nov 1868St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Michael BERGAN & Anne TYRRELL
McGOWAN, AlexanderWALSH, Nellie28 Apr 1897Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Luke McGOWAN & Agnes DELANEY
McGUIRE, ThomasMcCANNA, Mary7 Jan 1862St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: John KEION & Alice MAHER
McKEE, Charles H. Minister Residence: Mokena Age: 29 next Father: James Mother: Kate CONNORSMelvina J. SPENCER Residence: Plainfield Age: 23 next Born: Ellington, Ontogamie Co, WI Father: Lorenzo Mother: Malvina LEACH9 Dec 1884Source: Will Co marriage license
McKENZIE, GeorgeMAHER, Anne4 Apr 1858St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: William REEDY & Serah CONNELL
McLAUGHLIN, DennisNEWBERRY, Adeline E (church has NEWBURG)26 Dec 1850St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Matthew CALLAGHAN & Bridget QUIGLEY
McLAUGHLIN, EdwardDELANEY, Agnes16 Nov 1899Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Patrick WALSH & Mary DELANEY
McLAUGHLIN, Thomas Residence: Braidwood Miner Age: 22 next Born: Glasgow, Scotland Father: David Mother: Bridget DOHERTYHENNESSY, Maggie Age: 21 next Born: Morris Father: Andrew Mother: Catherine O’BRIEN25 Nov 1880Source: Will Co Marriage License
McPARTLAND, PeterMcCARTY, Anne18 Apr 1858St. Patrick’s, Joliet Phillip CLANCY & Maria LYONS
McPARTLIN, AlbertHERBERT, Frances10 Feb 1915St. Rose, Wilmington George McPARTLIN & Mary HERBERT
McPARTLIN, James H.DEMPSEY, Mary29 Sep 1883St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet WT: Owen CLARK & Margaret DEMPSEY
McSHANE, PeterWALSH, Ellen10 Jan 1856St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Patrick LYONS & Bridget FINN
MEAGHER, MartinMANUC, Margaret16 Jan 1867St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Dennis FREEMAN & Mrs. Martin MAHER
MEAGHER, Thomas F. Father: JamesFARREN, Mary23 Oct 1897St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: priest P.W. DUNNE & Mary FARREN
MEHAN, JohnPHELAN, Margaret28 Feb 1848St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Lott & Anastatia RYAN
MILES, PatrickWARD, Mrs.23 Aug 1856St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Bridget MAHER & Margaret McKENNA
MORAN, JohnCLARK, Ellen25 Dec 1862St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: John COLLINS & BRIDGET LINCH (LYNCH?)
MORAN, OwenKINNEY, Sarah22 Apr 1891Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Michael MORAN & Mary LAWLESS
MORIARTY, Frederick Born: Ireland Father: Richard Mother: Sarah CARROLLO’NEILL, Annie Born: Joliet Father: Thomas Mother: Mary A. KING12 Apr 1888ages: 30 next/26 next St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet WT: E. MEERS & Maggie O’NIELL
MORIARTY, MilesREGAN, Ellen18 Jul 1870St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet WT: Florence & Ann SULLIVAN
MORIARTY, Patrick Res: Chicago Born: Ireland Father: Jeremiah Mother: Bridget MAHONEYO’CONNER, Mrs. Eliza WELCH her 2nd marriage Res: Chicago Born: Ireland Father: John O’CONNER Mother: Eliza GOULD19 Feb 1887ages: 29 next/32 next
MORRISEY, JamesCUDDY, Sarah18 Aug 1881St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: John O’CONNOR & Annie WALSH
MURPHY, Bernard Born & resident: Manhattan Father: Bernard Mother: Bridget MARTIN Age: 23 nextDELANEY, Mary Born: New Lenox Resident: Manhattan Age: 23 next Father: Richard Mother: Elizabeth McGRATH25 Nov 1884St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet WT: Phillip MURPHY & Maggie DELANEY 1st marriage for both Source: Will Co Marriage License
MURPHY, DanielWALSH, Mary28 Nov 1900Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Frank MURPHY & ___ WALSH
MURPHY, JohnDEETON, Mary church has DAYTON15 Sep 1849St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Mary WARD & Ann INGOLDSBY
MURPHY, JosephMAHER, Mary1 Sep 1886St. Rose, Wilmington WT: James MAHER
MURPHY, Leroy Born: Manhattan Bapt: 16 Sep 1904 Father: Bernard Mother: Margaret DELANEYEICH, Loretta Bapt: 1 Aug 1903, St. John’s, Joliet Father: Nicholas Mother: Catherine DRAUDEN15 Oct 1924Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Joseph MURPHY & Evelyn BOUCHER
MURPHY, Michael D.DOLAN, Margaret (NOTE: Her 2nd husband was Thomas DUNNE, married 5 Feb 1871 Nebraska)1 Jan 1860Source: Will Co Marriage License
MURPHY, TerenceCOUGHLIN, Mary24 Jul 1900St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Thomas MURPHY & Teresa CASSIDY
MURPHY, ThomasBURNS, Anne7 Jul 1856St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Nicholas COFFEY & Margaret McCANNA
NILLS, George Res: Channahon Born: Springboro OH Father: Edward Mother: Catherine KLINEBECKFAULKNER, Estella Res: Wilmington Born: Orange Co., VA Father: James Mother: Elizabeth CANADAY16 Apr 1888ages: 27 next/20 next
NOON, PeterMcGRUDER, Mary (church has McGEUTHER)11 Mar 1847 and date 10 Mar 1847St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Peter CALLAGHAN & Mary QUINN
NOONAN, JohnDWYER, Margaret (license says McGUIRE)25 Jul 1854St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: John MEAGHER & Miss LEO
NOONAN, Michael D. Born: E. Weymouth, MA Father: Dennis Mother: Mary SLATTERYO’CONNELL, Mary Born: Milwaukee, WI Father: Edward Mother: Catherine DOONEY17 Nov 1880age Mary 28 next
NORTON, John Born: 24 Feb 1878 Bapt: 3 Mar 1878, St Patrick's, Joliet Father: Patrick Mother: Margaret DWYER Sponsors: Edward & Catherine BANNONSEXTON, Alice15 Jun 1910St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Michael NORTON & Mary SEXTON
NORTON, PatrickDWYER, Margaret22 Nov 1870St. Patrick’s, Joliet Source: Will Co Marriage License
O’BRIEN, EdwardWALSH, Mrs. Celia20 May 1887St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet
O’BRIEN, James Father: James Mother: Margaret FLANNIGANHART, Mary Anne Father: Thomas Mother: Elizabeth SHANAHAN17 Jun 1855St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Stephen LENNON & Mary CALLAGHAN
O’MALLEY, Patrick Age: 30GIBBONS, Mary Ann Age: 3413 Feb 1895St. Rose, Wilmington WT: Edward O’MALLEY & Julia SHEILDS
PATHINE, MichaelKELLY, Annie29 Jan 1890Scared Heart, Joliet WT: Rudolph YAHN & Mary YAHN
PETERS, Carlton E.LAWS, Ida Mae17 Nov 1902Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Mr. & Mrs. John MICKEY
PITTS, John R. Res. Lockport Born: Lockport Father: Johan Mother: Katherine KIRSCHFELTEN, Sarah O. Res: Lockport Born: Lockport Father: J. H. Mother: M. K. HAWLEY3 Nov 1880ages: 26 next both John’s occup: Jeweler WT: Frank FELTON & Jennie PITTS
POWERS, ThomasCLARK, Lizzie29 Feb 1892Sacred Heart, Joliet married at Manhattan WT: John McGARRY & Lizzie BULLMAN
PRIOR, Timothy T.GIBLIN, Elizabeth23 Nov 1881St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet WT: James FAULKNER & Katie McPARTLIN
PUBENTS, HenryMAHER, Annie17 Oct 1888Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: A.C. BERTNICK & Julia MAHER
QUIGLEY, Andrew Res: Madison, NE Born: IL Father: James Mother: Mary PHELANO’CONNORS, Hattie Res: Wesley, IL Born: Wesley Father: Michael Mother: Bridget KEIGHER21 Feb 1887ages: 29 next/20 next Married St. Rose Wilmington, IL
QUIGLEY, JamesWHALON, Mary (church has WHALEN)7 Feb 1854St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Patrick BURKE, Mrs. WHALEN, Martin CARROLL, etc.
QUINN, PatrickTURRELL, Elizabeth (?TYRRELL)7 Jun 1860St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Andrew YOUNG & Mary DORAN
RAFFERTY, EdwardSHIELDS, Margaret3 Feb 1856St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: John McDONALD & Mrs. FURLONG
RAFFERTY, TerrenceFOLEY, Rose (church has FELEY)16 Aug 1847St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Peter CALLAGHAN & Mary QUINN
RICHARDS, TheodoreDELANEY, Edna19 Feb 1908Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Byron RICHARDS & Eva FURCK
RILEY, ThomasCARROLL, Catherine26 Jan 1851St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Terrance & Catherine MORAN
RYAN, Edward Age: 26QUINN, Maggie Age: 237 Apr 1891St. Rose, Wilmington
RYAN, John James Bapt: 14 Nov 1905, St. Patrick’s, Joliet Father: John Mother: Ida FUGAMULVIHILL, Elizabeth Helen Bapt. SS Cerdes Chicago 16 Feb 1913, Father- George, mother- Julia KAUZLANIE26 Jul 1928Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: James F. SMITH & Julia MULVIHILL
SCAHILL, JosephDELANEY, Theresa Born: 19 Jan 1898 Bapt: 23 Jan 1898, Sacred Heart, Joliet Father: William Mother: Mary WALSH Sponsors: Richard WALSH & Mary DELANEY8 Sep 1947St. Veronica, Chicago
SCHUSTER, Irving Bapt: 30 Apr 1900, Mt. Carmel, Chicago Father: Ralph A. Mother: Agnes SHEEHANWALSH, Evelyn Bapt: 28 May 1905, Reddick, IL Father: Raymond L. Mother: Margaret A. ELWOOD9 Jun 1922Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Francis WALSH & Mary Ann SCHUSTER
SHIELDS, George Res: Joliet Born: Breeman, IL Father: John Mother: Susan SHIFFINSHARVEY, Mary Res: Joliet Born: Brooklyn NY Father: Francis Mother: Mary SWANZ1 Feb 1887ages: 25 next/22 next George-saloon keeper
SHIELDS, ThomasWHALEN, Kitty1883married Chicago by Rev. CONWAY, Vicar General of Diocese Source: Joliet newspaper article dated 4 Dec 1883
SMITH, ChristopherWALSH, Mary5 Oct 1873St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet WT: Patrick DELANEY & Ann QUIGLEY
SMITH, PatrickMEHAN, Mary30 Jul 1862St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Mrs. CONDON & Bridget McENTEE
SPENCER, John Father: William, b Ire. John's 2nd wife?CARPENTER, Kezia C.8 Jan 1872married Will Co
STEVENS, Fred B. Jr. not Bapt. Father: Fred B. Mother: Amanda BAHNERTDELANEY, Irene Bapt: 30 May 1893, St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet Father: Charles Mother: Laura BOWLES30 May 1914Our Lady of Sorrows, Chicago WT: Arthur W. WARNER & Eileen HEMMERICH
SUNDERLAND, Patrick Father: Patrick Mother: Mary MURPHYMARNEN, Mary Anne Father: James Mother: Mary MURPHY???13 Jun 1855St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: James FORD & Catherine REILLY
TRAINOR, Michael or MathewSHANNON, Margaret26 May 1876St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet Will Co License says 1877
TRAINER, MichaelTOWNSEND, Nellie9 Feb 1888Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Hugh GOURAN & Margaret TOWNSEND
TRAYNOR, JohnBURKE, Eliza28 Jan 1858St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Matthew TRAYNOR & Mrs. SHARKEY
TYRRELL, John P. Bapt: St. Patrick’s, Joliet, Sep 1858 Father: James Mother: Mary MURPHYMULRONEY, Mary Bapt: Holy Name Cathedral, Chicago, 1 Dec 1877 Father: Thomas Mother: Bridget REIDY6 Aug 1912Our Lady of Sorrows, Chicago WT: Brother Sinon & Rev. Andrew VANHALDER
TYRRELL, ThomasKENNY, Catherine18 Jan 1857St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Thomas DEMPSEY & Catherine TYRRELL
VOGEL, Joseph Residence: 1336 Newport, Chicago Father: Wilson Mother: Frances FRISK Bapt: Bavaria, 16 Jun 1885DELANEY, Anna Residence: 202 Richards, Joliet Father: William Mother: Margaret WALSH Bapt: Manhattan IL, 30 Mar 189426 Nov 1926Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: John STAUPERT & Tess DELANEY
VORCE, Robert P.STOREY, Angeline7 May 1856Minister J.B. DIBELL Both under legal age
WAGNER, Gasper J.CONER? CONNER, Mary E.23 May 1888Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: John LEIX & Theresa KANKLIN
WALSH, Eugene Bapt: St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet 17 Dec 1899 Father: James Mother: Anna DONAHUEMOFFET, Helen Bapt: Braidwood 6 Feb 1904 Father: Michael Mother: Elizabeth WEBSTER31 Dec 1922Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Albert CARROLL & Margaret MOFFET
WALSH, Francis Bapt: Reddick IL 26 Mar 1907 Father: Raymond Mother: Mary ELWOOD Resident on GroverWHALEN, Alice Bapt: St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet 6 Jul 1910 Father: Peter Mother: Mary MALONEY23 Sep 1928Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: Melvin WALSH & Helene WHALEN
WALSH, JamesCANNON, Anna25 Jun 1908St. Agathar, Chicago Recorded at St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet Notation: “see 9 Mar 1867 & 14 Mar 1876”
WALSH, John Note: spelled WELSH on marriage licenseBERGAN, Honora20 Feb 1855St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Peter FLYNN & Mary FITZGERALD
WALSH, John Born: 7 Feb 1885 Bapt: 26 Mar 1885, St Mary's, Minooka Father: John Mother: Bridget O’BRIEN Bapt: Minooka, Grundy Co Source: St Mary's RecordsDOWNING, Mary Born: 31 Oct 1887 Bapt: Braidwood Father: James Mother: Mary DOYLE17 Feb 1909St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Frank DOWNING & Anna WALSH
WALSH, JohnO’BRIEN, Bridget10 Oct 1869St. Mary’s, Minooka, Grundy Co WT: James WALSH & Margaret O’BRIEN
WALSH, JosephKAVANAUGH, Eleanor15 Apr 1913St. Rose, Wilmington WT: Francis KANUAGHT & Mary A. KAVANAUGH
WALSH, MatthewCUMMINGS, Gertrude21 Aug 1898Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: John S. KELLY & L. LANE
WALSH, MichaelFALLON, Celia20 Apr 1897Sacred Heart, Joliet WT: William MAHER & Mary KENNEDY
WALSH, PatrickHOGAN, Catherine22 Jul 1871married by priest Cook Co
WALSH, PatrickWILSON, Mary14 Apr 1898Sacred Heart, Joliet Married Manhattan IL record at Joliet WT: Richard P. DELANEY & Nora CUNNINGHAM
WALSH, RichardMcGRATH, Margaret6 Apr 1873St. Mary’s Carmelite, Joliet WT: Richard DELANEY & Mary McGRATH
WALSH, WilliamRYAN, Margaret11 Jul 1887St. Rose, Wilmington WT: James J. WALSH & Anna RYAN
WELCH, MartinCASHEN, Ellen3 Jun 1863St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Michael WALSH & Mary A. McAULIFF
WERLIN, PeterSPENCER, Johanna11 Dec 1866St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Joseph WERLIN & Lester SPENCER
WILD, John 2nd marriage Res: Thornton Born: Yorkshire, Eng Father: Thomas Mother: Mary Ann LIDDELLSUMMERVILLE, Elizabeth 3rd marriage Res: Seward, Kendall, IL Born: Belton, Eng Father: Gleese LEGGOTT Mother: Mary NEYLOR13 Sep 1888ages: 64 next/ John-tile maker WT: Mary B. CHAPMAN & Ellen BENNETTE
WILDER, Joseph C.WIGENT, Harriet M.12 Oct 1861JP: Peter Wm. WEBER
WYES, OwenDOYLE, Catherine2 Apr 1854St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: John NICHOLSON, Lawrence CARROLL & Jane CARROLL
ZARLEY, CalebKEEGAN, Anne18 Jul 1862St. Patrick’s, Joliet WT: Robert WALSH & Mary KEEGAN